Regional Previews: Division 1, Region 9

Regional Previews

50 Tickets

Top Tens

Where: Anchor Bay. This course ran about 25-30 seconds FAST last year.

2020 Boys: Romeo, Rochester Hills Stoney Creek, Utica

2020 Girls: Romeo, Troy, Rochester Hills Stoney Creek

Top 25 Boys Teams: Romeo (5), Lake Orion (14)

Top 25 Girls Teams: Romeo (Top Four), Clarkston (13)

Top 50 Boys (Division 1): Jack Kelke (4), Andrew Sesti (5), Owen Sharnas (14), Jack Wallace (38)

Top 50 Girls (Division 1): Jayden Harberts (5), Lucy Cook (7), Madison Clor (18), Alexandra Brigham (30), Ava Tereau (43), Addison Johnson (45), Chloe Nixon (46)

Those following throughout the summer might notice a new name. I just found out today where Lucy Cook is heading to high school. Hard to predict schools for those running for private clubs. Also, I’m shy and hate asking these things.

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