50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #13

50 Tickets

Top Tens

Regional Previews

  • Envisioning the future, I can see Allie on the starting line of the Olympic Trials 10k or Marathon
  • She has the drive, she has the training (I’ve heard of her legendary workouts with Paul McMullen), and she has the results
  • They’ve come all throughout her career – she’s been running in the 17’s in each of her three high school seasons
  • They’ve come in big meets, as she’s finished All-State six times in both XC and Track
  • She also has great range, running as low as 61 for the 400, but also breaking 11:00 for the 3200m

  • It’s like clockwork – Henry always outperforms his rating at the end of the year
    • As a sophomore, I had him outside the top 50, he finished 27th
    • As a junior, I had him 30th, he finished 6th
  • Each time, he’s run at least 10-15 seconds faster than his highest rated race of the season
  • Getting a junior track season also showed us a glimpse of his wheels, where he was able to run 4:18 at Larry Steeb
  • But it’s those performances in high pressure meets that drove his inclusion onto this list – races later in the season are weighed more heavily
  • It’s not just the State Meet, as he doubled down at the 2020 MITCA Meet of Champions, setting a new PB of 15:28
  • Provided some excellent conditions, I wouldn’t be shocked if he dips further into the low-15’s or beyond


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