Region 36 Preview

Where: Chandler Park Golf Course, Detroit.

The Course: The past few years, has run about 30-40 seconds fast. I’ve heard through the grapevine that they’re changing the course to avoid some standing water. Now does changing the course make it shorter or longer? Faster or slower? I guess we’ll find out.

What to Watch For: Both genders feature 5(!!!) Top 25 squads. So there will be some carnage out there. I’m interested to see if Gabriel Richard can attain their first regional win in many years (I do not recall any). Everest Collegiate’s girls have had their eyes on Lutheran NW, the two are Top 10 teams. Individually, Van Loton, Teed, Lemke, Keith have all been ranked in the top 10 at one point or another. Teed was my pick before the season, but Van Loton has gone 2-0 against her thus far.


PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl7th Girl
1Rochester Hills Lutheran NW4824515222327
2Clarkston Everest Collegiate637101213212429
3Allen Park Cabrini81181618384452
4Royal Oak Shrine919171920263031
5Auburn Hills Oakland Christian963111432363742
6Southfield Christian155
7Austin Catholic186
8Riverview Gabriel Richard228

Ranked Teams: Rochester Hills Lutheran NW (4), Clarkston Everest Collegiate (7), Allen Park Cabrini (15), Royal Oak Shrine (16), Auburn Hills Oakland Christian (17)

110Ava TeedAllen Park Cabrini123.7
211Erika Van LotonHuron Valley Lutheran122.2
311Mackenzie LemkeRochester Hills Lutheran NW119.5
49Eliza KeithAuburn Hills Oakland Christian111.8
59Natalie GibbsBirmingham Roeper107.3
610Abby RiceRochester Hills Lutheran NW98.0
711Madeleine BargeRochester Hills Lutheran NW97.9
811Helana NapiorkowskiAustin Catholic93.7
911Natalie MalczykHuron Valley Lutheran88.2
1011Alyse FelixClarkston Everest Collegiate87.6
1112Lily HeathAllen Park Cabrini84.9
129Tess TillmanRoyal Oak Shrine78.0
1312Isabelle BurgAcademy of the Sacred Heart75.7
1411Caroline CrossClarkston Everest Collegiate74.8
1511Michaela KurthLutheran Westland74.3
1610Leah ZarrilliAuburn Hills Oakland Christian73.7
179Erica WalkerClarkston Everest Collegiate73.6
1812Avery HerrgottClarkston Everest Collegiate72.8
1910Karis KeithAuburn Hills Oakland Christian63.9
2012Genna SchomakerRochester Hills Lutheran NW63.8
2112Ella NowcAllen Park Cabrini62.6
2212Claire PlaskeyRoyal Oak Shrine61.7
2310Nicole TeedAllen Park Cabrini60.0
249Annaliese LoseyRoyal Oak Shrine59.7
259Isobel MalcolmRoyal Oak Shrine58.9
2610Eve HerrgottClarkston Everest Collegiate57.7
2711Julia TroxellRochester Hills Lutheran NW56.7
2810Kendall ZaliwskiRochester Hills Lutheran NW52.3
2912Charlotte CarozzaAcademy of the Sacred Heart51.6
309Olivia LeahyClarkston Everest Collegiate50.3
3112Alexis DonnanSouthfield Christian49.2
3212Lindsay GrohsRoyal Oak Shrine45.2
3311Emma BurrellRochester Hills Lutheran NW44.3
3410Grace LigonSouthfield Christian44.1
3511Stephanie SuranClarkston Everest Collegiate43.6
369Rose LoseyRoyal Oak Shrine43.1
3712Clara LoseyRoyal Oak Shrine39.6
389Sofia SalinasBirmingham Roeper36.2
3912Claire RauAuburn Hills Oakland Christian33.0
4012Naomi FoleyHuron Valley Lutheran29.0
4112Audra HoeftLutheran Westland15.2
4210Mckinnis RamirezPlymouth Christian Academy14.7
4310Emma HanafeeSouthfield Christian12.4
4412Carly ErvinSouthfield Christian10.1
4512Madisyn SingletonSouthfield Christian9.5
4610Leah KrogeAuburn Hills Oakland Christian4.9

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 15th, no matter who is the third team between Cabrini, OC, and Shrine.


PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
1Riverview Gabriel Richard67171220275468
2Royal Oak Shrine752101316344558
3Plymouth Christian Academy909111724294073
4Lutheran Westland1025182526283341
5Marine City Cardinal Mooney1256142332505356
6Auburn Hills Oakland Christian146
7Allen Park Cabrini166
8Southfield Christian194
9Birmingham Roeper213
10Austin Catholic268
11Rochester Hills Lutheran NW291
12Waterford Our Lady of the Lakes344
13Detroit Davis Aerospace355

Ranked Teams: Riverview Gabriel Richard (9), Royal Oak Shrine (13), Plymouth Christian Academy (15), Lutheran Westland (18), Marine City Cardinal Mooney (24)

111Alex MeszarosRiverview Gabriel Richard175.0
212Jonah CeroneRoyal Oak Shrine168.5
311Christopher RusselbergAllen Park Cabrini168.2
412Ethan McFarlandAuburn Hills Oakland Christian167.1
59Tom ShaferLutheran Westland159.5
610Tyler LennMarine City Cardinal Mooney156.2
712John BorowiczRiverview Gabriel Richard153.4
810TJ DonnanSouthfield Christian153.1
912Spencer MistelePlymouth Christian Academy148.6
1011Arline LileRoyal Oak Shrine148.6
1111Josh PassowPlymouth Christian Academy148.0
1212Parker HeggieRiverview Gabriel Richard147.4
1312Joseph BontragerRoyal Oak Shrine144.5
1411Matthew Zammit Jr.Marine City Cardinal Mooney143.4
1511Samuel WenzelAustin Catholic143.2
1612Jake MassucciRoyal Oak Shrine142.4
1711Vincenzo LewanPlymouth Christian Academy141.3
1812Jackson PichanLutheran Westland140.0
1910Van SaroukhanianBirmingham Roeper138.9
2011Johnny BenkoRiverview Gabriel Richard137.8
2110Luke DouglasAuburn Hills Oakland Christian137.1
2212Tyler KowalskiSouthfield Christian135.8
2310Isaac ZammitMarine City Cardinal Mooney135.6
2412Ryan AlexanderPlymouth Christian Academy134.9
2512Joey McMahonLutheran Westland134.3
2610Jeffrey McGuireLutheran Westland133.6
2712Peter LaskarisRiverview Gabriel Richard132.9
2812Travis KurthLutheran Westland129.4
2911Adam MoorePlymouth Christian Academy126.5
3010AJ OwenBirmingham Roeper126.5
3112Jonnie DunneBirmingham Roeper125.8
3210Max ProcissiMarine City Cardinal Mooney125.1
3311Luke WitteLutheran Westland124.6
3412Kevin WrightRoyal Oak Shrine120.1
3510Thomas MegieAuburn Hills Oakland Christian120.0
3612Bram WolfAllen Park Cabrini119.9
3711Brayden McKayAllen Park Cabrini119.8
3812Brett CoppensAustin Catholic119.8
3910Tommy AbaziSouthfield Christian119.8
409Elijah MartinezPlymouth Christian Academy118.5
4111Dominic CatalloLutheran Westland118.4
4211Dean MoshierAuburn Hills Oakland Christian117.6
4311Logan EidenAllen Park Cabrini116.4
4411Ethan BryantAuburn Hills Oakland Christian111.7
4511Drew ColtonRoyal Oak Shrine111.3
4612Ashton GlennSouthfield Christian108.1
4710Octavio OrozcoAllen Park Cabrini106.8
4811Chris VandeghemRochester Hills Lutheran NW105.0
4911Lemuel ApplingDetroit Davis Aerospace103.7
509Jack LuzynskiMarine City Cardinal Mooney102.4

Projected Individual Qualifer Cutoff: Once again, 15th! Beginning to realize the qualifying standard is actually very similar to how it was prior to 2020.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net

For some reason, Grosse Pointe South is listed for Region 36’s hypothetical meet. So we won’t count this. Dang.


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