Region 8 Preview

Guaranteed to be a fast one over at Chandler Park!

Where: Chandler Park Golf Course, Detroit.

The Course: The past few years, has run about 30-40 seconds fast. I’ve heard through the grapevine that they’re changing the course to avoid some standing water. Now does changing the course make it shorter or longer? Faster or slower? I guess we’ll find out.

What to Watch For: Haley Deighan’s return. Okay, I know this is a bit of pressure going straight to an individual. So is returning with three races to go, your first race back being a championship race in one of Michigan’s tougher conferences. Clintonwood normally runs fast, but 18:53 is still legit. Without her, Fraser was hoping to sneak in, right now it appears Seaholm is a lock. The boys look to be set, both Troy and Royal Oak have found young talent while Grosse Pointe South has been waiting to stick it to North for a few years. Somehow though, Bob Stark’s magic might arise. Every year he has something up his sleeve.




PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl7th Girl
2Birmingham Seaholm66121420294041
3Royal Oak808101118333853
5Grosse Pointe South133
6Beverly Hills Groves179
7Grosse Pointe North192
8Warren Woods Tower272
9Sterling Heights Stevenson282
10Warren Mott290
11St. Clair Shores Lakeview311
12Sterling Heights316
13L’Anse Creuse335
14Troy Athens341
15Warren Cousino451

Ranked Teams: None :/

112Haley DeighanBirmingham Seaholm130.6
212Lexi DeighanBirmingham Seaholm123.0
311Maisie KonwinskiTroy119.2
411Elaina RondeauTroy118.3
512Aileen LiuTroy118.0
69Grace GrupidoFraser115.6
712Emily PlouffFraser108.8
810Sarah BarnettRoyal Oak108.3
99Madie MillerTroy106.9
1012Kate MeineckeRoyal Oak105.9
1111Isabelle FairlessRoyal Oak103.8
129Savannah SpanglerGrosse Pointe South99.0
1311Charlotte GullionTroy97.9
1410Talia SachsBirmingham Seaholm95.6
1512Maya HassanBeverly Hills Groves88.6
1612Kamryn SchellSterling Heights88.4
1711Anna HollowayFraser87.7
1810Cecilia IrwinRoyal Oak87.2
199Shelby StabileL’Anse Creuse87.0
2012Nicole MerchantBirmingham Seaholm85.7
2112Jade BurnettSterling Heights Stevenson85.0
2210Allison GirouxTroy84.2
2312Amanda PalmerSterling Heights Stevenson83.1
249Lillian DeskinsGrosse Pointe North82.7
2510Morgan DeenikGrosse Pointe South82.2
2612Elyssa BiedermanBeverly Hills Groves81.9
2710Kloie RoyGrosse Pointe South81.8
2812Marla BerryWarren Mott80.5
2910Anoush SmithBirmingham Seaholm79.2
309Irene OhTroy78.9
319Luciana RodriguezFraser78.9
3211Alexandra DreffsSt. Clair Shores Lakeview77.5
3311Jane BarnettRoyal Oak77.0
3411Ava CarrGrosse Pointe South76.0
3511Claire ZurowickGrosse Pointe South75.0
3610Isabelle HannaWarren Woods Tower74.6
379Jenna RiveraBeverly Hills Groves74.6
3812Corinne DiFalcoRoyal Oak73.9
3912Becca MoinGrosse Pointe North73.3
4012Samantha TurnerBirmingham Seaholm72.2
4111Maria BolandsBirmingham Seaholm70.6
4210Lucie LeonhardGrosse Pointe North70.0
4311Drew LovellGrosse Pointe North69.1
449Ashlei AnatalioGrosse Pointe North66.8
4511Sophia DragichGrosse Pointe North65.8
4611Taliyah DawsonWarren Woods Tower65.7
479Mia BolandBeverly Hills Groves64.4
489Adelina ParikhGrosse Pointe South63.9
4910Abby DombrowskiGrosse Pointe North62.5
5011Lilian FurmanSterling Heights61.6

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: All top three teams are strong compared to the rest of the region and will likely take up much of the front of the field. That will likely push the individual qualifiers back, projected to about 20th place or so.


PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
1Grosse Pointe South46161213141821
3Royal Oak91271135363844
4Grosse Pointe North132
5Troy Athens166
7Birmingham Seaholm225
8Brother Rice230
9Warren DeLaSalle231
10St. Clair Shores Lakeview262
11L’Anse Creuse318
12Beverly Hills Groves323
13Warren Woods Tower337
14Warren Cousino362
15Sterling Heights Stevenson433
16Warren Mott453
18Sterling Heights563

Ranked Teams: None. 😦

111Logan DetweilerGrosse Pointe South196.2
210Sebastian RamirezRoyal Oak190.7
311Justin RooseFraser184.3
412Parker YoungBrother Rice180.4
511Alex AgiusGrosse Pointe North179.3
611Brendan DowneyGrosse Pointe South179.1
712Weston SchroederRoyal Oak176.6
812Peyton RossWarren DeLaSalle176.4
910Louis D’SouzaTroy173.7
1012Donovan DavisWarren DeLaSalle173.6
1112Julio JaimeRoyal Oak173.3
1212Michael WholihanGrosse Pointe South172.8
1312Jack HurstGrosse Pointe South172.4
1412Jake VallanGrosse Pointe South172.2
1511Ben PuzzuoliL’Anse Creuse169.4
1612Dhruv DighraskerTroy168.6
1712Roger WangTroy168.5
1812Ronak ParikhGrosse Pointe South167.7
1912Noah BaierSt. Clair Shores Lake Shore166.8
2010Tyler DonovanFraser166.8
2112Chas Mathis-BaliaticoGrosse Pointe South165.6
2210Vishvaa RavishankarTroy165.2
239Akshat AroraTroy162.8
2412Perry ArsenaultSt. Clair Shores Lakeview162.2
2511Theodore ShiTroy162.1
2610Jacob EsserTroy Athens161.9
2711Anderson CorumBirmingham Seaholm160.8
2810Liam CollinsBrother Rice159.3
2912Jack McConaghyGrosse Pointe North158.6
3012Max KlugeGrosse Pointe North158.1
3112Bryce NolanTroy Athens157.5
3211Connor SteepeFraser156.5
3311Andrew LindenTroy Athens155.2
3412Ryan SpiteriGrosse Pointe North154.3
359Myles LindenTroy Athens154.2
3612Daniel LeahyRoyal Oak154.0
3711Alex HammondRoyal Oak153.8
3812Paul CiaravinoGrosse Pointe North152.8
3912Matthew WebbRoyal Oak152.6
4011John CrissmanBirmingham Seaholm152.4
4110Bryce BaumanTroy151.3
4212Christopher RiveraBeverly Hills Groves150.3
4312Michael VilleneuveGrosse Pointe North149.1
4412Michael FoxGrosse Pointe North148.6
4510Elijah SolnikowskiRoyal Oak146.0
4610Blake SwartzTroy Athens145.6
4711Brooks DonaldsonSt. Clair Shores Lakeview145.2
4811John AbrahamBirmingham Seaholm144.1
4912Carson DychWarren Cousino143.6
5010Drake DemarisWarren Cousino141.7

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: As with the girls, the teams up front are powerful up front compared to the rest of the region, pushing the potential last qualifying spot to 20th or so.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net

It makes me sad when we agree.


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