Region 34: Mid-Season Projections

Movin’ Up

Girls: Adrian Lenawee Christian, Britton Deerfield

Boys: Hillsdale Academy, East Jackson, Addison, Reading

111Megan RobertsHillsdale Academy104.6
29Ava MallarPittsford102.9
39Izzy BrooksAdrian Lenawee Christian91.2
412Elizabeth ScharerAdrian Lenawee Christian86.1
59Ella WaltonHillsdale Academy84.6
611Whitney WilkinsonHillsdale Academy81.1
711Dalay OjedaAdrian Lenawee Christian75.5
810Brooke SmithPittsford75.2
912Libby RorickMorenci74.9
109Caroline RobertsHillsdale Academy65.3
1112Anna RobertsHillsdale Academy63.0
1212Sara BowerBritton Deerfield62.0
1310Neili PikeMorenci59.5
1412Meredith VanderweideHillsdale Academy58.9
159Aubrey ApplemanBritton Deerfield58.3
1610Sayra HernandezAddison57.7
179Stephanie HernandezAddison57.2
1812Haylee RinehartConcord54.8
1910Angela AlvarezHillsdale Academy52.2
209Priya MericleEast Jackson51.2

Little Surprises: Megan Roberts, Elizabeth Scharer, Whitney Wilkinson, Libby Rorick, Sayra Hernandez

New Arrivals: Izzy Brooks, Dalay Ojeda, Anna Roberts, Sara Bower, Meredith VanderWeide, Aubrey Appleman

112Emil SchlueterHillsdale Academy181.1
211Evan SuydamPetersburg-Summerfield171.1
312Jonathan MikovitsConcord170.2
411Tyler BaysReading167.6
511Grant LongAdrian Lenawee Christian165.4
610Thomas HolmHillsdale Academy159.9
712Joe BulkoConcord158.5
89Vincent ReagleHillsdale Academy152.6
911Caleb DienerHillsdale Academy149.2
1011Kade SpahrPittsford148.6
1111Adair ArtisConcord147.8
1211Lucas LangeAdrian Lenawee Christian144.5
1310Nathan DanielsAdrian Lenawee Christian142.7
1412Paul WhalenHillsdale Academy142.3
159Reece PooleHillsdale Academy137.6
1612David LoomisEast Jackson135.7
1710Javin MericleEast Jackson134.2
1810Michael AllenEast Jackson127.4
1911Isaac WaldronConcord126.9
2010Josh GreenAdrian Lenawee Christian124.3

Little Surprises: Emil Schlueter, Evan Suydam, Grant Long, Thomas Holm, Caleb Diener, Lucas Lange

New Arrivals: Vincent Reagle, Nathan Daniels, Paul Whalen, David Loomis, Javin Mericle, Michael Allen


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