50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #28

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Regional Previews

  • Jordan is sure to be a key figure on a Caledonia team that looks to challenge for a state title
  • You’ll often see sophomore boys come into their own throughout the season and Jordan was no exception
  • He started the season similar to his freshman year, running in the high 17’s, but underwent a big breakthrough at Cougar Falcon, dropping down to 16:23
  • That peak continued for the rest of the year, with increasingly clutch performances at OK Red, Regionals, and State

  • Ava’s track season was astounding and a major reason for her inclusion on this list
  • A few Record-Eagle Honor Roll titles, two firsts at MITCA Team State, and a whole host of speedy times (2:19 and 5:06 equally impressive)
  • But track doesn’t tell the whole tale, she’s been solid on the cross course as well
  • She’s gone sub-19 a few times, at Buckley and Shepherd, and was fairly consistent otherwise
  • Her State race wasn’t quite as fast as some of the others, but she still ranked as the 8th best freshman in D1
  • It’s tough to make judgments via social media but one thing is apparent with Ava – she’s a strong supporter of others and celebrates their successes
    • If you take joy in others, things will generally go your way

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