50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #27

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  • Love Allie’s story because it can be a motivator for others
  • In summary, she made a dramatic improvement from Fall/Winter 2019 to Fall 2020
  • Her personal best as a freshman was 20:49 and her last race prior to covid was a 6:06 indoor mile
  • She had shown some talent in middle school, but her times indicated her freshman self, not her sophomore self
  • Her 2020 campaign was riddled with personal bests and accomplishments, dropping all the way down to 18:32 and picking up an OK Red, Regional, and All-State crown along the way
  • The momentum continued into track, where she showed off some tremendous range
  • Hard to tell what was her best event, but her biggest accomplishment was a grinder, a 10:57 on a hot day in early June, hanging onto a 7th place finish in the D1 3200m
    • As I’ve said with others, I think that was a 10:40-45 on a good day

  • And I love a good redemption story as well
  • Caden had a very consistent season, with many races between 16:00 and 16:30
  • As with the times, his ratings showed a similar steadiness, with 10 races above 190 (16:30 equivalent)
  • But he may have been one of the faster individuals not to qualify for State, his 16:22 in the Portage Regional placed him as the 9th individual when only the top 7 made it
    • In previous years, since he was 15th, he’d be in
  • Many may had sulked from this disappointment, but two weeks later at MMOC, he redeemed himself with a 16:04
  • Track season saw more of that redemption arc, as he came up big on regional day to finish second in Region 2’s 3200m
  • I look forward to seeing how he competes at MIS a few months from now

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