Regional Previews: Division 2, Region 16

Regional Previews

50 Tickets

Top Tens

Where: Lake Fenton. Traditionally hosted at Linden, this *might* be an even tougher course. I didn’t have any meets rated from last year, so I went and looked at the 2nd FML Stars Jamboree. That came out as a -28 for boys and -33 for girls. That was in late September, so with cooler temps and peaking athletes, I wouldn’t be shocked if this runs 10-15 seconds SLOW.

2020 Boys: Pinckney, Lake Fenton, Goodrich

2020 Girls: Pinckney, Linden, Goodrich

Top 25 Boys Teams: Pinckney (Top Ten), Linden (23)

Top 25 Girls Teams: Goodrich (9), Pinckney (17)

Top 50 Boys (Division 2): Caleb Jarema (1), River Meckstroth (17), Kyle Eberhard (22), Gabe Trudeau (35), Wade Robinson (36), Zach Debeauclair (38), Ben Richards (47)

Top 50 Girls (Division 2): Olivia Giza (26), Cecelia Thorington (29), Sophie Endrud (41)

Sophie is majorly underrated here, she showed up big at State on a level she didn’t reach much of last year.


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