50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #12

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  • When you win state title after state title, individual popularity gets lessened a bit and I feel that I’ve paid less attention to Hart’s girls than others
  • Alyson might end up being the best of the bunch (and that’s saying a ton because Adelyn Ackley was an absolute gem)
  • Last fall, she set Hart’s freshman record – 17:39
  • And in the spring, was very close to her cousin’s mark of 10:49 (10:57)
  • Alyson wasn’t just racking up absurd times, she did it in championship races as well
  • She nabbed three All-State honors, two in track and one in XC
  • With her PB coming at the Meet of Champions and one of her better races coming at MIS, she should be in great position to challenge for her first State title

  • It was a stressful year of running for the East Lansing crew and Matthew
  • At the beginning of last fall, their school district was one of the final districts to allow sports to take place, and we were concerned that we wouldn’t get the chance to see them compete
  • During track, he missed a great chunk of the season in quarantine, missing out on the chance to throw a serious time down at the Bluejay Elite 3200
  • Despite all that, he still laid down some legit times and nailed a few awards along the way
  • Matt seemed to be putting it together in October with a string of solid races – 15:47 at Shepherd, 15:55 at Regionals, a 2nd place at Greater Lansing, and those races are the backbone of his high ranking
  • We saw similar results in track, winning a league title in the 1600m and hitting a PB in the 3200m at Greater Lansing
  • His State XC and Regional 3200m races didn’t go the way he wanted, but I think we all know you have to experience the subpar races to truly appreciate the great ones and he’ll have plenty of opportunities to redeem himself

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