I Couldn’t Help Myself… (Week One Rankings)

With no meets yesterday and nothing to rate, I decided to score out each division to see who’s been running the best thus far. These Top 5’s represent the teams that have performed at meets I’ve gone through to date. This doesn’t contain teams like Adrian (need a better sample of teams from the Lenawee area) or Romeo (racing later today), just the ones that have competed.


2 thoughts on “I Couldn’t Help Myself… (Week One Rankings)”

  1. Carson City Crystal shouldn’t be rated #3 in Div 4 Boys. Collin Farmer transferred back to Div 3 Pewamo Westphalia.


    1. This is based on the results so far this year. My numbers have them 3rd in Division 4, even without Farmer.

      Should clarify though, this is based on one meet and I have ratings on a little over half of the D4 teams. So maybe they’ll move down, maybe they won’t, but based on past experience, I wouldn’t be shocked if they’re still a contender.


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