2021 Ratings: MAC White 1 (Port Huron)

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Girls Adjustment: -24
Boys Adjustment: -34

12Cora Kolodge20:48Anchor Bay112.0
11AnnDee Geddes21:06L’Anse Creuse North106.0
9Grace Grupido21:16Fraser102.7
12Emily Plouff21:42Fraser94.0
10Grace Gutmann22:01Chippewa Valley87.7
11Therese Georgia22:08Port Huron Northern85.3
11Anna Holloway22:35Fraser76.3
10Rachel Phillips22:39Utica Ford75.0
11Avery Saunder23:13L’Anse Creuse North63.7
12Casey Boni23:13Chippewa Valley63.7
12Marla Berry23:26Warren Mott59.3
9Raelyn Brady23:28Anchor Bay58.7
9Luciana Rodriguez23:30Fraser58.0
11Carlie Woolm23:38Anchor Bay55.3
12Serena Arnold23:54Anchor Bay50.0
11Dylan Pasia24:34:00Port Huron Northern36.7
12Amanda Usrey24:39:00Anchor Bay35.0
10Lauren Thomas24:44:00Anchor Bay33.3
10Lydia Martoni24:49:00Fraser31.7
11Delaina Nocki24:53:00Chippewa Valley30.3
9Macie Masterson25:05:00Utica Ford26.3
12Hannah Palise25:11:00Warren Mott24.3
10Remi Flanz25:29:00Fraser18.3
12Kendall Beck25:36:00Utica Ford16.0
9Allison Phillips25:51:00Warren Mott11.0
9Katie Cairney25:52:00Fraser10.7
9Brooke Hall25:56:00Chippewa Valley9.3
10Emily Edwards26:01:00Port Huron Northern7.7
9Gabrielle Miller26:06:00Fraser6.0
11Samantha Mazza26:13:00Utica Ford3.7
12Maryam Alzuhairi26:17:00Warren Mott2.3
11Kaylee Jegla26:21:00L’Anse Creuse North1.0
10Lilah Earl26:23:00Utica Ford0.3

10Zachary Rubicz17:33Anchor Bay180.3
10Dylan Penberthy17:37L’Anse Creuse North179.0
10Brandon Penberthy17:54L’Anse Creuse North173.3
11Justin Roose18:06Fraser169.3
12Angelo Santia18:08Chippewa Valley168.7
12Liam LeBlanc18:16Utica Ford166.0
10Thomas Westphal18:22Anchor Bay164.0
11Glen Davis18:29Port Huron Northern161.7
11Michael Paoletti18:29Port Huron Northern161.7
11Matt LaFreniere18:29Port Huron Northern161.7
10Luke Maher18:29Port Huron Northern161.7
10Luke VanderHeuvel18:30Port Huron Northern161.3
11Connor Steepe18:30Fraser161.3
10Tyler Donovan18:42Fraser157.3
10Aidan Leslie18:43Anchor Bay157.0
12Justin Piejak19:02L’Anse Creuse North150.7
10Nathon Zydel19:03L’Anse Creuse North150.3
10Gabe Rusch19:06Anchor Bay149.3
10Jack DeWaele19:14Chippewa Valley146.7
10Jonathan Mitchell19:34Utica Ford140.0
12Daniel Hidalgo-Hud…19:38Warren Mott138.7
11Joseph Barnard19:45L’Anse Creuse North136.3
12Fischer Schluessler19:47Utica Ford135.7
12Elijah Dealca19:49Anchor Bay135.0
11Devyn Guptil19:53Chippewa Valley133.7
11Ryan Lee19:56Anchor Bay132.7
10Brendan Smigelski19:58Fraser132.0
10Nolan Rybarczyk20:03L’Anse Creuse North130.3
10Brady Mayer20:13Port Huron Northern127.0
11Aldo Garcia20:15Port Huron Northern126.3
11Andrew Thomson20:22Fraser124.0
12Tyler Leverenz20:33L’Anse Creuse North120.3
10Joseph Santia20:55Chippewa Valley113.0
11Aiden Douglas20:59Port Huron Northern111.7
12Alec Pionk21:03Port Huron110.3
10Grant Gonser21:05Port Huron Northern109.7
12Christopher Fronti…21:09Chippewa Valley108.3
10Evan VanHollebeke21:17Chippewa Valley105.7
11Martino Mande21:19Warren Mott105.0
9Carson Prone21:21Port Huron Northern104.3
9Kobe Coverdill21:22L’Anse Creuse North104.0
10Austin Trudeau21:33Port Huron100.3
10Collin Lilley21:34Port Huron Northern100.0
12Joey Cole21:35Anchor Bay99.7
10Sean McDonald21:44L’Anse Creuse North96.7
11Kazi Knowlin21:46Anchor Bay96.0
11J.D. McCreadie21:48Utica Ford95.3
9Gregory Vogt21:54Anchor Bay93.3
10Robert Ogilvy22:01Utica Ford91.0
12Ayden Saura22:16Port Huron86.0
12Connor Dennis22:33Fraser80.3
11Samuel Rusch22:40Anchor Bay78.0
10Rowan Dameron22:54Chippewa Valley73.3
12Charlie O’Brien23:00Port Huron71.3
12Cooper Galeczka23:09Warren Mott68.3
11Nicholas Banet23:14Warren Mott66.7
11Heitor Caribe23:39Utica Ford58.3
9Ian Glenn24:08:00Port Huron Northern48.7
12Alex Susalla24:09:00Warren Mott48.3
9Carter Woolm24:10:00Anchor Bay48.0
11Imtiaz Qureshi24:39:00Warren Mott38.3
9Jonathan Heim24:47:00Port Huron35.7
9Samuel Criner24:48:00Warren Mott35.3
9Doah Senyilmaz25:22:00Port Huron Northern24.0
12Austin Stemmerich25:46:00Fraser16.0
10Lucas Shemansky25:47:00Fraser15.7
11Vebjorn Bugge26:04:00Fraser10.0
9Marek Lipinski26:08:00Utica Ford8.7
10Wynnis Chan26:31:00Fraser1.0

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