2021 Ratings: Huron League 1

Girls Adjustment: +15
Boys Adjustment: +19


Meredith Stull, Flat Rock: Finished 2nd in the Huron League a year ago, a 7th place finish here in her best effort of the season.

Sam Polgar, Riverview: His first cross race in over a month, Sam picked up where he left off, aiding Riverview in capturing the first of three Huron League meets.

12Tara Szuper20:02.9Carleton Airport113.7
12Hannah Segrist20:13.4Milan110.2
10Riley Peer20:14.8Monroe Jefferson109.7
12Mara Szuper20:29.5Carleton Airport104.8
10Jenna Pilachowski20:40.7Monroe Jefferson101.1
9Megan Woelkers20:49.2Flat Rock98.3
11Meredith Stull21:07.8Flat Rock92.1
9Courtney Bovair21:11.9Carleton Airport90.7
10Samantha LaFountain21:30.7Monroe St. Mary CC84.4
9Kim Miller21:35.1Monroe Jefferson83.0
12Anna Malonson21:37.9Grosse Ile82.0
10Keira Wood21:42.9Riverview80.4
10Saebrianna Smallwood21:54.1Milan76.6
10Michelle Roque22:01.9Grosse Ile74.0
11Veronica Fitzgerald22:03.5Monroe Jefferson73.5
9Alex Wickenheiser22:09.9Monroe St. Mary CC71.4
9Abby Lechy22:18.0Monroe St. Mary CC68.7
11Ella Racette22:32.2Milan63.9
11Elizabeth Anderson22:41.8New Boston Huron60.7
12Cecilia Vesperman22:51.6Grosse Ile57.5
9Taylor Karasinski23:00.1Grosse Ile54.6
9Claire Lisker23:02.6Monroe St. Mary CC53.8
11Mya Ross23:04.5Milan53.2
10Macy Carlton23:11.0Monroe St. Mary CC51.0
10Alyssa Masserant23:23.1Monroe Jefferson47.0
10Cailynne Flint23:31.4Monroe St. Mary CC44.2
11Alexa Glancy23:44.9Monroe Jefferson39.7
9Katherine Scroi23:47.5Monroe Jefferson38.8
9Juliana Classic23:53.8Monroe St. Mary CC36.7
12Nicole Roque24:23.6Grosse Ile26.8
12Lexi Shaul24:53.5Riverview16.8
10Sarah Busen24:58.4Monroe St. Mary CC15.2
9Lilly Rader25:15.0Milan9.7
9Madison Ross25:27.8Milan5.4
10Grace Sturgeon25:33.4Flat Rock3.5
11Rachel Taylor25:35.4Milan2.9
9Tori Busen25:37.3Monroe St. Mary CC2.2
11Cara Bean25:38.0New Boston Huron2.0

11Carter McCalister16:19.5Monroe Jefferson188.5
11Brayden Humes16:39.0Milan182.0
10Simon VanderVlucht16:49.9Monroe St. Mary CC178.4
10Logan Ruffner16:51.3Riverview177.9
12Ty Grube16:52.4Monroe Jefferson177.5
12Sam Polgar17:10.5Riverview171.5
12Justin Shupe17:28.2Riverview165.6
12Gavin Shelton17:29.7Riverview165.1
11Blake Robinson17:36.6Riverview162.8
11Ryan Morris17:37.1New Boston Huron162.6
12Jack Palmer17:45.6Monroe St. Mary CC159.8
10Hayden Holmes17:47.3Riverview159.2
12Henry Barron17:49.3Monroe St. Mary CC158.6
12Ethan Rucarean17:56.9Riverview156.0
12Kenny Carlman17:57.7Flat Rock155.8
12Johnathan Pinnow18:13.7Milan150.4
12Isaac Merkel18:21.2Monroe Jefferson147.9
11Luke Foster18:24.4Monroe St. Mary CC146.9
12Gabe Iott18:30.4Monroe St. Mary CC144.9
12Jack Funchion18:36.0Milan143.0
12Joey Gall18:36.5Grosse Ile142.8
11Griffin Mentzer18:37.2New Boston Huron142.6
10William Steinhour18:37.8Monroe Jefferson142.4
9Andrew Hintz18:41.1Monroe Jefferson141.3
12Colin Riley18:48.6Riverview138.8
12Breen Patrick18:58.2New Boston Huron135.6
10Brenden Kapala18:59.2Grosse Ile135.3
12Peter Gekas19:01.3Riverview134.6
12Tyler Doss19:01.4New Boston Huron134.5
9Adam Brodie19:08.3Flat Rock132.2
11Aidan Broadworth19:12.7Milan130.8
12Owen Lazenby19:13.6New Boston Huron130.5
10Jacob Smith19:15.5Monroe St. Mary CC129.8
9Evan Banas19:20.7New Boston Huron128.1
10Ben Merkel19:23.8Monroe Jefferson127.1
12Nolan Feldpausch19:26.7Carleton Airport126.1
12Justin McMenemy19:27.0Riverview126.0
12Michael Thompson19:27.3Monroe St. Mary CC125.9
11Nicholas Griffin19:37.2Grosse Ile122.6
10Nolan West19:38.8Monroe Jefferson122.1
9Sam Vesperman19:41.2Grosse Ile121.3
12Zachary Spradlin19:48.4Milan118.9
11Ben Shaw19:52.9Riverview117.4
12Bob Breslin20:00.7Flat Rock114.8
9Lucas Worrell20:02.0New Boston Huron114.3
9Dylan Stull20:02.6Flat Rock114.1
9Caleb Totten20:11.3Monroe St. Mary CC111.2
10Caiden Siggett20:12.1New Boston Huron111.0
9Kyle Biller20:13.4New Boston Huron110.5
10Josh Roberts20:17.4Monroe Jefferson109.2
9Gabriel Edwards20:18.0Milan109.0
10Wyatt Kessell20:24.6Carleton Airport106.8
11Nelson Haydamacker20:26.5Flat Rock106.2
10Parker Prior20:31.0Milan104.7
10Ethan Cerasuolo20:40.8Riverview101.4
11Jacob Welch20:41.4New Boston Huron101.2
9Callum Bell20:48.1Carleton Airport99.0
12Ryan Diebel20:49.2Flat Rock98.6
9Joel Bezeau21:01.6Monroe Jefferson94.5
10Colin Andersen21:01.8Monroe Jefferson94.4
11Zach Heikka21:05.7Milan93.1
10Roman Whitmore21:08.2New Boston Huron92.3
10Issac Masserant21:08.3Monroe Jefferson92.2
10Nicholas Dropiewski21:19.2Flat Rock88.6
12Ahmed Kanso21:21.0Grosse Ile88.0
11Grant Majerle21:21.5Flat Rock87.8
11Keith Halley21:25.5Flat Rock86.5
9Carter Aicher21:25.5Flat Rock86.5
9Nate Vargo21:25.8Flat Rock86.4
12Miles Fichtner21:30.1New Boston Huron85.0
11Nikolai Barbaza21:30.2Flat Rock84.9
11Samuel Stanley21:31.4New Boston Huron84.5
10Will Publiski21:53.4Milan77.2
10Garrett Cheney21:53.9New Boston Huron77.0
9Chase Missler21:55.8Monroe St. Mary CC76.4
12Tim Pietryka21:58.9Milan75.4
11Ben Feldpausch22:03.6Carleton Airport73.8
9Adrian Dawes22:19.4Carleton Airport68.5
10Hunter Szawara22:35.4New Boston Huron63.2
11Davis Leigh22:47.4Carleton Airport59.2
10Arnav Verma23:07.7Grosse Ile52.4
11Jacob Robinson23:08.6Monroe Jefferson52.1
12Trent Doss23:45.3New Boston Huron39.9
9Nathan Zakar23:48.5New Boston Huron38.8
10Ryan Lindemann23:56.2Milan36.3
9Tyler Vaughn23:57.4Carleton Airport35.9
12Charlie Hoke24:25.4New Boston Huron26.5
9Vaughn Tanner24:35.1Flat Rock23.3
11Zach Vargo24:57.3Flat Rock15.9
9Deegan Richardson25:04.3New Boston Huron13.6
12Hayden Swan25:07.2Grosse Ile12.6
10Rocco Sells25:15.5New Boston Huron9.8
12Evan Dalton25:24.0Flat Rock7.0
9Dylan Cassel25:37.4Riverview2.5
11Preston Froehlch25:45.1Milan0.0

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