2021 Ratings: TVC West 2

Girls Adjustment: +2
Boys Adjustment: +5


Karissa Deacons, Ithaca: Coming on strong as Ithaca’s 4th girl. We know they have a great Top 3, if they can find contributions from a few more, they’ll be in the hunt for a Top 5 finish.

St. Louis Boys: Two straight wins here, along with a Top 5 team performance at Bluejay (combining all divisions). Seem to be #PeakingAtTheRightTime, just as last year.

12Lani Bloom18:37.6Ithaca146.8
12Libby Munderloh20:21.6St. Louis112.1
12Mikenna Borie20:22.1St. Louis112.0
10Jaiden Dickman20:28.1St. Louis110.0
12Rachael Sierakowski21:04.5Ithaca97.8
10Liliana Lehnst21:13.7Ithaca94.8
10Claire Neumann21:23.7Saginaw Valley Lutheran91.4
12Allison Sowatsky21:51.4Saginaw Valley Lutheran82.2
11Autumn Wakefield22:17.0Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary73.7
12Sela Delgado22:23.5St. Louis71.5
10Monika Borie22:24.1St. Louis71.3
9Isabella Curry22:24.4Hemlock71.2
9Karisa Deacons22:34.0Ithaca68.0
11Jenna Abell22:44.1St. Louis64.6
9Abby Dice22:46.0St. Louis64.0
12Rachel Tilmann23:09.8Midland Bullock Creek56.1
11Payton Kuhn23:21.2St. Louis52.3
12Kylea Braman23:24.1Ithaca51.3
11Laney Pestrue23:31.7St. Louis48.8
9Emmalee Shankel23:35.0Ithaca47.7
12Alexandra Schroeder23:43.4Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary44.9
9Emma Samborn24:01.4Saginaw Valley Lutheran38.9
10Sarah Kober24:13.9Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary34.7
10Laiyla Pray24:17.8Ithaca33.4
12Clara Gross24:21.8Saginaw Nouvel32.1
12Alexandria Grzenia24:28.5Hemlock29.8
10Kyrie Rames24:52.4Hemlock21.9
11Madeline Miller24:58.4Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary19.9
10Natalie Lemert25:17.4St. Louis13.5
12Madison Martin25:24.4Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary11.2
11Rylee Bentley25:29.4Standish-Sterling9.5
11Cara Eschmann25:54.4Saginaw Valley Lutheran1.2

11Parks Allen16:54.5Ithaca180.2
10Ben March16:58.7St. Louis178.8
12Nate March17:27.2St. Louis169.3
12Aaron Bowerman17:35.3St. Louis166.6
12Espen Lehnst17:44.5Ithaca163.5
11Thomas Zacharko18:04.7St. Louis156.8
12Nolan Woodman18:07.1Ithaca156.0
11Dylan Marr18:28.3St. Louis148.9
12Conor Mikulka18:33.1Ithaca147.3
9Landon Pestrue18:39.0St. Louis145.3
9Colin Kuhn18:53.8St. Louis140.4
12Grant Tilmann18:57.1Midland Bullock Creek139.3
10Jeffery Harden19:19.5Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary131.8
9Rodney Iamurri19:20.7Saginaw Nouvel131.4
12Hector Sanchez19:20.9Ithaca131.4
12Keegan Ouillette19:26.5Ithaca129.5
12Brandon Rude19:38.5Millington125.5
12Will Erickson19:43.9St. Louis123.7
10Brody Davis19:44.2Hemlock123.6
11Hunter Lalonde19:51.1Standish-Sterling121.3
12Walker Aldrich19:59.9St. Louis118.4
9Camden Fager20:10.5Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary114.8
9Sean O’Grady20:18.3Saginaw Nouvel112.2
10Mathew Johnston20:21.7Hemlock111.1
10Bailey Wiggins20:22.6Midland Bullock Creek110.8
11Jacob Inman20:32.4Midland Bullock Creek107.5
12Conner Daniels20:36.0St. Louis106.3
12Craig Bebow21:02.9St. Louis97.4
12Alex Baxter21:03.1St. Louis97.3
12Hunter Salladay21:09.0St. Louis95.3
10Landon Davis21:11.0Ithaca94.7
11Dominic Gilman21:26.0St. Louis89.7
11Caleb Munson21:26.2Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary89.6
10Zach LaMont21:35.3Saginaw Valley Lutheran86.6
11Dennis Schaffer21:43.6Hemlock83.8
9Brent DeSaegher21:50.9Ithaca81.4
11Silas Schultz22:07.0Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary76.0
12Robert Long-Terwil…22:14.1St. Louis73.6
10Ethan Schmidt22:29.0Saginaw Valley Lutheran68.7
12Alden Rodammer22:31.1Millington68.0
12Kelvyn Kelly22:35.4Midland Bullock Creek66.5
12Joshua Hecht22:47.6Saginaw Valley Lutheran62.5
9Owen Rathbun22:48.9Hemlock62.0
9Michael Passalaqua22:49.5Ithaca61.8
10Alec Briggs22:53.0Hemlock60.7
11Carter Wells22:59.0Midland Bullock Creek58.7
11Jesus Ramirez23:01.3Carrollton57.9
11Caleb Needham23:03.8Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary57.1
9Isaiah Kramp23:21.1Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary51.3
11Hayden Rondy23:21.9Hemlock51.0
12Donovan Fitting23:22.4Saginaw Valley Lutheran50.9
9Tyler Rude23:22.7Millington50.8
10David Hensler23:25.5Hemlock49.8
11Sam Scharrer24:09.0Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary35.3
9Tanner Wesener24:33.7Hemlock27.1
11Kyle Loeffler24:34.8Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary26.7
11Thomas Kolleth24:35.0Saginaw Nouvel26.7
11Cole Lombard24:55.8St. Louis19.7
11Dylan Luft24:56.0St. Louis19.7
11Joe Kramp25:02.9Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary17.4
10David Scherschel25:03.7Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary17.1
10David Wang25:04.6Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary16.8
11Sawyer Whalen25:16.3Saginaw Valley Lutheran12.9
11Alex Hardy25:32.3St. Louis7.6
11Nathan Scherzer25:33.4Hemlock7.2

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