2021 Ratings: MAC Blue #2

Somehow The Beach ran a little slow!

Girls Adjustment: -7
Boys Adjustment: -4


The DenUyl family: Riley has been hovering around 22:00 and ran a PB Saturday at the Hansons Invite. Brock has captured firsts at the two MAC Blue Jamborees, both in dominating fashion.

12Hannah Fisher19:58.6Marysville122.8
12Claire Thomson20:12.3Clawson118.2
12Reese Powers20:48.5Marysville106.2
10Casidhe Flesher21:17.9Marine City96.4
12Kamryn Schell21:34.9Sterling Heights90.7
11Riley DenUyl22:07.3Marysville79.9
9Shelby Stabile22:08.3L’Anse Creuse79.6
11Alexandra Dreffs22:20.3St. Clair Shores Lakeview75.6
10Isabelle Hanna22:35.0Warren Woods Tower70.7
11Lilian Furman22:43.0Sterling Heights68.0
9Kymora Jones22:50.1St. Clair Shores South Lake65.6
11Taliyah Dawson22:50.6Warren Woods Tower65.5
9Lillian Rutallie23:17.4Marysville56.5
12Lauren Wilson23:36.1Marysville50.3
10Ella Deshon23:37.1Marysville50.0
10Kayla Gorman23:48.2St. Clair Shores Lakeview46.3
11Tariyah Dawson23:50.1Warren Woods Tower45.6
12Jillian Kaferle24:00.9Warren Woods Tower42.0
10Emma Erdmann24:10.4Marine City38.9
9Emma Terhune24:11.4Marine City38.5
12Makenna Morse24:12.2Marine City38.3
12Ainsley Colman24:15.2Marine City37.3
10Emma Dell24:29.6St. Clair Shores Lakeview32.5
12Dylann Fair24:35.7Marysville30.4
12Shaylen Haney24:38.1Marine City29.6
10Carlee Woolum24:48.7Marysville26.1
11Maria Ferro24:50.6Warren Cousino25.5
12Zoe Bluer24:53.2Warren Woods Tower24.6
12Allison Tomczak24:59.5Marysville22.5

12Brock DenUyl17:17.1Marysville175.6
12Perry Arsenault17:39.7St. Clair Shores Lakeview168.1
11Ben Puzzuoli18:01.2L’Anse Creuse160.9
12Noah Baier18:09.7St. Clair Shores Lake Shore158.1
9Ryan Jackins18:13.9Marine City156.7
11Lance Kowalski18:48.7Marysville145.1
11Griffin Sibilla18:49.9Marysville144.7
11Brooks Donaldson18:56.8St. Clair Shores Lakeview142.4
10Drake Demaris19:02.0Warren Cousino140.7
12Keith LaFriniere19:10.6Warren Woods Tower137.8
9Aidan Daly19:16.4L’Anse Creuse135.9
12Elliott Stansberry19:17.3Warren Woods Tower135.6
12Josh Specker19:27.3Roseville132.2
11Joseph Nesom19:30.4St. Clair Shores Lakeview131.2
12Tyler Arnold19:31.0Marine City131.0
10Collin Pigloski19:32.9St. Clair Shores Lakeview130.4
12Andrew Rios19:35.0Warren Woods Tower129.7
11Teddy Pozios19:48.8Marysville125.1
10Devin O’Connor19:55.8St. Clair Shores Lakeview122.7
11Dillan Johns19:56.2Madison Heights Lamphere122.6
10Trent Glass19:56.7Marysville122.4
10Jayden Robertson19:57.9Marine City122.0
10Ryan Montgomery20:07.7Warren Woods Tower118.8
10Anthony Goatley20:13.9Madison Heights Lamphere116.7
12Donovan Kelley20:22.2Warren Cousino113.9
10Paul Gopez20:23.2Warren Cousino113.6
12Jacob Jasin20:28.3Warren Woods Tower111.9
10Alex Robertson20:30.1Marine City111.3
10Justin Pinks20:34.1Warren Woods Tower110.0
9Pete Lutz20:37.5Madison Heights Lamphere108.8
10Mateo Mele20:39.3Warren Cousino108.2
11Vladyslav Gorechko20:40.9Sterling Heights107.7
12Gabe Triplett20:49.4St. Clair Shores Lakeview104.9
11Luke Wilder20:53.4Clawson103.5
10Benjamin Ashley20:58.8L’Anse Creuse101.7
12Ryan Wiley21:01.6Marine City100.8
12Dawson Sass21:04.0Warren Cousino100.0
12Carson Copeland21:04.5Warren Woods Tower99.8
11Taylor Angus21:05.8New Haven99.4
11Tyler Simpson21:07.4Marysville98.9
9Alex Habart21:10.4L’Anse Creuse97.9
9Aiden Barnett21:13.4Roseville96.9
9Ryan Hilt21:15.1L’Anse Creuse96.3
11Tristan Malcolm21:15.3St. Clair Shores Lakeview96.2
9Owen Kliebert21:16.8L’Anse Creuse95.7
11Brandon Korte21:17.2St. Clair Shores Lakeview95.6
10Aaron Vettese21:20.6Warren Woods Tower94.5
9Markus Blackwell21:26.7Warren Lincoln92.4
11Jacob Blanchard21:29.0Marine City91.7
9Braden Cinato21:32.6Warren Cousino90.5
11Austin Barnett21:59.0Roseville81.7
9Liam Turner22:12.8Marine City77.1
10Rashid Clements22:27.5Warren Lincoln72.2
10Mathieu Fortier22:29.1St. Clair Shores Lakeview71.6
12David Kohl22:34.2St. Clair Shores Lake Shore69.9
11Jack Gulisano22:43.1L’Anse Creuse67.0
11Gabe Stevens22:53.6Clawson63.5
12Jeremiah Vega22:55.8Center Line62.7
12Ryan Kovacs23:12.7Sterling Heights57.1
12Samwise Leszczynski23:25.1Warren Woods Tower53.0
12Eric Durette23:27.2Marine City52.3
10Kimari Barden23:48.2Warren Lincoln45.3
9Blake Grosefeild23:52.8L’Anse Creuse43.7
10Jackson Hermes23:53.2St. Clair Shores Lake Shore43.6
10Connor Green23:57.0St. Clair Shores Lakeview42.3
9Cole Wyckoff24:14.6Clawson36.5
11Joshua Blevins24:14.7St. Clair Shores Lake Shore36.4
9Georgio Aramouni24:20.3Madison Heights Lamphere34.6
9Nolan Sutton24:22.0L’Anse Creuse34.0
9Caden Jones24:31.4Clawson30.9
9Jensen DuVal24:42.4L’Anse Creuse27.2
12Ryan Shorter24:43.7St. Clair Shores Lakeview26.8
10Christopher Street24:44.5Marine City26.5
10Eian Fuller24:46.5L’Anse Creuse25.8
11Brenden Nye24:51.2New Haven24.3
12John Vigue24:53.1Sterling Heights23.6
10Julius Windum24:54.4L’Anse Creuse23.2
9Cameron Bean25:00.4Clawson21.2
9Griffin Simone25:02.4St. Clair Shores Lakeview20.5
9Aiden Gaddis25:07.8St. Clair Shores Lakeview18.7

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