2021 Ratings: CHSL Cardinal 3

Girls Adjustment: -104
Boys Adjustment: -106


The League: Shrine, Foley, Gabriel Richard, Everest, Liggett, so many of these teams are top 25 in their respective divisions.

The Course: THOSE ADJUSTMENTS. Tough courses build character.

9Kerith Short21:32.7University Liggett123.8
10Ava Teed21:35.0Allen Park Cabrini123.0
11Penelope Griffioen22:14.0University Liggett110.0
11Helana Napiorkowski23:04.2Austin Catholic93.3
9Tess Tillman24:04.4Royal Oak Shrine73.2
12Lily Heath24:14.0Allen Park Cabrini70.0
12Avery Herrgott24:24.8Clarkston Everest Collegiate66.4
11Alyse Felix24:34.1Clarkston Everest Collegiate63.3
10Anika Bery24:50.6Ann Arbor Greenhills57.8
11Caroline Cross24:53.6Clarkston Everest Collegiate56.8
10Eve Herrgott24:54.6Clarkston Everest Collegiate56.5
12Ella Nowc24:58.5Allen Park Cabrini55.2
12Charlotte Carozza24:59.5Academy of the Sacred Heart54.8
10Nicole Teed25:02.0Allen Park Cabrini54.0
9Annaliese Losey25:02.5Royal Oak Shrine53.8
9Isobel Malcolm25:03.0Royal Oak Shrine53.7
9Olivia Leahy25:14.1Clarkston Everest Collegiate50.0
10Carmellina Biafora25:18.2Madison Heights Bishop Foley48.6
11Stephanie Suran25:21.5Clarkston Everest Collegiate47.5
12Sonya Zacharek25:24.0Ann Arbor Greenhills46.7
12Lindsay Grohs25:26.9Royal Oak Shrine45.7
10Ava Kittendorf25:30.1Ann Arbor Greenhills44.6
9Fiona Sierens25:34.3University Liggett43.2
12Clara Losey25:52.7Royal Oak Shrine37.1
9Rose Losey25:52.9Royal Oak Shrine37.0
12Sarah Robinson26:35.9Ann Arbor Greenhills22.7
10Julia Serra26:56.2Madison Heights Bishop Foley15.9
10Kelsey Beckett27:18.7University Liggett8.4
11Meezan Hamzavi27:23.5Ann Arbor Greenhills6.8
9Natalie Cross27:26.8Clarkston Everest Collegiate5.7
10Navya Ashok27:31.4Ann Arbor Greenhills4.2

11Alex Meszaros18:57.3Riverview Gabriel Richard176.2
12Jay Maynard19:07.3Madison Heights Bishop Foley172.9
12Jonah Cerone19:17.2Royal Oak Shrine169.6
12Zander Munk19:18.8Madison Heights Bishop Foley169.1
11Max Mader19:27.1Madison Heights Bishop Foley166.3
11Merrick Michaelson19:34.3West Bloomfield Frankel Jewish Academy163.9
10Lincoln Cha19:36.3Ann Arbor Greenhills163.2
12Brendan McGlinchey19:49.4Madison Heights Bishop Foley158.9
11Arline Lile20:07.6Royal Oak Shrine152.8
12Joseph Bontrager20:11.1Royal Oak Shrine151.6
12John Borowicz20:13.0Riverview Gabriel Richard151.0
12Parker Heggie20:15.7Riverview Gabriel Richard150.1
9Michael Darlington20:29.7University Liggett145.4
10Tyler Lenn20:54.4Marine City Cardinal Mooney137.2
12Evan Provenzano20:57.6University Liggett136.1
11Matthew Zammit Jr.21:14.5Marine City Cardinal Mooney130.5
12Bram Wolf21:22.9Allen Park Cabrini127.7
9Kolbe Martino21:23.9Madison Heights Bishop Foley127.4
11Johnny Benko21:27.6Riverview Gabriel Richard126.1
12Kevin Wright21:29.0Royal Oak Shrine125.7
12Garrett Flynn21:57.9University Liggett116.0
10Max Procissi22:05.4Marine City Cardinal Mooney113.5
12Peter Laskaris22:20.8Riverview Gabriel Richard108.4
10Isaac Zammit22:31.8Marine City Cardinal Mooney104.7
11Paul Prokhorov22:33.1Ann Arbor Greenhills104.3
12Joseph Harrell22:40.4Madison Heights Bishop Foley101.9
11Drew Colton22:59.8Royal Oak Shrine95.4
9Noam Goel23:20.1West Bloomfield Frankel Jewish Academy88.6
11Gabriel Heath23:23.1Riverview Gabriel Richard87.6
9Ralph Kaleniecki23:24.1Allen Park Cabrini87.3
11Donald Blakeley23:44.6Marine City Cardinal Mooney80.5
11Kevin Conway23:51.3Waterford Our Lady of the Lakes78.2
12Jacob Whitton23:58.8University Liggett75.7
9Nathan Salazar24:00.0Madison Heights Bishop Foley75.3
9Mason Stranahan24:03.3Ann Arbor Greenhills74.2
12Ashton Demeulenaere24:04.8Marine City Cardinal Mooney73.7
12Nathan Neubecker24:12.5Allen Park Cabrini71.2
11Anthony Burley24:12.8Madison Heights Bishop Foley71.1
9Jack Fitzgerald24:30.8Allen Park Cabrini65.1
11Mitchell Graveline24:31.8Royal Oak Shrine64.7
9Andreas Laskaris24:44.1Riverview Gabriel Richard60.6
9Evan Jacobs24:56.0Marine City Cardinal Mooney56.7
9Jackson Fetter25:03.2University Liggett54.3
9Brennan Demeulenaere25:05.6Marine City Cardinal Mooney53.5
9John Bailey25:05.6Marine City Cardinal Mooney53.5
11Hayden Fulford25:13.2Waterford Our Lady of the Lakes50.9
9Geo Woodside25:13.9Ann Arbor Greenhills50.7
10Nate Gajar25:19.1Ann Arbor Greenhills49.0
10Joseph Yoon25:56.8Ann Arbor Greenhills36.4
11Jack Murphy26:02.8Madison Heights Bishop Foley34.4
11Brandon Perdew26:12.8Madison Heights Bishop Foley31.1
10Anjan Singer26:13.8Ann Arbor Greenhills30.7
9Alex Stillman26:14.1Ann Arbor Greenhills30.6
9Karl Wegner26:35.6Waterford Our Lady of the Lakes23.5
12Dominic Luchi26:38.0Waterford Our Lady of the Lakes22.7
11Blaise Cerne26:40.6Madison Heights Bishop Foley21.8
9Donald Rowlands27:12.0University Liggett11.3
11Michael Dorian27:12.5Royal Oak Shrine11.2
9Erik Smith27:22.6Austin Catholic7.8
11Michael Lentz27:37.5Madison Heights Bishop Foley2.8
11Kye Jackson27:42.0Royal Oak Shrine1.3

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