2021 Ratings: CSAA Gold 2

Girls Adjustment: -47
Boys Adjustment: -44


Ava Hollandsworth, Remus Chippewa Hills: Improved from 5th to 2nd from Jamboree 1 to 2. The positive in writing these nearly a week later is you see what they did over the weekend, well sure enough this was a precursor to a massive season best.

Carter Sherman, Fremont: Watching Fremont throughout the season, you see why they put together a squad as they did last year. Every week, someone new pops up with a breakout performance. It could be the senior Schulers, it could be Carter Sherman. He ran 19:20 here on a day on a course where everyone ran slow, then Saturday busted out a 18:20 after hovering near 19:00 all season.

12Sarah Storey20:17.8Remus Chippewa Hills129.7
10Ava Hollandsworth20:55.7Remus Chippewa Hills117.1
12Taylor Mater21:13.2Fremont111.3
9Ashley Choponis21:13.2Stanton Central Montcalm111.3
9Kyah Hoffman21:25.5Stanton Central Montcalm107.2
10Remington Arney21:58.5Newaygo96.2
11Nora Smoes22:22.0Reed City88.3
12Taava Johnson22:33.1Fremont84.6
9Clara Smoes22:52.8Reed City78.1
10Reece Clark22:58.7Remus Chippewa Hills76.1
12Meghan McGiverin23:05.1Howard City-Tri County74.0
12Paige Lofquist23:08.4Reed City72.9
10Gwendalynn Rickard23:15.6Big Rapids70.5
12Kate Langworthy23:26.7Big Rapids66.8
12Tea Hoffman23:37.4Stanton Central Montcalm63.2
9Carly Carlson23:42.1Reed City61.6
10Oliviah Malloy23:47.1Big Rapids60.0
10Haylee Livermore24:07.0Remus Chippewa Hills53.3
11Georgia Jurden24:44.2Stanton Central Montcalm40.9
11Haylie Haner24:48.7Big Rapids39.4
11Elizabeth Chaffee24:49.3Newaygo39.2
12Zoey Deam25:01.8Big Rapids35.1
12Kaitriss Degroft25:01.8Remus Chippewa Hills35.1
9Augusta Bowman25:02.8Remus Chippewa Hills34.7
12Rainey Schreiber25:21.4Remus Chippewa Hills28.5
9Zoey Walerczyk25:29.7Newaygo25.8
12Hailey Petersen25:52.5Stanton Central Montcalm18.2
10Olivia DeJohn25:54.6Newaygo17.5
10Natalie Schulz26:08.4Howard City-Tri County12.9
9Ruth Jurden26:22.5Stanton Central Montcalm8.2
9Alaina Hanson26:29.1Reed City6.0
12Paige Devos26:31.4Grant5.2
11Lyda Lathrop26:37.3Newaygo3.2

12Conor Somers17:08.1Fremont192.0
12Ryan Ososki17:27.1Big Rapids185.6
12Brennan Schuler17:44.6Fremont179.8
12Gavin Schuler17:47.2Fremont178.9
11Andrew Hardy17:50.4Stanton Central Montcalm177.9
11Jake O’Neil18:04.3Remus Chippewa Hills173.2
10Graham Coston18:27.7Stanton Central Montcalm165.4
10Brodie Delamater18:42.9Grant160.4
10Ryan Allen18:55.7Reed City156.1
11Ramon Hernandez18:56.7Howard City-Tri County155.8
9Cole Lowery18:59.1Fremont155.0
10Gavin Rykse19:12.7Howard City-Tri County150.4
11Ben Knuth19:13.3Big Rapids150.2
9Carter Sherman19:20.7Fremont147.8
9August Rohde19:28.2Reed City145.3
10John Christensen19:30.9Fremont144.4
11Ty Kailing19:32.2Reed City143.9
10Sean Pettis19:35.7Fremont142.8
10Matthew Brownell20:00.1Remus Chippewa Hills134.6
11Gary Springstead20:09.4Fremont131.5
12Trenton Laskey20:17.6Howard City-Tri County128.8
10Elijah Lentz20:22.3Reed City127.2
12Michael Murray20:27.4Newaygo125.5
10Joel Hardesty20:37.1Big Rapids122.3
11Mason Dozier20:41.4Reed City120.9
12Shaun Biller20:47.7Remus Chippewa Hills118.8
9Kyan Deam20:54.6Big Rapids116.5
9Blake Taylor20:55.7Fremont116.1
10Josiah Curry21:02.1Stanton Central Montcalm114.0
9Luke Bradley21:02.7Fremont113.8
12Gavin Grabill21:09.7Big Rapids111.4
9Jacob Simon21:23.2Remus Chippewa Hills106.9
12Kyle Brege21:24.5Grant106.5
11Jack Noble21:28.2Grant105.3
9Jaxon Lumbert21:52.1Howard City-Tri County97.3
12Hunter Mossel21:57.6Big Rapids95.5
12Clay Oosterhouse21:57.7Big Rapids95.4
12Martin Grinnell22:04.5Remus Chippewa Hills93.2
9Hayden Gould22:17.5Big Rapids88.8
11Otwen Norberg22:19.3Grant88.2
12Nathan Huss22:20.0Reed City88.0
9Austin Dalman22:23.5Big Rapids86.8
9Oscar Mendez22:36.9Grant82.4
11Brandon Gates22:47.7Grant78.8
11Bryce Grugett22:56.6Newaygo75.8
9Matt Spedoske22:59.2Big Rapids74.9
12Braylon Freeland23:07.5Grant72.2
12Preston Lewis23:07.8Howard City-Tri County72.1
11Ethan Olds23:08.4Howard City-Tri County71.9
12Trenton Barone23:34.5Big Rapids63.2
9Tyler Delamater23:43.4Grant60.2
9Caleb Rose24:16.1Stanton Central Montcalm49.3
10Ian Dorey24:24.8Big Rapids46.4
10Anthony Castillo24:26.9Grant45.7
10Trace Laskey24:31.2Howard City-Tri County44.3
10Mathew Miedema24:44.6Newaygo39.8
11Michael Caserta24:47.2Big Rapids38.9
9Blake Wirts24:53.3Grant36.9
12Sawyer Kohn25:28.4Stanton Central Montcalm25.2
10Luke Acton26:26.5Newaygo5.8

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