2022 Best Sprint Crew: Week Two

In past years, I’ve ranked programs by the number of sub-5/sub-6 milers, but that just concentrates on the distance folks. There are ten other individual events and three more relays. Michigan schools have traditions in jumps, throws, hurdles, sprints, and the vault. We have outstanding individuals who attain national glory both at this level and later in life. It’s my mission here to recognize and rank the teams that excel in the specialized events that make track and field, TRACK AND FIELD.

Over the winter, I ranked college distance programs, and I did an okay job, though I wasn’t impressed with the way I presented the rankings. USTFCCCA does their #eventsquad rankings for each individual event for collegiate teams. I thought I’d blend what they do and what I intend to do, to produce these “best crews”. Prep coaches typically wear many hats, but often you’ll have a throws coach, a hurdles coach, etc. If you have a girl that throws Shot, she’ll typically throw Discus. Instead of dissecting each individual event, I’ll attempt to rank the best hurdle crew (100/110h, 300h), the best throws crew (Disc, Shot), distance (800, 1600, 3200), sprint (100, 200, 400), jumps (HJ, LJ), and finally, Pole Vault getting their own, special category.

The method for the rankings is such:

  • Times and marks from the 2022 Outdoor Season only
  • A team must have 3 athletes in an event to get ranked
  • Top 3 athletes from each team with their best times/jumps/tosses averaged out
  • The highest rank is given to the team with the highest average in that event
  • Combining events to form a crew, teams will be ranked by their average rank between events (with ties going to teams with the teams with the higher rank of their worst category)

These are NOT intended to be predictive or an overall rank of one’s T&F team. If you’re wondering why a team isn’t ranked, they likely haven’t competed yet or perhaps they don’t have the numbers to qualify. While my cross rankings attempt to project future performance, these are just a show what has already occurred. And maybe for myself, learn a little more of the names and individuals in those “other” events.

For this initial ranking, I did NOT combine the sprints to form a crew, there just isn’t a volume of athletes to create a proper ranking. In future weeks, I’ll have the sprints combined and rankings for each division. Message me if you need further explanation. I’m not burning the candle at both ends like the end of October, so I might be nice to you!



RankTeamAvg. Time
1Beverly Hills Groves11.81
2Portage Central11.81
4Warren DeLaSalle11.93
8Detroit Catholic Central12.16
10Dowagiac Union12.19
12Lake Odessa Lakewood12.42
13Richland Gull Lake12.48
15BC Pennfield12.74
17Ottawa Lake-Whiteford12.97
19Macomb Lutheran North13.11
21Sand Creek13.58
22Ann Arbor Greenhills14.14

GradeNameTimeTeamAvg. Time
10Zachary Rogers11.64Beverly Hills Groves
10Simeon McFarland11.84Beverly Hills Groves
10Anthony Cameron11.94Beverly Hills Groves11.81
12Cole Lewis11.44Portage Central
12Cole Root11.97Portage Central
12Devin Porter12.01Portage Central11.81
12Isaiyah Swartz11.72Edwardsburg
10Kya Bryant11.92Edwardsburg
12Braiden Domer11.92Edwardsburg11.85
9Michael Lopez11.24Warren DeLaSalle
10Cordell Atkins12.14Warren DeLaSalle
11Sherron Sutton12.40Warren DeLaSalle11.93
12Curtis Knapp11.83Jonesville
11Dominic Aponte12.10Jonesville
11Brady Wright12.23Jonesville12.05
10Hunter Wilson11.74Hillsdale
11Jordan Barnes12.22Hillsdale
12Sam Willes12.26Hillsdale12.07
12Lance Riddle11.54Sparta
11Blake Isenhoff12.14Sparta
9Jayden Cochrane12.64Sparta12.11
11Joshua Tipton11.75Detroit Catholic Central
10Tyler Kolchuk12.29Detroit Catholic Central
9Dylan Young12.44Detroit Catholic Central12.16
12Joshua Rau11.92Lowell
10Xavier Young12.28Lowell
11Aidan Fitzpatrick12.30Lowell12.17
12Elijah Clark11.98Dowagiac Union
9Jamal Williams12.22Dowagiac Union
10Justin Bannow12.37Dowagiac Union12.19
12Davon Edwards11.98Adrian
11Oscar Simon12.27Adrian
11Elijah Terrill12.66Adrian12.3
12Connor Feighan12.24Lake Odessa Lakewood
11Alexander Russell12.44Lake Odessa Lakewood
11Ethan Weller12.58Lake Odessa Lakewood12.42
12Brendan Seiler12.35Richland Gull Lake
11James Romyak12.48Richland Gull Lake
12Jakobe Ingram12.60Richland Gull Lake12.48
11John Buchanan11.77Onsted
10Cannon Ruttkofsky12.44Onsted
10Ethan Ellenwood13.59Onsted12.6
11Vinicius Santos-Larsson12.44BC Pennfield
9Brenden Back12.84BC Pennfield
12Levi Harris12.94BC Pennfield12.74
11Zak Shadley12.59Clinton
12Carter Keith12.77Clinton
10Bryce Wyman13.33Clinton12.9
10Kolby Masserant12.44Ottawa Lake-Whiteford
10Stepan Masserant12.84Ottawa Lake-Whiteford
10Frank Emmenecker13.64Ottawa Lake-Whiteford12.97
12Zachary Miller12.74Plainwell
12Trenton Jacobs12.98Plainwell
9Carter Monette13.32Plainwell13.01
9Isaac Miller12.94Macomb Lutheran North
9Hudson MacDonald13.14Macomb Lutheran North
9Clay Thompson13.24Macomb Lutheran North13.11
12Jacob Zartman12.77Otsego
11Jalen Radke13.61Otsego
11Gavin Devine13.71Otsego13.36
12Braedon Nichelson12.38Sand Creek
9Gavin Marks14.16Sand Creek
10Garrett Wilson14.21Sand Creek13.58
10Liam Dutta12.74Ann Arbor Greenhills
9Jason Shen14.44Ann Arbor Greenhills
9Ansar Ali15.24Ann Arbor Greenhills14.14
11Brodie Pike11.84Morenci
9Wyatt Berger13.44Morenci
9Warren Stuck20.24Morenci15.17


RankTeamAvg. Time
1Beverly Hills Groves13.21
2Portage Central13.73
5BC Pennfield14.37
6Clarkston Everest Collegiate14.57
9Lake Odessa Lakewood14.75
10Richland Gull Lake14.98
15Dowagiac Union15.39
17Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard15.47
19Ann Arbor Greenhills16.07
21Ottawa Lake-Whiteford16.31
22Macomb Lutheran North16.47
24Sand Creek17.59

GradeNameTimeTeamAvg. Time
11Lailah Palmer12.74Beverly Hills Groves
10Kendall Gaines12.94Beverly Hills Groves
10Madison Watson13.94Beverly Hills Groves13.21
9Adalyn Liang13.34Portage Central
10Abby Lauraine13.90Portage Central
11Layla Wallace13.94Portage Central13.73
9Leah Krieger13.96Lowell
9Isabel German13.98Lowell
12Emily German14.03Lowell13.99
11Brynn Frederick14.21Clinton
11Griffin Faulkner14.24Clinton
9Aubrey Lauer14.26Clinton14.24
12Helis Kiis14.04BC Pennfield
11Sophie Klemm14.24BC Pennfield
12Haillie Gregory14.84BC Pennfield14.37
9Madelyn Krappmann14.24Clarkston Everest Collegiate
10Kathleen Thibodeau14.54Clarkston Everest Collegiate
11Jessie Burns14.94Clarkston Everest Collegiate14.57
11Emmalee Hayden14.04Edwardsburg
11Allysa Bennett14.87Edwardsburg
9Carlee Brown14.92Edwardsburg14.61
12Bailey Brandly13.78Onsted
12Rayne Ross13.97Onsted
9Alaina Taeff16.27Onsted14.67
9Taylor Russell13.95Lake Odessa Lakewood
12Hokulani Kaalakea14.46Lake Odessa Lakewood
9Hayley Merryfield15.85Lake Odessa Lakewood14.75
10Paris Thomas14.28Richland Gull Lake
12Rylee Hovanec14.60Richland Gull Lake
11Sierra Bell16.07Richland Gull Lake14.98
10Annemarie Moore14.01Hillsdale
10Amelia Dietz14.60Hillsdale
10Kaitlynn Webster16.44Hillsdale15.02
12Jada Bolhuis14.13Otsego
10Nyla Reed15.37Otsego
11Addyson Thomas15.65Otsego15.05
11Akkya Campbell13.80Adrian
11Grace Evans15.33Adrian
11Quinn Hale16.08Adrian15.07
12Kaylee Wright14.56Plainwell
JrNatalie Anson15.04Plainwell
12Jessica Barnes15.78Plainwell15.13
12Makayla Hill13.94Dowagiac Union
10Audrey Johnson15.21Dowagiac Union
9Zariah Pulliam17.01Dowagiac Union15.39
10Brooke Sharp14.62Jonesville
10Jalynn Bragg15.79Jonesville
10Zoey Udzik15.80Jonesville15.40
9Bell Hollenshead14.34Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard
10Teresa Cooney15.54Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard
10Bella Kritzman16.54Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard15.47
11Natalie Motylinski13.79Ida
9Leah Ferguson16.31Ida
10Lana Hemmele16.45Ida15.52
9Izzy Collings14.84Ann Arbor Greenhills
11Chiney Anwunah16.54Ann Arbor Greenhills
11Sarah Horan16.84Ann Arbor Greenhills16.07
12Jocelyn Garza15.44Sparta
10Samantha Brower16.44Sparta
9Elly Penland16.44Sparta16.11
10Rylie DeSilvis15.84Ottawa Lake-Whiteford
11Erica Holup16.34Ottawa Lake-Whiteford
12Julian Biansco16.74Ottawa Lake-Whiteford16.31
12Noelle Miller15.64Macomb Lutheran North
10Kennedy Kiel15.94Macomb Lutheran North
10Florencia Mabesa17.84Macomb Lutheran North16.47
11Brea Baumgartner15.74Morenci
9Emily Zuvers17.24Morenci
12Bianca Timofte18.74Morenci17.24
11Anna Blain-Olson14.35Sand Creek
10Julianne Schoonover18.29Sand Creek
10Kylie Hicks20.14Sand Creek17.59



RankTeamAvg. Time
6Detroit Country Day24.24
7Portage Central24.24
8White Lake Lakeland24.25
9H.H. Dow24.29
11Detroit Catholic Central24.44
14Flint Carman-Ainsworth24.55
15Swartz Creek24.56
16Ann Arbor Huron24.61
21Temperance Bedford24.8
23Mt. Pleasant24.93
24Kalamazoo Hackett24.94
25Ann Arbor Pioneer24.99

GradeNameTimeTeamAvg. Time
11Gavin Chenevey22.72Tecumseh
10AJ Bryan22.95Tecumseh
11Draven Langsten24.38Tecumseh23.35
12Andrew McCarthy23.7Monroe
12Noah Stein23.86Monroe
9Teegan Simmons24.47Monroe24.01
12Joshua Rush23.14Saline
12Blake Wilson24.43Saline
12Caden Winston24.48Saline24.02
12Curtis Knapp23.47Jonesville
11Brady Wright24.27Jonesville
11Brock Fee24.62Jonesville24.12
11Evan Vasicek23.28Freeland
12Nathan Levinson24.54Freeland
10Deven Kelly24.61Freeland24.14
11Thomas Jackson24.14Detroit Country Day
12Jonathan Abraham24.14Detroit Country Day
9Darryl Carter24.44Detroit Country Day24.24
12Cole Lewis23.6Portage Central
12Drake Sellers24.18Portage Central
12Cole Root24.95Portage Central24.24
11Tyler Brock24.05White Lake Lakeland
9Trevor Tschudin24.13White Lake Lakeland
12Jackson Campbell24.56White Lake Lakeland24.25
12Carter Kohtz23.87H.H. Dow
11Anthony Coleman24.2H.H. Dow
10Jack Smith24.8H.H. Dow24.29
11Henry Carstarphen III23.43Davison
9Braylen Naves24.36Davison
11Logan Honeycutt25.09Davison24.29
11Joshua Tipton23.99Detroit Catholic Central
10John Almeda24.63Detroit Catholic Central
11Colin Morrison24.69Detroit Catholic Central24.44
12Jakob Bartman24Cadillac
10Connor Vermeulen24.73Cadillac
10Gabe Cochrane24.78Cadillac24.5
9Ahmad Ameen24.06Jackson
12Dectrick Reed24.42Jackson
10Xavier Gibbs25.15Jackson24.54
11Tim Ormond23.7Flint Carman-Ainsworth
12Jaden Coulter24.81Flint Carman-Ainsworth
11Lawrence Taylor25.15Flint Carman-Ainsworth24.55
12Zack Carpenter23.93Swartz Creek
12DeDarius Blackamore II24.43Swartz Creek
11Keagen Larion25.31Swartz Creek24.56
9Kamren Flowers23.37Ann Arbor Huron
9Lawrence Wells24.31Ann Arbor Huron
10Dyson Sims26.14Ann Arbor Huron24.61
12Lance Riddle23.04Sparta
9Zachary Dekorne25.24Sparta
9Joseph DeKorne25.64Sparta24.64
9Sam Meriweather24.11Brighton
12Louis Kraft24.7Brighton
10Benjamin Kocab25.22Brighton24.68
10Hunter Wilson24.17Hillsdale
11Jordan Barnes24.82Hillsdale
12Sam Willes25.1Hillsdale24.7
12Davon Edwards24.17Adrian
11Oscar Simon24.67Adrian
9Carson DeKeyser25.49Adrian24.78
12Noah Eby24.64Temperance Bedford
12Preston Manard24.84Temperance Bedford
12Parker Marsh24.91Temperance Bedford24.8
11Brenden Shingleton24.27Linden
12Brandon Pennington24.31Linden
10Nathan Alger26.02Linden24.87
12Kory Davis24.02Mt. Pleasant
12Ryan Gottleber25.28Mt. Pleasant
12Jack Ervin25.5Mt. Pleasant24.93
12Andrew Finley24.04Kalamazoo Hackett
11Liam Mann24.08Kalamazoo Hackett
9Alex Dumont26.69Kalamazoo Hackett24.94
12Ben Huston24.91Ann Arbor Pioneer
12John Lamphere24.92Ann Arbor Pioneer
10James Lim25.13Ann Arbor Pioneer24.99


RankTeamAvg. Time
3Detroit Country Day28.14
4East Lansing28.41
5North Branch28.42
7Grand Blanc28.52
8East Kentwood28.87
9Saginaw Swan Valley29.00
18Battle Creek Pennfield29.57
23Portage Central29.87
24Ann Arbor Huron29.90
25Beverly Hills Groves29.97

GradeNameTimeTeamAvg. Time
12Chaniya Madison25.32Bridgeport
12Brenasiaha Greene26.99Bridgeport
10Peyton Sanders28.19Bridgeport26.83
11Amanda Simon26.55Brighton
12Hannah Tsiang27.93Brighton
12Kaya Wirth29.51Brighton28.00
10Victoria Miller26.54Detroit Country Day
12Vivian Williams28.34Detroit Country Day
9Ella Kalczynski29.54Detroit Country Day28.14
12Iyana Coates27.29East Lansing
10Amelia Biehl28.95East Lansing
12Paige Dewey29.00East Lansing28.41
10Grace Clemens26.95North Branch
11Jasmine Mauk28.99North Branch
11Lilly Muxlow29.31North Branch28.42
12Olivia Dirkse26.41Davison
9Isabella Epley28.79Davison
9Jayden Dixon30.36Davison28.52
10Lauren Wooten26.73Grand Blanc
9Malaya Brown28.30Grand Blanc
11Linda Allen30.53Grand Blanc28.52
10Santana Eubanks28.02East Kentwood
12Anastatia Beach28.53East Kentwood
10Jasha Jones30.06East Kentwood28.87
9Sydney Kuhn26.23Saginaw Swan Valley
11Elena Psetas30.28Saginaw Swan Valley
10Mackenzie Morgan30.50Saginaw Swan Valley29.00
12Erin Collier27.67Freeland
11Ashley Collier28.71Freeland
11Ashlyn Kuch30.70Freeland29.03
10Jordan Wickham28.54Saline
10Evalyn Ledy29.38Saline
11Ashton Davis29.60Saline29.17
10Lauren Goodman27.54Linden
10Shawna Schmandt29.49Linden
12Katelynrose Birchmeier30.56Linden29.20
10Brielle Reason27.93Pinckney
11Isabelle Bensinger28.97Pinckney
10Mallory Dickey31.14Pinckney29.35
11Brianna Rhodea28.91Tecumseh
11Jordyn Wright28.92Tecumseh
10Ella Bennett30.26Tecumseh29.36
9Sydney Drenth29.00Schoolcraft
12Audrey Nadrasik29.15Schoolcraft
10Gabby Adams30.00Schoolcraft29.38
12Angel Monroe28.25Carrollton
10Nia Baldwin29.96Carrollton
10Whitley Monroe29.99Carrollton29.40
10Annemarie Moore28.38Hillsdale
10Kelah Hodge29.72Hillsdale
9Megan Kast30.15Hillsdale29.42
9Natalie Hensel29.14BC Pennfield
12Helis Kiis29.64BC Pennfield
11Sophie Klemm29.94BC Pennfield29.57
12Amilia Jones29.16Jackson
9Everette Drummond29.47Jackson
12Meikayla White30.18Jackson29.60
10Chase Harris28.87Troy
9Shana Tudor29.33Troy
12Isabelle Lamug30.68Troy29.63
10Libby Summerland28.31Owosso
11Claire Agnew30.21Owosso
10Zayda Bentley30.75Owosso29.76
12Jada Bolhuis27.82Otsego
12Adriana Morgan30.04Otsego
11Addyson Thomas31.67Otsego29.84
10Abby Lauraine29.47Portage Central
9Maya Ward30.03Portage Central
10Emily Pearson30.10Portage Central29.87
9Aliyah Ferguson28.18Ann Arbor Huron
10Kennedy Hutching29.01Ann Arbor Huron
9Gabby Douglas32.52Ann Arbor Huron29.90
10Kendall Gaines29.44Beverly Hills Groves
10Nevaeh Cochran-McKay29.54Beverly Hills Groves
9Morgan Peterson30.94Beverly Hills Groves29.97



RankTeamAvg. Time
2East Kentwood53.70
3Grand Blanc53.88
6Zeeland West54.43
7Spring Lake54.66
11St. Joseph55.32
12Portage Central55.57
14Beverly Hills Groves56.14
17Warren DeLaSalle56.20
18Bay City Western56.24
19Detroit Catholic Central56.46
21Muskegon Reeths-Puffer56.80
22Temperance Bedford56.80

GradeNameTimeTeamAvg. Time
12Phoenix Velthouse52.33Hudsonville
9Carson Dykstra54.33Hudsonville
11Dylan Terpstra54.40Hudsonville53.69
12Jaylin Holmes50.43East Kentwood
11Marcus Mitchell54.12East Kentwood
11Breylon Cox56.55East Kentwood53.70
11Evan Jarrett51.73Grand Blanc
10Nolan Gilmore54.07Grand Blanc
11Ethan Pinkston55.85Grand Blanc53.88
10Matthew Canales52.39Adrian
11Ben Schefka52.40Adrian
9JaiShaun Love57.38Adrian54.06
12Alan Knowles52.59Jonesville
10Carter Rounds54.28Jonesville
12Kaden Playford56.05Jonesville54.31
11Skyler Geurink51.36Zeeland West
11Trevor Wallar53.19Zeeland West
9Brody Maas58.75Zeeland West54.43
12Carter Phillips51.70Spring Lake
11Jaxson Tober52.43Spring Lake
10Austin Engel59.86Spring Lake54.66
11Levi Mills53.93Lowell
12Cole Weston54.62Lowell
12Kaden Northup55.46Lowell54.67
12Nathaniel Hobbs51.46Jackson
12Micah Conner55.05Jackson
11Gibson Drummond58.94Jackson55.15
12Benjamin Faulkner53.17Saline
11Wynter Burnett55.28Saline
11Jacob An57.41Saline55.29
11Ted Olmstead54.19St. Joseph
10Eli Toney55.34St. Joseph
11Graham Peterson56.42St. Joseph55.32
12Cole Lewis53.51Portage Central
12Lukas VanderSloot55.06Portage Central
12Samuel Branhan58.15Portage Central55.57
11Dean Topolski52.27Constantine
9Rushawn James57.66Constantine
10Josh Outlaw58.47Constantine56.13
10Zachary Rogers54.14Beverly Hills Groves
Mario Campoy-Lovasco55.14Beverly Hills Groves
10Michael Dolan59.14Beverly Hills Groves56.14
10Trey Bennett55.24Mattawan
11luke Fitzpatrick56.15Mattawan
10Landon Craig57.08Mattawan56.16
12Tyler Nowak53.65Tecumseh
9Ryan Mossburg57.05Tecumseh
9Bryant Batyik57.79Tecumseh56.16
12Nathan Iacona54.00Warren DeLaSalle
11Chris Ford56.71Warren DeLaSalle
11Austin White57.88Warren DeLaSalle56.20
12Jeffrey Stecker54.66Bay City Western
11Daniel Ebel56.23Bay City Western
10Tate Dutcher57.83Bay City Western56.24
12Logan Fadool55.70Detroit Catholic Central
11Blake Bendon56.82Detroit Catholic Central
9Drew Abbott56.85Detroit Catholic Central56.46
12Noah Stein52.62Monroe
12Alex Apetroaei56.18Monroe
9Jayson Six60.73Monroe56.51
10Aiden McCollum55.01Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
9Kye Grant56.02Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
11Brady Ross59.36Muskegon Reeths-Puffer56.80
12Miles Przybylski56.52Temperance Bedford
11Caleb Kochendoerfer56.89Temperance Bedford
9Owen Przybylski57.00Temperance Bedford56.80
12Trenton Jacobs56.24Plainwell
11Thai Nguyen56.37Plainwell
12Cole Peters57.93Plainwell56.85
12Ethan Gruenberg56.30Davison
11Matthew Brown57.29Davison
9Luke Meyer57.38Davison56.99
11Jack DeHaan54.52Allendale
9Brock Jones58.38Allendale
10Chase Tiethof58.53Allendale57.14


RankTeamAvg. Time
1Dearborn Divine Child61.76
4Grand Rapids Kenowa Hills64.59
7Grand Blanc66.34
8Flint Carman-Ainsworth66.72
10Grand Haven66.80
11St. Joseph66.98
13Ypsilanti Lincoln67.03
14Monroe Jefferson67.38
16Farmington Hills Mercy67.77
17Kalamazoo Central68.38
18Battle Creek Pennfield68.51
19Portage Central68.56
20Spring Lake68.72
21Middleville Thornapple-Kellogg69.03
23Ann Arbor Pioneer69.21
24Zeeland West69.29
25Forest Hills Northern69.41

GradeNameTimeTeamAvg. Time
12Lianna Shakoor60.49Dearborn Divine Child
10Samantha Black62.00Dearborn Divine Child
10Meghan Koss62.80Dearborn Divine Child61.76
11Emma Flanders59.41Rockford
9Kierra Clum62.35Rockford
12Allison Everhart-Deckard66.00Rockford62.59
12Alaina Diaz59.06Hudsonville
11Ellery Baker62.70Hudsonville
11Hermione Shupick67.00Hudsonville62.92
12Peyton Thayer62.00GR_Kenowa Hills
9Mel Holman65.68GR_Kenowa Hills
9Ella Thayer66.08GR_Kenowa Hills64.59
12Morgan Waggoner64.00Brighton
9Addison Payne64.21Brighton
11Stella Farmer66.00Brighton64.74
12Kennedy Ross63.00Onsted
9Emmry Ross63.94Onsted
11Allyson Robarge70.00Onsted65.65
10LaNise Chilton63.00Grand Blanc
10Taylor Fields67.90Grand Blanc
10Jasmine Smith68.13Grand Blanc66.34
11Reign Richmond62.12Flint Carman-Ainsworth
9Saleah Morris65.95Flint Carman-Ainsworth
9Harmony Turner72.10Flint Carman-Ainsworth66.72
12Avery Wilson61.00Davison
10Grace Little68.00Davison
9Nadia Oskey71.26Davison66.75
10Eden Smith65.00Grand Haven
10Izzy Phelps66.95Grand Haven
10Eleanore Mitchell68.46Grand Haven66.80
12Jillian Tunnicliff61.00St. Joseph
11Lauren Koch65.00St. Joseph
9Ava Door74.93St. Joseph66.98
12Jadan Sanders66.00Lowell
9Isabel German66.82Lowell
11Katrina Sandman68.16Lowell66.99
11Brianna Clark64.00Ypsilanti Lincoln
11Jayda Cheeks66.80Ypsilanti Lincoln
11Jasmine Smith70.28Ypsilanti Lincoln67.03
11Alexa Glancy60.71Monroe Jefferson
11Ellie Hintz67.00Monroe Jefferson
10Ava Conte74.42Monroe Jefferson67.38
10Annemarie Moore65.00Hillsdale
10Kelah Hodge68.00Hillsdale
9Megan Kast70.05Hillsdale67.68
12Allison Koehler63.97Farmington Hills Mercy
9Sophie Derkevorkian68.33Farmington Hills Mercy
11Ana Fryer71.00Farmington Hills Mercy67.77
12Camani Johnson64.07Kalamazoo Central
10Tayla Dillard69.00Kalamazoo Central
10Marion Finjap72.08Kalamazoo Central68.38
9Natalie Hensel64.94BC Pennfield
12Claudia VanHuffel69.44BC Pennfield
11Addison Noffsinger71.14BC Pennfield68.51
9Alanna Clague68.02Portage Central
10Siena Juntunen68.65Portage Central
10Addison Begeman69.00Portage Central68.56
12Isabella Padula64.00Spring Lake
11Giselle Cossey69.00Spring Lake
11Clare Stempky73.15Spring Lake68.72
10Kenady Smith66.48Middleville Thornapple-Kellogg
9Emma Dykhouse68.62Middleville Thornapple-Kellogg
12Aundria Robbe72.00Middleville Thornapple-Kellogg69.03
12Meghan McGill66.17Dexter
9Addison Bruckman67.45Dexter
11Megan O’Day74.00Dexter69.21
11Mahawa Kaba65.76Ann Arbor Pioneer
9Rachel Sprauer68.14Ann Arbor Pioneer
12Melanie Valtadoros73.74Ann Arbor Pioneer69.21
9Elysia Alejandro67.03Zeeland West
11Stephanie Dodd70.00Zeeland West
9Kendall Ruster70.84Zeeland West69.29
9Lila Fus67.20FHN GR_Forest Hills Northern
11Anya Groce67.41FHN GR_Forest Hills Northern
9Lindsay Chadwick73.63FHN GR_Forest Hills Northern69.41

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