2022 Best Vault Crew: Week One

*For clarification, this is for the 2022 outdoor season only. I realize many have vaulted higher during indoor, but with clubs and not official school teams, it’s quite impossible to parse out the school they’ll be competing for.*

In past years, I’ve ranked programs by the number of sub-5/sub-6 milers, but that just concentrates on the distance folks. There are ten other individual events and three more relays. Michigan schools have traditions in jumps, throws, hurdles, sprints, and the vault. We have outstanding individuals who attain national glory both at this level and later in life. It’s my mission here to recognize and rank the teams that excel in the specialized events that make track and field, TRACK AND FIELD.

Over the winter, I ranked college distance programs, and I did an okay job, though I wasn’t impressed with the way I presented the rankings. USTFCCCA does their #eventsquad rankings for each individual event for collegiate teams. I thought I’d blend what they do and what I intend to do, to produce these “best crews”. Prep coaches typically wear many hats, but often you’ll have a throws coach, a hurdles coach, etc. If you have a girl that throws Shot, she’ll typically throw Discus. Instead of dissecting each individual event, I’ll attempt to rank the best hurdle crew (100/110h, 300h), the best throws crew (Disc, Shot), distance (800, 1600, 3200), sprint (100, 200, 400), jumps (HJ, LJ), and finally, Pole Vault getting their own, special category.

The method for the rankings is such:

  • Top 3 athletes from each team with their best times/jumps/tosses averaged out
  • The highest rank is given to the team with the highest average in that event
  • Combining events to form a crew, teams will be ranked by their average rank between events (with ties going to teams with the teams with the higher rank of their worst category)
  • For tiebreakers here in the vaults, I went with the higher height on the 3rd vaulter, and then if that was a tie, the higher of the 2nd vaulter
  • These are from any results uploaded to athletic.net by midnight the previous night

I will release these on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, with new rankings for each crew coming out every two weeks. The order will likely be Jumps, Distance, Vault, Sprints, Throws, Hurdles. Jumps are here first because many of these indoor meets were able to host both high jump and long jump, but obviously no 300h, 100m, or Discus.

These are NOT intended to be predictive or an overall rank of one’s T&F team. If you’re wondering why a team isn’t ranked, they likely haven’t competed yet or perhaps they don’t have the numbers to qualify. While my cross rankings attempt to project future performance, these are just a show what has already occurred. And maybe for myself, learn a little more of the names and individuals in those “other” events.

For this initial ranking, I combined all divisions. In future weeks, with a greater volume of athletes, I’ll rank by division. Message me if you need further explanation. I’m not burning the candle at both ends like the end of October, so I might be nice to you!


1Dexter12′ 9″
2Spring Lake11′ 1″
3Temperance Bedford10′ 10″
4Lake City9′ 8″
5Grand Rapids Catholic Central9′ 2″
6Adrian8′ 8″
7Hillsdale8′ 8″
8Morenci8′ 8″
9Portage Central7′ 2″

GradeNameTeamHeightAvg. Height
12Cole SheldonDexter15′ 3″
10Clark SheldonDexter12′ 0″
11Barrett KellerDexter11′ 0″12′ 9″
12James HandrichSpring Lake13′ 0″
12Mason PomeroySpring Lake11′ 0″
12Wit MillerSpring Lake9′ 3″11′ 1″
12Ethan LingleTemperance Bedford13′ 0″
11Nathan DotsonTemperance Bedford10′ 6″
9Alexander BeckTemperance Bedford9′ 0″10′ 10″
12Connery UrieLake City10′ 0″
12Caleb DoeLake City10′ 0″
11Marcus BoomsLake City9′ 0″9′ 8″
12Joseph FarageGR_Catholic Central9′ 6″
12Gerard FarageGR_Catholic Central9′ 0″
12Hunter LincolnGR_Catholic Central9′ 0″9′ 2″
9Chase HenlineAdrian9′ 0″
9Aaron MillerAdrian9′ 0″
9William WincklesAdrian8′ 0″8′ 8″
12Logan BennerMorenci9′ 6″
11Bowen BaumgartnerMorenci8′ 6″
9Kevin KaufmanMorenci8′ 0″8′ 8″
10Dawson AdamsHillsdale10′ 6″
12Dorian RobertsHillsdale8′ 0″
9Alan TorresHillsdale7′ 6″8′ 8″
11Ryan ErnestPortage Central7′ 6″
10Parker RootPortage Central7′ 6″
10Grant ThompsonPortage Central6′ 6″7′ 2″


RankTeamAvg. Height
1Dexter9′ 11″
2East Kentwood9′ 2″
3Zeeland East8′ 6″
4Rockford8′ 4″
5Midland7′ 8″
6Ann Arbor Skyline7′ 8″
7Grand Rapids West Catholic7′ 6″
8Montague7′ 5″
9Zeeland West7′ 4″
10Portage Central6′ 10″
11Spring Lake6′ 10″
12Otsego6′ 8″

GradeNameTeamHeightAvg. Height
12Sophia MettesDexter12′ 3″
12Ella GasiorekDexter9′ 0″
12Ellie ManlyDexter8′ 6″9′ 11″
11Cassidy BowdenEast Kentwood10′ 0″
12Macey EmeottEast Kentwood9′ 6″
12Chloe FornettiEast Kentwood8′ 0″9′ 2″
12Hannah NienhuisZeeland East9′ 6″
11Rylee SluiterZeeland East9′ 0″
11Sadie HuizengaZeeland East7′ 0″8′ 6″
10Maija CarlsonRockford9′ 0″
12Natalie BarrRockford9′ 0″
12Alaina GeiselRockford7′ 0″8′ 4″
Liv RohrMidland8′ 0″
11Olivia McMathMidland8′ 0″
12Erin QuinnMidland7′ 0″7′ 8″
11Natalie KesslerAnn Arbor Skyline9′ 0″
10Bryn ChristensenAnn Arbor Skyline7′ 6″
10Emily GreeneAnn Arbor Skyline6′ 6″7′ 8″
11Ally OlszewskiGR_West Catholic8′ 6″
10Heidi SchultenGR_West Catholic7′ 6″
9Emma ArsulowiczGR_West Catholic6′ 6″7′ 6″
12Orianna BlysmaMontague7′ 9″
10Emma PendellMontague7′ 9″
11Haylee SchwarzMontague6′ 9″7′ 5″
11Lindsey PetersonZeeland West8′ 0″
11Stephanie DoddZeeland West7′ 0″
11Ella SmithZeeland West7′ 0″7′ 4″
11Alyisa EberhardPortage Central7′ 0″
11Claire ArkinstallPortage Central7′ 0″
9Kiara OlmsteadPortage Central6′ 6″6′ 10″
11Catherine VandergriffSpring Lake8′ 0″
12Gabby GenevaSpring Lake6′ 3″
11Lexi VandonkelaarSpring Lake6′ 3″6′ 10″
10Olivia DennisOtsego7′ 6″
12Emma ConniffOtsego6′ 6″
11Eleanor BushOtsego6′ 0″6′ 8″

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