Best Hurdle Crew: Week Two

In past years, I’ve ranked programs by the number of sub-5/sub-6 milers, but that just concentrates on the distance folks. There are ten other individual events and three more relays. Michigan schools have traditions in jumps, throws, hurdles, sprints, and the vault. We have outstanding individuals who attain national glory both at this level and later in life. It’s my mission here to recognize and rank the teams that excel in the specialized events that make track and field, TRACK AND FIELD.

Over the winter, I ranked college distance programs, and I did an okay job, though I wasn’t impressed with the way I presented the rankings. USTFCCCA does their #eventsquad rankings for each individual event for collegiate teams. I thought I’d blend what they do and what I intend to do, to produce these “best crews”. Prep coaches typically wear many hats, but often you’ll have a throws coach, a hurdles coach, etc. If you have a girl that throws Shot, she’ll typically throw Discus. Instead of dissecting each individual event, I’ll attempt to rank the best hurdle crew (100/110h, 300h), the best throws crew (Disc, Shot), distance (800, 1600, 3200), sprint (100, 200, 400), jumps (HJ, LJ), and finally, Pole Vault getting their own, special category.

The method for the rankings is such:

  • Times and marks from the 2022 Outdoor Season only
  • A team must have 3 athletes in an event to get ranked
  • Top 3 athletes from each team with their best times/jumps/tosses averaged out
  • The highest rank is given to the team with the highest average in that event
  • Combining events to form a crew, teams will be ranked by their average rank between events (with ties going to teams with the teams with the higher rank of their worst category)

These are NOT intended to be predictive or an overall rank of one’s T&F team. If you’re wondering why a team isn’t ranked, they likely haven’t competed yet or perhaps they don’t have the numbers to qualify. While my cross rankings attempt to project future performance, these are just a show what has already occurred. And maybe for myself, learn a little more of the names and individuals in those “other” events.

For this initial ranking, I did NOT combine the hurdlers to form a crew, there just isn’t a volume of athletes to create a proper ranking. In future weeks, I’ll have the hurdlers combined and rankings for each division. Message me if you need further explanation. I’m not burning the candle at both ends like the end of October, so I might be nice to you!



RankTeamAvg. Time
2Lake Orion17.61
6Birmingham Seaholm19.22
7Royal Oak19.27
11Brother Rice20.76
13Detroit Catholic Central21.07
14Dearborn Divine Child21.23
15Macomb Lutheran North21.61

GradeNameTimeTeamAvg. Time
12Jordon Clerkley15.74Holt
11Seneca Moore15.94Holt
12Ethan Bird18.14Holt16.61
12Joseph Thede15.84Lake Orion
12Joshua Trudell17.44Lake Orion
10Andrew Drakos19.54Lake Orion17.61
10Jacob Chouinard16.94Oxford
11Jacob Buchanan17.94Oxford
9Sawyer Hope19.84Oxford18.24
12Pranav Bellad18.08Troy
12Sungmin Choi18.47Troy
10Yumin Choi19.07Troy18.54
10Brice VanZant17.55Hillsdale
11Draydon Eckelberry19.31Hillsdale
12Kreyzon Philipp20.00Hillsdale18.95
11Andrew Meier17.15Birmingham Seaholm
12Sam Ying19.04Birmingham Seaholm
9Madden Hanoosh21.46Birmingham Seaholm19.22
12Blake Vier15.74Royal Oak
12Viktor Coletta20.94Royal Oak
12Liam Longe21.14Royal Oak19.27
9Ayden Mccarey17.98Niles
12Kimoni Mcclean18.28Niles
9Jetson Rogers22.56Niles19.61
12Jacob Pegura16.79Edwardsburg
10Tre Willard20.72Edwardsburg
9Matthew Anders22.05Edwardsburg19.85
10Manuel Sueiras19.13Vicksburg
12Gage Stenger20.07Vicksburg
9Zach Kline20.83Vicksburg20.01
12Romas Mitrius17.73Brother Rice
11Nicholas Vidal-Quadres22.27Brother Rice
11Justin Chappell22.28Brother Rice20.76
11Blake Nogafsky18.60Fowlerville
11Carl Neuman21.43Fowlerville
9Joshua Porter22.97Fowlerville21.00
10Justin Dewan18.26Detroit Catholic Central
9Anthony Masson22.05Detroit Catholic Central
11Nick Vance22.90Detroit Catholic Central21.07
10Conor Morrow20.36Dearborn Divine Child
11Ali Fawaz21.03Dearborn Divine Child
11Andy Dudek22.30Dearborn Divine Child21.23
12Ryan Level20.74Macomb Lutheran North
11Colin Westgate21.04Macomb Lutheran North
9Nicholas Jimenez23.04Macomb Lutheran North21.61
12Jonah Mosher19.66Morrice
9Logan Smith21.88Morrice
11Peyton McGowan23.77Morrice21.77


RankTeamAvg. Time
2Rochester Adams18.03
6Portage Central19.11
10Richland Gull Lake20.69

GradeNameTimeTeamAvg. Time
11Amanda Wu17.44Troy
12Isabelle Lamug17.62Troy
9Georgie Dungjen18.17Troy17.74
12Destini Dorkins16.03Rochester Adams
12Naomi Brattinga18.63Rochester Adams
11Anabella Godfrey19.43Rochester Adams18.03
11Caylee Beebe17.74Oxford
9Taylor Brodeur18.64Oxford
11Josephine Stoffan18.64Oxford18.34
12Brooke Perry18.71Clarkston
12Madie Carpentier18.85Clarkston
10Genna Golab19.32Clarkston18.96
10Megan Zahnow17.76Vicksburg
12Grace Romig19.37Vicksburg
9Frankie Loriso20.16Vicksburg19.10
11Kennedy Gardner16.03Portage Central
9Katie Kraft20.22Portage Central
9Jun Hur21.08Portage Central19.11
12Katelynrose Birchmeier19.63Linden
10Reygan Acox19.66Linden
12Aimee Arceo19.82Linden19.70
10Molly Jackson19.20Otsego
10Brooklynn Carroll19.82Otsego
12Kali Schwartz20.50Otsego19.84
12Sarah Litz17.67Fowlerville
12Madisyn Flamini20.54Fowlerville
10Leah Clark22.30Fowlerville20.17
10Ava Sibert20.03Richland Gull Lake
12Charlotte Zervic20.85Richland Gull Lake
9Lila Rowe21.18Richland Gull Lake20.69
10Gabrielle Hamilton21.90Edwardsburg
10Kodi Jones22.61Edwardsburg
10Brenna Farmer22.94Edwardsburg22.48
9Kyle Bermudez20.02Owosso
11Courtney Lott22.31Owosso
10Aria Wilson30.52Owosso24.28



RankTeamAvg. Time
1Rochester Adams45.05
4Lake Orion46.97
7Birmingham Seaholm48.19
8Detroit Catholic Central48.60
11Flint Powers Catholic49.55
14Portage Central50.11
18Kalamazoo Christian51.99
22Macomb Lutheran North55.47
23Dearborn Divine Child56.52
25Charyl Stockwell Academy57.40

GradeNameTimeTeamAvg. Time
12Amarion Howard42.50Rochester Adams
12Armon Howard42.54Rochester Adams
9Lachlan Tillotson50.11Rochester Adams45.05
10Brice VanZant46.13Hillsdale
9Dominick Coke46.61Hillsdale
12Kreyzon Philipp48.15Hillsdale46.96
9Isaiah Fox45.56Adrian
9Carson DeKeyser46.49Adrian
11Elijah Mehan48.86Adrian46.97
12Joshua Trudell45.14Lake Orion
10Andrew Drakos46.74Lake Orion
11Jacob Watt49.04Lake Orion46.97
11Seneca Moore43.82Holt
11Isaiah Foster46.92Holt
12Ethan Bird50.28Holt47.01
10Jacob Chouinard46.04Oxford
11Jacob Buchanan47.14Oxford
9Sawyer Hope49.14Oxford47.44
11Andrew Meier46.90Birmingham Seaholm
12Sam Ying48.18Birmingham Seaholm
10Arjun Patel49.50Birmingham Seaholm48.19
10Justin Dewan47.32Detroit Catholic Central
11Blaise Williams47.65Detroit Catholic Central
9Drew Abbott50.83Detroit Catholic Central48.60
12Zachary Curd47.61Fowlerville
11Carl Neuman49.08Fowlerville
11Blake Nogafsky49.64Fowlerville48.78
11Tyler Hufnagel45.38Owosso
10Gavin Mecomber47.37Owosso
11Corey Gates54.53Owosso49.09
12Mitchell Romzek48.92Flint Powers Catholic
12Samuel Calleja49.38Flint Powers Catholic
12Mason Simms50.35Flint Powers Catholic49.55
10Manuel Sueiras46.47Vicksburg
9Lucas Johnson49.96Vicksburg
9Zach Kline52.79Vicksburg49.74
12Jacob Pegura43.90Edwardsburg
9Matthew Anders52.39Edwardsburg
9Zeke Pegura53.78Edwardsburg50.02
10Labeeb Subair48.95Portage Central
10Braedyn Pleune50.12Portage Central
9Jacob Friess51.26Portage Central50.11
12Kimoni Mcclean46.75Niles
9Ayden Mccarey51.61Niles
9Jetson Rogers54.96Niles51.11
11Ethan Gomez49.67Linden
11Alex Duprey52.18Linden
10Cayden Kesterson52.39Linden51.41
12Carsyn Varga49.74Morenci
9Van Ekins52.14Morenci
9Kevin Kaufman52.94Morenci51.61
12Lucas Dommer48.93Kalamazoo Christian
11Sam Terpstra51.58Kalamazoo Christian
10Micah Norris55.47Kalamazoo Christian51.99
10Yumin Choi47.32Troy
12Michael Cui54.59Troy
9Colin Bastien56.07Troy52.66
12Jonah Mosher51.38Morrice
9Logan Smith52.45Morrice
11Peyton McGowan54.58Morrice52.80
12Dameon Proper49.96Memphis
11Troy Trombley50.59Memphis
10Jack Tomaszak58.90Memphis53.15
11Colin Westgate52.04Macomb Lutheran North
9Nicholas Jimenez55.94Macomb Lutheran North
10Zachary Sodergren58.44Macomb Lutheran North55.47
10Conor Morrow51.77Dearborn Divine Child
11Ali Fawaz55.79Dearborn Divine Child
11Andy Dudek62.00Dearborn Divine Child56.52
10Reed Patrick52.63Clinton
11Spencer Stephens56.78Clinton
11John Sclafani62.10Clinton57.17
11Isaiah Musuta47.31Charyl Stockwell Academy
9Jason Zarate60.60Charyl Stockwell Academy
10Owen Carlson64.30Charyl Stockwell Academy57.40


RankTeamAvg. Time
1Rochester Adams50.95
3Lake Orion54.14
7Portage Central58.71
11Richland Gull Lake63.16

GradeNameTimeTeamAvg. Time
12Destini Dorkins48.79Rochester Adams
12Naomi Brattinga50.25Rochester Adams
9Kailee Huffman53.80Rochester Adams50.95
9Taylor Brodeur52.34Oxford
9Caragh Dwyer54.44Oxford
11Josephine Stoffan55.14Oxford53.97
12Leah O’Leary60.74Lake Orion
12Alayna Tisch50.44Lake Orion
10Sofi Sally51.24Lake Orion54.14
11Anissa Faison55.25Troy
11Anagha Nair55.77Troy
12Isabelle Lamug61.00Troy57.34
12Brooke Perry56.91Clarkston
10Sammie Carpentier57.41Clarkston
9Carsey Collins59.58Clarkston57.97
11Josette Zuvers64.94Morenci
10Leah Rorick54.14Morenci
11Bryana Martinez55.04Morenci58.04
11Kennedy Gardner50.38Portage Central
9Katie Kraft62.66Portage Central
9Jun Hur63.09Portage Central58.71
10Raya Mergen-Henry54.12Plainwell
12Becca Wagner57.70Plainwell
12Sarah Russell65.00Plainwell58.94
12Katelynrose Birchmeier56.65Linden
12Jaden Moxlow59.42Linden
12Aimee Arceo62.00Linden59.36
12Sarah Litz52.63Fowlerville
12Madisyn Flamini63.00Fowlerville
9Evie Redinger63.67Fowlerville59.77
9Lila Rowe61.90Richland Gull Lake
9Emily Thurtle62.59Richland Gull Lake
12Charlotte Zervic65.00Richland Gull Lake63.16
9Lauren Penteris62.68Edwardsburg
10Gabrielle Hamilton65.00Edwardsburg
10Brenna Farmer66.00Edwardsburg64.56
10Ava Mullen57.77Holt
11Kayla Fogarty63.55Holt
9Madison Camp74.01Holt65.11

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