50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #47

50 Tickets

  • I swear this is the last time I’ll use this hashtag all summer, but Morgan is another example of #TheSkrollEffect
  • To go from the high-23’s as a freshman to low-19’s in only a year is fairly incredible
    • And judging by those track times, she’s got more growth in her as well
  • Morgan really stepped into her bag in the spring of ’21, her openers at 2:33/5:41 that eventually got down to 2:20/5:19
  • After a rustbusting opener at Kensington, she laid down a 19:14 at Willow, looking to match the Churchill boys on a magical season
  • But that was unfortunately cut short, she was unable to compete at Regional, and thus State
  • Folks such as myself were wondering if she’d return to her prior form in track, she sure swept away those wonders, with multiple sub-5:05 efforts to close the year

10Morgan Brown21:32.0107.6MilfordPossum Hollow2-Sep
10Morgan Brown19:14.8133.7Ramblin’ RockWillow11-Sep
10Morgan Brown20:23.8122.1SpartanForest Akers17-Sep
10Morgan Brown19:53.8123.1Coaching LegendsHuron Meadows2-Oct
10Morgan Brown19:44.0129.3Wayne CountyWillow9-Oct

9Morgan Brown50.7Brighton/ChurchillNankin Mills8-Sep
9Morgan Brown62.3Churchill/FranklinNankin Mills26-Sep
9Morgan Brown80.0PR 12Champaign Park22-Oct
9Morgan Brown82.4KLAAHuron Meadows17-Oct
9Morgan Brown92.9D1 Reg 6Willow31-Oct

  • Spring of ’21, heading out to Dexter to watch some track action for the first time in two years, Brandon immediately caught my eye
  • He ran 2:13/4:52 that day, solid, but not spectacular, but he had an aggressive mindset to his racing that you could see mixed with a bit of strength could lead to a special runner
  • Those special qualities came out last fall, where every 5k he ran was south of 17:00
    • Dexter doesn’t avoid hard courses either – there’s a Holly in there, Hudson Mills North as well
  • Brandon slightly inched down time over the course of the season and in the most important race of the year, hit a nearly 20 sec. PB, a 16:12 at MIS
  • This spring season, he made continued progression, especially in the 800m, cutting time down from 2:13 to 2:00
    • That 2:00 is ranked 14th amongst all sophomores in 2022

10Brandon Anderson17:38.8178.1LamplighterFord Field20-Aug
10Brandon Anderson16:52.7188.4A2 Early BirdHuron Meadows2-Sep
10Brandon Anderson16:57.8187.1SEC 1Hudson Mills (South)14-Sep
10Brandon Anderson16:30.5196.5HollySpringfield Oaks18-Sep
10Brandon Anderson16:41.8188.7JacksonSharp Park25-Sep
10Brandon Anderson16:45.1190.3SEC Red 2Munson Park28-Sep
10Brandon Anderson16:36.8190.4PortagePortage West MS9-Oct
10Brandon Anderson16:35.6187.8SEC ChampionshipHudson Mills (North)21-Oct
10Brandon Anderson16:34.5190.54 MeadowsHuron Meadows29-Oct
10Brandon Anderson16:12.7193.8D1 StateMIS6-Nov
10Brandon Anderson16:20.0192.3MMOCShepherd HS13-Nov

9Brandon Anderson144.2Dexter/PinckneyBennett Park28-Aug
9Brandon Anderson143.3Adrian/Dexter/Tecumseh TriHeritage Park4-Sep
9Brandon Anderson139.4AA Huron/DexterHudson Mills (South)12-Sep
9Brandon Anderson163.5JacksonSharp Park19-Sep
9Brandon Anderson154.3Chelsea/DexterHudson Mills (North)29-Sep
9Brandon Anderson171.5PR 11Hudson Mills (North)24-Oct
9Brandon Anderson167.9D1 Reg 6Willow31-Oct
9Brandon Anderson177.2D1 StateMIS6-Nov

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