50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #41

These have been moving a little slower lately because I’m in the final stages of going through incoming freshmen, rounding out the Top 10s, and assembling the regions together. Later in the week, I’ll get cranking again.

The List

  • A newcomer to the cross community, Mia made an immediate impact in her sophomore year
  • One could see the talent in middle school, where she broke 13:00 late in her 8th grade year, but a global pandemic and a broken foot led to zero results for a good 1.5 years
  • During her freshman track season, it appeared she was putting that injury behind, continually dropping time in the 1600m until she reached 5:32 at season’s end
  • Last fall is where Mia truly blossomed, and her progression throughout the season was palpable, major drop, plateau, major drop
  • Many of those major dips coming late: Bluejay, OK White 4, and the State Meet
  • Though her track times don’t jump off the page like some of the others, I think they speak to a greater strength, despite “only” running 5:26 (6 seconds faster than 2021), Mia can still run in the low-18’s

10Mia Bateson19:55.7131.1Under the Lights (GRSC)South Christian HS27-Aug
10Mia Bateson19:17.2137.3OK White 1Gainey Fields8-Sep
10Mia Bateson19:57.1126.0BredewegMacatawa Bay MS11-Sep
10Mia Bateson19:21.9139.0Ottawa HillsRiverside Park17-Sep
10Mia Bateson18:50.8137.1OK White 2Riverside Park22-Sep
10Mia Bateson18:54.4143.2Cougar FalconGainey Fields25-Sep
10Mia Bateson18:34.0147.7BluejayShepherd HS2-Oct
10Mia Bateson18:38.6139.8OK White 3Brookside GC6-Oct
10Mia Bateson18:49.4147.5PortagePortage West MS9-Oct
10Mia Bateson18:18.0154.0OK White 4South Christian HS20-Oct
10Mia Bateson18:32.7143.11 AllendaleAllendale HS30-Oct
10Mia Bateson18:19.3150.6D1 StateMIS6-Nov

  • Courtney, Ransom, and now Parks
  • The Allens have been a great family to the mid-Michigan running community, contributing to state titles, All-Americans, academic All-Americans, and Parks is doing a great part of continuing that legacy
  • As I’ve said before, living up to expectations has the risk of being devastating, but these kids I’m writing about have found a way to perform time and time again
  • Parks stepped onto the Ithaca team and had an immediate impact, qualifying for State as a freshman, being a top-3 runner on a team that’s finished top-10 in the state the past two years
  • He himself has a penchant for crushing that Shepherd course and coming through at MIS
    • His season best the past two years is at Shepherd
    • 11th and 12th place at MIS in those years
  • I feel he really put it all together this spring, just look at these progressions: 1600m 4:39 > 4:23, 3200m 9:59 > 9:33
  • In conclusion, he’s reaching even another level, I look forward to him and Coach Merchant having a fun fall on their hands

11Parks Allen17:13.6187.1Birch Run EarlyTaymouth Township Park26-Aug
11Parks Allen16:58.5180.2YellowjacketIthaca HS2-Sep
11Parks Allen16:43.1187.6John BruderShepherd HS8-Sep
11Parks Allen16:54.7185.1TVC West 1Imerman Park15-Sep
11Parks Allen16:49.3191.6SpartanForest Akers17-Sep
11Parks Allen16:54.5180.2TVC West 2Pine River GC28-Sep
11Parks Allen16:18.7192.8BluejayShepherd HS2-Oct
11Parks Allen16:33.1181.3Apples 2 ApplesUncle John’s7-Oct
11Parks Allen16:56.2183.3TVC West 3Hidden Oaks GC12-Oct
11Parks Allen17:06.0178.7TVC OverallTaymouth Township Park19-Oct
11Parks Allen16:54.5173.5Scottie ClassicShepherd HS22-Oct
11Parks Allen17:27.6189.824 SFRCSt. Francis Retreat Center29-Oct
11Parks Allen16:19.4188.2D3 StateMIS6-Nov
11Parks Allen16:27.1190MMOCShepherd HS13-Nov

10Parks Allen176.7Ithaca EarlyIthaca HS26-Aug
10Parks Allen180.1YellowjacketIthaca HS2-Sep
10Parks Allen182.4John BruderShepherd HS9-Sep
10Parks Allen185.5TVC West 1Stratford Woods15-Sep
10Parks Allen193.6OGTCAllendale HS19-Sep
10Parks Allen177.6IthacaHemlock HS29-Sep
10Parks Allen191.8Shepherd BluejayShepherd HS3-Oct
10Parks Allen189.6Greater LansingLedge Meadows10-Oct
10Parks Allen179.4TVC West 3Carrollton HS13-Oct
10Parks Allen181.7PR 48Ithaca HS24-Oct
10Parks Allen189.1D3 Reg 24DeWitt HS31-Oct
10Parks Allen190.1D3 StateMIS7-Nov

9Parks Allen190.5Birch Run EBTaymouth Twp. Park
9Parks Allen177.0YellowJacketIthaca HS
9Parks Allen183.7MarauderUncle John’s
9Parks Allen163.9SpartanForest Akers
9Parks Allen173.1BlueJayShepherd HS
9Parks Allen167.1TVCRittmueller MS
9Parks Allen175.9Scottie ClassicShepherd HS
9Parks Allen173.724Uncle John’s
9Parks Allen179.4D3 StateMIS

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