50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #39

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A few weeks ago, I mentioned that these tickets should be thought of as a career achievement award, a celebration of sorts. Athletes such as Liliane are the reason why. She’s well-known in the metro Detroit area as a jack of all trades, a girl who can sprint, jump, and has endurance to boot. Prepping for State following her Region 8 victory in the pole vault, she tore her ACL. That tear won’t permit her to compete this fall, but she deserves mention here. I have a feeling those South Lyon East girls will band together in her absence and will be a force in the LVC and Oakland County scene.

  • Some say track record as a view of someone’s past, I think we should just retire the phrase in Lili’s honor
  • You can look back in time and see the seeds of greatness, a 5’1 jump in 8th grade to finish second at County, a 10’6 vault later that summer
  • Fast forward to this past season, she held top-100 marks in the State in the PV, HJ, 400m, and 1600m
  • One might be that accomplished, that focused toward a well-rounded track season that they’d take the fall off in prep for a grueling winter, spring, and summer – that is not the case
  • From her freshman year on, she’s been a leader for the East team
    • 3rd at LVC all three years, state qualifier all three years, All-County all three years
  • In the future, I hope we can look back at this season on the sidelines and see it as a minor bump in the road, for a hard-wired athlete such as Lili, that hope is almost certain to come true

11Liliane Aittama19:44.8136.1LamplighterFord Field20-Aug
11Liliane Aittama19:42.6131.1A2 Early BirdHuron Meadows2-Sep
11Liliane Aittama18:49.1146.6HuronWillow18-Sep
11Liliane Aittama19:05.9141.0JacksonSharp Park25-Sep
11Liliane Aittama19:28.7143.4Oakland CountyPossum Hollow9-Oct
11Liliane Aittama19:32.9140.7LVC ChampionshipPossum Hollow21-Oct
11Liliane Aittama18:57.8141.14 MeadowsHuron Meadows29-Oct
11Liliane Aittama18:43.6142.5D1 StateMIS6-Nov

10Liliane Aittama135.0Oakland CountyKensington10-Oct
10Liliane Aittama136.0PR 8Huron Meadows23-Oct
10Liliane Aittama135.3D1 Reg 4DeWitt HS31-Oct
10Liliane Aittama139.4D1 StateMIS6-Nov

9Liliane Aittama146.9A2 Fall PreviewHuron Meadows
9Liliane Aittama142.2Tommy TitanCass Benton
9Liliane Aittama139.7SpartanForest Akers
9Liliane Aittama132.3Coaching LegendsHuron Meadows
9Liliane Aittama140.7Oakland CountyKensington
9Liliane Aittama138.8Gabriel RichardHudson Mills (South)
9Liliane Aittama133.7Lakes ValleyKensington
9Liliane Aittama133.64DeWitt HS
9Liliane Aittama135.5D1 StateMIS

  • With a generational talent such as Peter Baracco graduating, what are the Falcons to do?
  • Just kidding, when you’ve got a coach that gets the most out of his talent and a team that buys in, you get cases such as Eddie (and Gavin Steele, along with many others)
  • That buy in comes in earnest when you’re out of the game, as an IT band injury kept him from running throughout August and September, zero miles on the legs
  • And should explain the “slow” start, 17:00+ efforts in three of the four races before State, where he knocked an astounding 30 seconds off his season best
  • As a sophomore on the track in 2020, he established himself in the 1600m with multiple efforts in the 4:35-4:45 range
  • As a junior, he was able to double the distance at nearly the same speed, topping out with a 9:33 at Oakland County, good enough to grab the victory
  • Can you imagine what he’ll do on the cross course given a full buildup?

11Eddie King17:02.6181.1Coaching LegendsHuron Meadows2-Oct
11Eddie King17:14.0188.0Oakland CountyPossum Hollow9-Oct
11Eddie King16:47.3185.9OAA White 3Hess Hathaway22-Oct
11Eddie King17:03.2189.97 Hess HathawayHess Hathaway30-Oct
11Eddie King16:17.3192.2D1 StateMIS6-Nov

10Eddie King177.7Farmington/SalemWillow29-Aug
10Eddie King171.7Farmington/RochesterBloomer Park11-Sep
10Eddie King168.7Farmington/Stoney CreekBloomer Park25-Sep
10Eddie King176.6BH/FarmingtonOCC2-Oct
10Eddie King184.4Oakland CountyKensington9-Oct
10Eddie King181.3PR 15Novi HS24-Oct
10Eddie King178.1D1 Reg 8Chandler Park30-Oct
10Eddie King188.3D1 StateMIS6-Nov

9Eddie King175.3AverillKensington
9Eddie King181.6HollySpringfield Oaks
9Eddie King186.8BlueJayShepherd HS
9Eddie King183.0Oakland CountyKensington
9Eddie King178.6OAA White 3Bloomer Park

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