50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #35

50 Tickets

The Top Tens

Regional Previews

  • Never Fold, it’s the Oak Park way, and for most of track season, I understood what that meant, but I didn’t KNOW what that meant until I saw Kylee’s performance at State
  • Owners of the last three state titles, but they needed every bit of Kylee’s points in order to defend their crowns, a 3rd place, a 5th place in the 800 wouldn’t have cut it
    • What does Kylee do? Puts about as serious a run as I’d seen someone make toward Julia Flynn this year, hitting a 2:10 (personal best) on the way to a second-place finish
    • Others may have folded, but on the big stage, Kylee didn’t. The meet didn’t go the Knights way, but even in those defeats you’re witness to big performances
  • It’s not as if that’s the only time Kylee has shown up in a major race, she’s been a part of multiple National and State title squads both in indoor and outdoor, while running for Motor City
  • Summer track tends to eat into cross country base training, but by the end of the season, she’s seemed to be right in the mix
    • Each of the past two years, she’s medaled at Oakland County, qualified for State, then placed in the top-50 of Division 1
  • Based on the gains from this spring and summer, she has a pretty high chance of repeating, heck, bettering those feats this fall
    • But I’m not gonna lie – I’m pumped to see what she does at Junior Olympics in another month

10Kylee King20:10.6120.1OAA Blue 1Memorial Park (Royal Oak)9-Sep
10Kylee King20:19.2128.6AverillPossum Hollow11-Sep
10Kylee King19:27.0141.0SpartanForest Akers17-Sep
10Kylee King20:08.5130.2Oakland CountyPossum Hollow9-Oct
10Kylee King19:32.9122.7Soter CraneBelle Isle12-Oct
10Kylee King24:09.348.2OAA Blue 3Hess Hathaway19-Oct
10Kylee King19:39.3132.66 Hudson MillsHudson Mills (North)30-Oct
10Kylee King18:57.0138.0D1 StateMIS6-Nov

9Kylee King126.5HansonsFreedom Hill3-Oct
9Kylee King117.4Oakland CountyKensington10-Oct
9Kylee King124.5PR 15Novi HS24-Oct
9Kylee King126.9D1 Reg 8Chandler Park30-Oct
9Kylee King133.3D1 StateMIS6-Nov

  • It’s funny how momentum works
    • Wesley Hollowell comes onto the team and immediately produces results, Ty Nagy breaks 17:00 for the first time ever at Jackson, Alex Sullivan hits a season best – all of this leading up to Jared’s breakthrough performance at Portage
    • A 25 second personal best set up a championship season to remember for him and was a useful addition in Lakeland’s run toward a 3rd place finish at MIS
  • Read enough of these and you’ll notice themes that I’m drawn towards, Jared has a perfect encapsulation of continual progress
    • Sub-18 in his final race as a freshman, sub-17 near the end of his sophomore year, and finally sub-16 at State this year (projected 42nd going in, finished 25th)
  • If he keeps outperforming those expectations, he has a big senior year in store as a leader for the Lakeland squad

11Jared Platt17:28.7186.4MustangCass Benton31-Aug
11Jared Platt16:42.9185.7Ramblin’ RockWillow11-Sep
11Jared Platt16:18.8196.4PortagePortage West MS9-Oct
11Jared Platt16:56.2191.6LVC ChampionshipPossum Hollow21-Oct
11Jared Platt16:42.1197.07 Hess HathawayHess Hathaway30-Oct
11Jared Platt15:55.0199.7D1 StateMIS6-Nov
11Jared Platt16:04.7197.4MMOCShepherd HS13-Nov

10Jared Platt158.7Lakeland/South LyonLakeland HS28-Aug
10Jared Platt162.7Lakeland/WLNLakeland HS3-Sep
10Jared Platt160.0Lakeland/WLCLakeland HS15-Sep
10Jared Platt162.3Lakeland/Waterford MottLakeland HS26-Sep
10Jared Platt161.7Lakeland/MilfordLakeland HS3-Oct
10Jared Platt170.3HighlanderHowell HS10-Oct
10Jared Platt170.3PR 13Kensington23-Oct
10Jared Platt173.8D1 Reg 7Clintonwood Park30-Oct

9Jared Platt145.7MustangCass Benton
9Jared Platt149.8HollySpringfield Oaks
9Jared Platt158.9Lakes ValleyKensington


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