50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #31

50 Tickets

The Top Tens

Regional Previews

  • I have to apologize to Mallory, I had no clue she’d have the impact she did in her freshman year
    • With only one 8th grade cross race (that I didn’t factor into my rankings), I had completely missed her in any pre-season writings last summer
  • And yep, she completely made her presence known
    • In times, a few sub-18:30 efforts, both in championship meets
    • On tougher courses and tougher days, she was right in the thick of competition, placing top-5 at both Oakland County and Regionals
  • Her spring season didn’t have the same state honors, even then, she did knock 17 seconds off her 3200m best, dropping down to 11:13
  • Oxford’s girls will be a force in the coming years, watch for Mallory to lead them to a trophy or three

9Mallory Bigelow15:03.7137.4Golden GrizzlyOakland University3-Sep
9Mallory Bigelow18:45.5146.2Muskrat ClassicAlgonac HS11-Sep
9Mallory Bigelow19:32.0145.3OAA Red 1Lake Orion HS14-Sep
9Mallory Bigelow19:49.5137.8Cleverley Friday NightAnchor Bay HS24-Sep
9Mallory Bigelow19:31.1129.0OAA Red 2Bloomer Park30-Sep
9Mallory Bigelow19:31.2142.6Oakland CountyPossum Hollow9-Oct
9Mallory Bigelow18:23.1140.6OAA Red 3Clintonwood Park21-Oct
9Mallory Bigelow20:24.1138.09 Anchor BayAnchor Bay HS29-Oct
9Mallory Bigelow18:24.5148.8D1 StateMIS6-Nov
9Mallory Bigelow18:53.0140.0MMOCShepherd HS13-Nov

  • One may wonder how he’s on here with the cross times presented, well I’m about to show you one of three track seasons (I think you can guess one) that were polar opposites from cross country
  • During both indoor and outdoor, Ethan was a presence on the state scene
  • Indoor, he placed at MITS in the 3200m, and his 4:22 at the same meet was damn respectable as well
  • Outdoor, especially in the OAA, is a grind, there are no meets off
    • But at the end of it all, he was as strong as ever, maybe not in times, but definitely experienced in hanging in a race, qualifying for State and placing high in the OAA Red/White 1600m & 3200m
  • Ethan’s cross season started out with hope for late-season success, but anemia’s wrath took its toll and ravaged any chance at improvement throughout the fall
    • Let that be a reminder to get your iron checked, be proactive on that, you don’t want to be in mid-October wondering why your times aren’t coming and you’re dead legged, so late in the season with hardly a chance to recover. Find a way to get it done before the season and early in the season
  • These ups and downs during his junior year ignore how far he’s come, as a freshman, he had a tough time breaking 20:00, every second to get to this point has been worked for
  • And with that said, god willing and the creek don’t rise, he’ll be on more podiums this next year

11Ethan Pruzinsky17:34.8176.7Budd CiciarelliBloomer Park2-Sep
11Ethan Pruzinsky17:36.6169.5OAA Blue 1Memorial Park (Royal Oak)9-Sep
11Ethan Pruzinsky17:04.6181.1Muskrat ClassicAlgonac HS11-Sep
11Ethan Pruzinsky17:16.8181.1HollySpringfield Oaks18-Sep
11Ethan Pruzinsky18:24.0170.7Linden ClassicLinden HS25-Sep
11Ethan Pruzinsky17:33.8172.7HansonsFreedom Hill2-Oct
11Ethan Pruzinsky18:16.7167.1Oakland CountyPossum Hollow9-Oct
11Ethan Pruzinsky19:07.9149.7OxfordFriendship Park15-Oct
11Ethan Pruzinsky18:50.3152.6OAA Blue 3Hess Hathaway19-Oct
11Ethan Pruzinsky18:14.6166.17 Hess HathawayHess Hathaway30-Oct

10Ethan Pruzinsky156.5HansonsFreedom Hill3-Oct
10Ethan Pruzinsky153.0Oakland CountyKensington9-Oct
10Ethan Pruzinsky122.6PR 14Clintonwood Park23-Oct

9Ethan Pruzinsky122.9Muskrat ClassicGoodells County Park
9Ethan Pruzinsky109.9SpartanForest Akers
9Ethan Pruzinsky123.7Old SkoolWolcott Farm
9Ethan Pruzinsky125.6HansonsParkway Christian
9Ethan Pruzinsky113.9Oakland CountyKensington
9Ethan Pruzinsky130.9OxfordOxford Hills GC

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