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The people have been asking, “where are the rankings???”

The world championships have meant vacation for me, and although I could work on these while I’m in Eugene, that’s not truly a vacation. But there’s been a bit of free time this morning (or afternoon out east), so you’ll get a bit of content. For real though, no one’s been asking the above question, which is fine by me!

  • Rewind 12 months prior, Summer ’21, I had Northville ranked #15 pre-season
    • In that pre-season ranking, Cassie wasn’t included (when I add an incoming freshman, they had to have run cross in their 8th grade year)
  • Given Northville’s finish last year, one can see Cassie’s great impact on the Mustang squad
  • The Mustangs finished 4th in the State, Cassie herself nearly equaling her personal best, breaking 19:00 for the second time, a freshman coming up huge
  • That performance was made through Northville’s consistent summer training but also a consistent season that saw sub-19:30 in seven of her final eight races
  • During track, she continued that late season greatness into a spring full of superb efforts
    • Amazing to me are the lack of races over 5:30 and 11:30, continually racing at a high level each and every time must take a supreme level of focus
  • Cassie, along with the rest of the Northville crew, will surely take the Mustangs to great heights in a few short months

9Cassie Garcia20:26.3122.2LamplighterFord Field20-Aug
9Cassie Garcia19:46.3128.2Pete MossBenzie Central HS28-Aug
9Cassie Garcia19:14.1134.0Ramblin’ RockWillow11-Sep
9Cassie Garcia20:00.0130.0SpartanForest Akers17-Sep
9Cassie Garcia19:28.0137.7Mott Fall ClassicHess Hathaway24-Sep
9Cassie Garcia19:11.6134.8DeWittDeWitt HS2-Oct
9Cassie Garcia19:24.2135.9Wayne CountyWillow9-Oct
9Cassie Garcia19:27.0147.3Freeland FalconFreeland16-Oct
9Cassie Garcia18:51.8140.4KLAA ChampionshipHuron Meadows21-Oct
9Cassie Garcia18:52.3139.6D1 StateMIS6-Nov
9Cassie Garcia19:05.9135.7MMOCShepherd HS13-Nov

  • Joey, as Cassie, was unknown to me as the season began
  • He ran for Lansing Everett as a freshman, one of the better young runners in 2019, reaching into the 16’s in the late season
  • But he didn’t run cross in 2020, not my question to ask why or how, and thus had fallen off the radar in these here writings
  • But boy did Joey show up last fall, nabbing an All-State, capturing a Regional trophy, and breaking 16:00 at season’s end
  • A tiny analysis says he’s best when conditions are worst
    • St. Francis a tough course already, add in a torrential downpour in the days prior, that combination leading to a sub-17:00, victory, and his 2nd highest rating of the season
    • Greater Lansing wasn’t a walk in the park either, Ledge Meadows is usually a fast track but wasn’t last year, he finished 4th in a sea of accomplished athletes
  • During track, he was able to mix speed and endurance en route to a State Qualifier in the 1600m, then he turned around and ran a personal best at the meet
  • St. Johns loses a few of the studs that led to their 3rd place D2 finish, with Joey at the front of their pack, they’re sure to be in the mix yet again

11Joey Bowman17:32.4174.9Under the Lights (St. Johns)St. Johns HS20-Aug
11Joey Bowman17:12.0177.7Corunna EBShiawasee County Fairgrounds31-Aug
11Joey Bowman16:56.0183.7Lansing Catholic Mini 1St. Francis Retreat Center9-Sep
11Joey Bowman16:41.9186.4CAAC Red 1St. Johns HS21-Sep
11Joey Bowman16:54.7180.8BluejayShepherd HS2-Oct
11Joey Bowman16:12.9195.0CAAC Red 2Grand Woods Park5-Oct
11Joey Bowman16:28.0195.7Greater LansingLedge Meadows GC16-Oct
11Joey Bowman16:39.9194.7CAAC Red 3Fowlerville HS21-Oct
11Joey Bowman16:52.6198.114 SFRCSt. Francis Retreat Center29-Oct
11Joey Bowman15:54.8199.1D2 StateMIS6-Nov
11Joey Bowman16:13.9194.4MMOCShepherd HS13-Nov

9Joey Bowman181.3MarauderUncle John’s
9Joey Bowman175.7BathBath HS
9Joey Bowman171.9SpartanForest Akers
9Joey Bowman178.6Greater LansingLedge Meadows
9Joey Bowman187.0CAAC BlueLedge Meadows

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