50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #24

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  • I just love when athletes come of age in a sport and grow in places that aren’t necessarily traditional powers
  • Carter has come a long way in a few short years
  • As a freshman, his best mark was a sub-18:00 at the first Huron League Jamboree, a great mark for a freshman, but many All-State upperclassmen were much faster as freshman
  • That 17:59 became a 16:38 as a sophomore, which then became a 16:07 as a junior
  • His junior level led to many championships, the Huron League in cross, the 1600m, and 3200m
    • And during track, a 9:27 that’s a sure sign of sub-16 in the future
  • As a teammate, he was an integral member of the 2020 Jefferson squad that won their first conference title in nearly twenty years and
    • And coincidentally, a girls team poised to make noise at State
    • But is it a coincidence? I think not, when you’re dedicated to the sport, you’re an influence on others, and that attitude just builds on itself. Carter bleeds that dedication, and the Bears recent achievements have followed

11Carter McCalister16:07.2193.3Milan Puddle JumperMilan HS31-Aug
11Carter McCalister16:44.5193.2SpartanForest Akers17-Sep
11Carter McCalister17:10.2183.6JeffersonSterling State Park25-Sep
11Carter McCalister16:19.5188.5Huron League 1Milan HS28-Sep
11Carter McCalister16:44.3190.6Huron League 2Sterling State Park5-Oct
11Carter McCalister16:25.5194.2PortagePortage West MS9-Oct
11Carter McCalister18:01.5191.5Dave Bork ClassicMunson Park16-Oct
11Carter McCalister16:44.8189.4Huron League ChampionshipWillow21-Oct
11Carter McCalister17:13.3194.218 Lake ErieLake Erie30-Oct
11Carter McCalister16:07.2194.9D2 StateMIS6-Nov

10Carter McCalister177.7Dundee/FR/JeffersonJefferson HS3-Sep
10Carter McCalister178.2Huron League 1Milan HS22-Sep
10Carter McCalister174.0JeffersonJefferson HS26-Sep
10Carter McCalister173.0Huron League 2Jefferson HS6-Oct
10Carter McCalister175.3Huron LeagueWillow16-Oct
10Carter McCalister174.1PR 36Milan HS24-Oct
10Carter McCalister176.5D2 Reg 18Lake Erie31-Oct
10Carter McCalister178.3D2 StateMIS6-Nov

9Carter McCalister146.3SpartanForest Akers
9Carter McCalister147.3JeffersonSterling State Park
9Carter McCalister149.9PortagePortage West MS
9Carter McCalister145.4Dave BorkMunson Park

  • Natalie’s been learning the trade from the magnificent, dearly departed Madelyn Frens, now it’s her turn to take over
  • And if her sophomore year is any indication, she’s more than ready to lead the Eagles in her own direction
  • As a freshman, she stepped up as the 3rd girl on a team that finished 3rd at D2 State, then carried on that stellar effort for her age with a track season where her times fell as low as 11:27 for the 3200m
  • Natalie moved up a spot on the GR Christian team in her sophomore season, and as she moved up spots, she rapidly moved down in terms of places and times
  • That 18:46 became an 18:12, that 33rd place at MIS became a 4th, that 4th place Regional 3200m became a 7th place State 3200m
  • The momentum just keeps on rolling, I can’t wait to see where it takes Natalie during her junior year

10Natalie VanOtteren18:44.7148.8Pete MossBenzie Central HS28-Aug
10Natalie VanOtteren19:14.2138.3OK White 1Gainey Fields8-Sep
10Natalie VanOtteren19:05.8135.7Christian SchoolSouth Christian HS11-Sep
10Natalie VanOtteren18:59.8146.4Ottawa HillsRiverside Park17-Sep
10Natalie VanOtteren18:35.1142.3OK White 2Riverside Park22-Sep
10Natalie VanOtteren18:46.6145.8Cougar FalconGainey Fields25-Sep
10Natalie VanOtteren18:24.9151.4Otsego BulldogOtsego HS2-Oct
10Natalie VanOtteren18:12.3148.6OK White 3Brookside GC6-Oct
10Natalie Vanotteren18:57.1145.0PortagePortage West MS9-Oct
10Natalie VanOtteren18:26.5151.2OK White 4South Christian HS20-Oct
10Natalie VanOtteren18:29.3142.611 AllendaleAllendale HS30-Oct
10Natalie VanOtteren18:13.5152.2D2 StateMIS6-Nov
10Natalie VanOtteren18:12.1153.6MMOCShepherd HS13-Nov

9Natalie VanOtteren101.6FHE GRC DualGainey Fields22-Aug
9Natalie VanOtteren121.3Pete MossBenzie Central HS29-Aug
9Natalie VanOtteren130.7OK White (GF)Gainey Fields16-Sep
9Natalie VanOtteren131.7OK White 2Lowell HS23-Sep
9Natalie VanOtteren134.6Cougar FalconGainey Fields26-Sep
9Natalie VanOtteren138.7Bulldog EliteOtsego HS3-Oct
9Natalie VanOtteren140.7OK White ChampionshipByron Center West MS14-Oct
9Natalie VanOtteren133.3PR 26South Christian Sports Park23-Oct
9Natalie VanOtteren130.2D2 Reg 13Otsego HS31-Oct
9Natalie VanOtteren127.7D2 StateMIS6-Nov


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