50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #18

50 Tickets

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Top Tens

  • Is it me or is the Traverse City area just loaded with talent this year?
    • Bauer, Muha, Central girls, St. Francis girls, now Jonah
    • I think this is always the case, but wow
  • Just as Joe Muha, Jonah had a breakout race at Bluejay in October of his sophomore year, a 16:17, at that point a 20+ second personal best
    • A month later, he used the confidence gained from Shepherd into a 16:27 at MIS, the 7th fastest sophomore in Division 1
  • Those cross country breakouts were nothing compared to what he’s been able to accomplish in the past three seasons
    • His sophomore year on the cinders, he was able to whittle his 1600m time down to 4:28
    • His junior year on the same surface, he began to dig in his heels at the mid-distances, sprinting to 1:54/4:21, that 1:54 gaining Jonah a 5th place finish at State
    • And in cross, showing incredible range, multiple sub-16’s and another All-State honor
  • Beyond Benne and Seth, many spots are up for grabs, and Jonah is as good a candidate as any to place extremely high at State

11Jonah Hochstetler15:58.1203.0Pete MossBenzie Central HS28-Aug
11Jonah Hochstetler15:42.5200.2NorthwoodFisher Trails11-Sep
11Jonah Hochstetler16:34.1189.3PetoskeyPetoskey MS25-Sep
11Jonah Hochstetler15:43.2204.6BluejayShepherd HS2-Oct
11Jonah Hochstetler16:07.6200.1PortagePortage West MS9-Oct
11Jonah Hochstetler16:35.3195.9Big North ConferencePetoskey MS19-Oct
11Jonah Hochstetler15:55.7195.1Northern MichiganMichaywe Pines GC23-Oct
11Jonah Hochstetler17:04.2195.62 DeltaDelta College30-Oct
11Jonah Hochstetler15:49.8201.4D1 StateMIS6-Nov
11Jonah Hochstetler16:10.6195.5MMOCShepherd HS13-Nov

10Jonah Hochstetler182.4Pete MossBenzie Central HS29-Aug
10Jonah Hochstetler178.7Petoskey Twilight ClassicPetoskey MS11-Sep
10Jonah Hochstetler183.6LudingtonWest Shore CC19-Sep
10Jonah Hochstetler191.3PetoskeyPetoskey MS26-Sep
10Jonah Hochstetler190.6Shepherd BluejayShepherd HS3-Oct
10Jonah Hochstetler175.2Big North ConferencePetoskey MS13-Oct
10Jonah Hochstetler184.6PR 1Grand Haven HS23-Oct
10Jonah Hochstetler180.6D1 Reg 1Buckley HS31-Oct
10Jonah Hochstetler188.5D1 StateMIS6-Nov

9Jonah Hochstetler153.5Pete MossBenzie Central
9Jonah Hochstetler163.9LancerStratford Woods
9Jonah Hochstetler153.8Linden ClassicLinden HS
9Jonah Hochstetler170.2PortagePortage West MS
9Jonah Hochstetler164.3Big North ConferenceGaylord CC
9Jonah Hochstetler173.0Northern MichiganMichaywe Pines GC

  • Maya entered high school cross country with a dream season
  • Late in her freshman year, she conquered the Portage course in a personal best of 18:33, won at OK Black and Ottawa County, then captured an All-State honor
  • With no chance to show that talent come track, the momentum was lost
    • Her sophomore year had success in the OK Red (toughest conference in Michigan?) and a state qualifier, but wasn’t to that level of her freshman fall
  • But last fall and into this winter, you could see the signs of rebirth, regrowth
    • Two sub-19’s, at OK Red and Regionals, her OK Red placing her best yet
    • In the winter, running relays with the West Michigan Harriers crew, an easy team to root for
  • Come spring, those glimpses gave way to real times
    • A sub-11 in a late April dual against Hudsonville
    • Three days later, 5:00 on the dot at the Grand Rapids Elite Challenge
    • And then to close May, a 2:14 at Distance Night
  • That sub-11 eventually became a 10:49 and portends well for cross country, where she’s ready to continue her journey back to the podium in Brooklyn

11Maya Guikema19:34.4138.5Portage EBPortage West MS20-Aug
11Maya Guikema19:42.7129.4Pete MossBenzie Central HS28-Aug
11Maya Guikema19:20.6134.8SaranacSaranac HS1-Sep
11Maya Guikema20:10.4121.5BredewegMacatawa Bay MS11-Sep
11Maya Guikema19:40.2132.9Ottawa HillsRiverside Park17-Sep
11Maya Guikema19:13.4127.2OK Red 1Grand Haven HS21-Sep
11Maya Guikema19:06.4137.5Otsego BulldogOtsego HS2-Oct
11Maya Guikema19:44.3128.2OK Red 2Macatawa Bay MS5-Oct
11Maya Guikema19:26.8135.1PortagePortage West MS9-Oct
11Maya Guikema18:59.3131.6OK Red ConferenceRiverside Park21-Oct
11Maya Guikema18:54.4135.93 PortagePortage West MS29-Oct
11Maya Guikema19:16.5131.5D1 StateMIS6-Nov
11Maya Guikema19:18.1131.6MMOCShepherd HS13-Nov

10Maya Guikema129.4Pete MossBenzie Central HS29-Aug
10Maya Guikema131.4Grandville/JenisonUnity Christian HS1-Sep
10Maya Guikema122.8Jenison/RockfordEast Rockford MS10-Sep
10Maya Guikema118.6HWO/JenisonMacatawa Bay MS15-Sep
10Maya Guikema134.0Ottawa HillsRiverside Park18-Sep
10Maya Guikema135.1Caledonia/JenisonUnity Christian HS22-Sep
10Maya Guikema133.3Cougar FalconGainey Fields26-Sep
10Maya Guikema123.5East Kentwood/JenisonEast Kentwood HS29-Sep
10Maya Guikema138.7Grand Haven/JenisonUnity Christian HS6-Oct
10Maya Guikema133.6Little PortagePortage West MS10-Oct
10Maya Guikema132.6PR 5Macatawa Bay MS24-Oct
10Maya Guikema137.2D1 Reg 3Portage West MS30-Oct
10Maya Guikema133.6D1 StateMIS6-Nov

9Maya Guikema140.7Portage EBPortage West MS
9Maya Guikema137.5Hudsonville EagleAllendale HS
9Maya Guikema137.7SW RustbusterWarner Camp
9Maya Guikema133.7BredewegMacatawa Bay MS
9Maya Guikema139.1SpartanForest Akers
9Maya Guikema138.0Otsego BulldogOtsego HS
9Maya Guikema138.2Kent OttawaGainey Fields
9Maya Guikema144.8OK BlackGR Union HS
9Maya Guikema145.43Portage West MS
9Maya Guikema152.1D1 StateMIS

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