50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #17

50 Tickets

Regional Previews

Top Tens

  • This past spring, Alexandra took that next step and seriously showed us some range
  • You could see the traces of a breakout season early, when someone is running PB’s in cold, early season duals, you know they’re raring to hit exceptional times when the weather and competition warms
  • She did that exactly, hitting a 10:54 at New Balance, then 2:19 at Oakland County, 5:02 at D1 State
  • We saw a similar pattern last fall, an 18:57 at Jackson (not the greatest conditions ever), on par with her freshman season best
  • And then a month later, multiple 18:1x efforts and another All-State honor
  • All in all, a year where Alexandra continuously busted through barriers, and given that track season, it doesn’t look like she’s done growing in this sport

10Alexandra Brigham20:26.8129.4MilfordPossum Hollow2-Sep
10Alexandra Brigham19:37.8126.1Ramblin’ RockWillow11-Sep
10Alexandra Brigham19:58.9136.4OAA Red 1Lake Orion HS14-Sep
10Alexandra Brigham18:57.2143.9JacksonSharp Park25-Sep
10Alexandra Brigham19:31.7132.8HansonsFreedom Hill2-Oct
10Alexandra Brigham19:47.5137.2Oakland CountyPossum Hollow9-Oct
10Alexandra Brigham18:17.3142.6OAA Red 3Clintonwood Park21-Oct
10Alexandra Brigham19:57.6146.89 Anchor BayAnchor Bay HS29-Oct
10Alexandra Brigham18:34.1145.6D1 StateMIS6-Nov
10Alexandra Brigham18:19.3151.2MMOCShepherd HS13-Nov

9Alexandra Brigham134.3Clarkston/TroyClintonwood Park18-Sep
9Alexandra Brigham135.1Clarkston/SeaholmClintonwood Park25-Sep
9Alexandra Brigham132.8Clarkston/Lake OrionClintonwood Park30-Sep
9Alexandra Brigham133.3Canton/ClarkstonWillow3-Oct
9Alexandra Brigham134.5Oakland CountyKensington10-Oct
9Alexandra Brigham136.3OAA Red ChampionshipBloomer Park15-Oct
9Alexandra Brigham134.0PR 14Clintonwood Park23-Oct
9Alexandra Brigham136.2D1 Reg 7Clintonwood Park30-Oct
9Alexandra Brigham141.6D1 StateMIS6-Nov

  • Braydon entered Freeland as one of “those” freshman, the ones that are pegged for success
  • Sometimes those are the most difficult, saddled with high expectations, unneeded pressure, and a chance that they grow loathing the sport
  • That definitely has not been the case, as we see Braydon explore new avenues, gain trophies in all sorts of events
  • Early in his career, these came on the grass, where he racked up a Saginaw County title, TVC Overall title, two Regional Championships, and two All-States         
    • Even more impressive, his 2020 season began late
  • Injury hindered his cross country season as a junior, although he admirably competed through much of the latter half of the season
  • But then in track, he found success in the mid-distance, breaking 4:20, grabbing an All-State in the 800m
  • We know from the past that Braydon has the 5k chops, now adding greater turnover to the mix?
    • I’m ready and excited to find out where that leads

11Braydon Honsinger16:13.2201.3Under the Lights (St. Johns)St. Johns HS20-Aug
11Braydon Honsinger17:04.9197.7ES WarriorChippewa Hills HS24-Aug
11Braydon Honsinger16:05.1200.3John BruderShepherd HS8-Sep
11Braydon Honsinger15:44.7199.4NorthwoodFisher Trails11-Sep
11Braydon Honsinger16:50.6190.1TVC 8Freeland15-Sep
11Braydon Honsinger15:51.4196.5CadillacVeterans Serving Veterans Park25-Sep
11Braydon Honsinger16:22.6191.8TVC 8 2Delta College28-Sep
11Braydon Honsinger15:51.6201.8BluejayShepherd HS2-Oct
11Braydon Honsinger16:23.7194.8PortagePortage West MS9-Oct
11Braydon Honsinger16:49.0183.015 ShepherdShepherd HS29-Oct
11Braydon Honsinger16:35.0185.7D2 StateMIS6-Nov

10Braydon Honsinger173.6HeritageWhite Pine MS10-Oct
10Braydon Honsinger181.6TVC 3Taymouth Twp. Park13-Oct
10Braydon Honsinger178.1FreelandFreeland XC Course17-Oct
10Braydon Honsinger187.2PR 30Freeland XC Course24-Oct
10Braydon Honsinger190.8D2 Reg 15Shepherd HS30-Oct
10Braydon Honsinger194.9D2 StateMIS6-Nov

9Braydon Honsinger197.2Under the LightsSt. Johns HS
9Braydon Honsinger198.6ES WarriorChippewa Hills HS
9Braydon Honsinger205.0Corunna EBShiawasee County Fairgrounds
9Braydon Honsinger196.2LancerStratford Woods
9Braydon Honsinger200.7Wagener ParkWagener County Park
9Braydon Honsinger196.0FreelandStratford Woods
9Braydon Honsinger200.4TVCRittmueller MS
9Braydon Honsinger196.2Saginaw CountyRittmueller MS
9Braydon Honsinger193.215Delta College
9Braydon Honsinger196.4D2 StateMIS

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