50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #16

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  • It’s great to see a Grosse Pointer here, South, a school with a proud tradition of XC and track success
  • Logan has raced a bit more sparingly than most in his cross career, but when he’s had the opportunity to get after it, he’s done just that
  • Glances at his potential were seen early, a 16:59 at Chandler Park as a freshman, along with many other mid-17 efforts
  • But late in the 2020 season, after a year without competition, we began to see Logan’s talent materialize with a 16:14 at Regionals and a 16:37 at State
  • That same trajectory repeated itself in 2021, this time running below 16:30 on any day that it wasn’t a muddy mess, his season culminating with an All-State berth and his second sub-16 ever
  • During track, he racked up crown after crown, double victories in the 16 and 32 at MAC Red and Region 6
  • Then in one of the more competitive 1600m’s seen at the State level, he placed 10th in 4:18
  • Considering his 2021 track best was 4:40 and then he ran 15:54, expect another tremendous drop come October and November

11Logan Detweiler16:14.5197.8Muskrat ClassicAlgonac HS11-Sep
11Logan Detweiler16:22.4193.2MAC DivisionMetro Beach5-Oct
11Logan Detweiler16:24.0196.7Wayne CountyWillow9-Oct
11Logan Detweiler15:54.4194.9Gabriel RichardHudson Mills (South)16-Oct
11Logan Detweiler17:01.8187.48 Chandler ParkChandler Park GC29-Oct
11Logan Detweiler15:54.8199.7D1 StateMIS6-Nov
11Logan Detweiler16:15.4193.9MMOCShepherd HS13-Nov

10Logan Detweiler181.0MAC Red 1Barnabo Field18-Sep
10Logan Detweiler139.3HighlanderHowell HS10-Oct
10Logan Detweiler184.4PR 16Metro Beach21-Oct
10Logan Detweiler183.9D1 Reg 8Chandler Park30-Oct
10Logan Detweiler185.2D1 StateMIS6-Nov

9Logan Detweiler161.4Downriver WatermelonElizabeth Park
9Logan Detweiler166.0Muskrat ClassicGoodells County Park
9Logan Detweiler172.3HuronWillow
9Logan Detweiler174.0Gibraltar MarauderLake Erie
9Logan Detweiler166.8Gabriel RichardHudson Mills (South)
9Logan Detweiler173.0MAC DivisionEastwood Beach

  • Do some research into the 2019 season and you’ll come across a little 19:27 5k at Allendale’s post-regional meet by an 8th grade Selma
  • That was missed by me in previewing the 2020 season, but Selma sure made her presence known off the jump
    • Her opener was a 19:34, then she ran back to back sub-19’s at Ottawa Hills and Bengals, two of the major meets early in that season
    • All in all, her freshman year ended with an All-State certificate
  • Her 2021 season wasn’t as scorching, although there were a few sub-19’s, that performance at the state stage wasn’t as lovely
  • A lesser woman would have let that be a negative force on her career, not Selma, she had the track season of her life
    • Huge personal bests in the 800m and 1600m, leaping from 2:26 to 2:19 and 5:13 to 4:57
    • And strength was shown with a sub-11 3200m
  • Let’s see if she can take the momentum from track and make a return trip to the medal stand at MIS

10Selma Anderson18:49.6147.1Pete MossBenzie Central HS28-Aug
10Selma Anderson19:06.0136.3OK Gold 1 (Cedar Springs)Cedar View Elementary8-Sep
10Selma Anderson18:52.3148.9Ottawa HillsRiverside Park17-Sep
10Selma Anderson18:51.3131.6OK Gold 2Gracewil CC28-Sep
10Selma Anderson19:05.7142.1PortagePortage West MS9-Oct
10Selma Anderson19:02.8134.4OK Gold ConferenceRiverside Park19-Oct
10Selma Anderson19:09.7130.81 AllendaleAllendale HS30-Oct
10Selma Anderson18:59.7137.1D1 StateMIS6-Nov
10Selma Anderson18:45.1142.6MMOCShepherd HS13-Nov

9Selma Anderson142.5OK Gold 1South Christian Sports Park8-Sep
9Selma Anderson142.0Ottawa HillsRiverside Park18-Sep
9Selma Anderson137.5OK Gold 2Wayland MS29-Sep
9Selma Anderson148.2BengalsRiverside Park9-Oct
9Selma Anderson142.7PR 2Cedar Springs ES24-Oct
9Selma Anderson145.3D1 Reg 1Buckley HS31-Oct
9Selma Anderson141.8D1 StateMIS6-Nov

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