50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #15

50 Tickets

Regional Previews

Top Tens

  • Where that speed came from, I have no clue, I’m not sure she does either
  • Madison had a promising freshman cross campaign, knocking down the 19:00 door multiple times, placing All-State
  • But her freshman track season was otherworldly, especially in the shorter distances
  • After battling COVID for much of April, even into May, a few short weeks later she was running 2:15/5:08, capturing All-State in the 800 and 1600m, along with numerous wins at Regionals and in the I-8 Conference
  • After a full summer of healthy training, she competed in her sophomore year of cross country with that same vigor posted in track, winning over 60% of her races
    • And the races she didn’t win were all burners, a 2nd place in D3 at Portage, 12th place at State
  • During track, she set new heights even with an already high bar, nearly breaking 5:00 in the 1600m and moving up 2 places in the D3 State 800m
  • Madison and Lumen Christi both have huge aspirations this fall, I’m eager to view the journey towards achieving those

10Madison Osterberg19:29.9154.0Michigan CatholicSt. Francis Retreat Center28-Aug
10Madison Osterberg19:11.1142.3LakeviewLakeview MS11-Sep
10Madison Osterberg20:43.4145.9I-8 1Parma Western HS14-Sep
10Madison Osterberg18:50.9151.4HollySpringfield Oaks18-Sep
10Madison Osterberg19:18.8136.7JacksonSharp Park25-Sep
10Madison Osterberg19:06.8136.4DeWittDeWitt HS2-Oct
10Madison Osterberg19:03.3140.2I-8 2Charlton Park6-Oct
10Madison Osterberg18:23.5156.2PortagePortage West MS9-Oct
10Madison Osterberg18:50.4140.5Chris JensenSharp Park16-Oct
10Madison Osterberg18:07.5142.5I-8Turkeyville23-Oct
10Madison Osterberg19:07.2138.923 Sharp ParkSharp Park29-Oct
10Madison Osterberg18:52.0134.7D3 StateMIS6-Nov
10Madison Osterberg18:26.9148.7MMOCShepherd HS13-Nov

9Madison Osterberg125.3Michigan CatholicSt. Francis Retreat Center29-Aug
9Madison Osterberg119.6JPEC FalconEast Jackson HS9-Sep
9Madison Osterberg131.6I-8 Jamboree 1Harper Creek HS15-Sep
9Madison Osterberg127.7Mason/JLCMason HS22-Sep
9Madison Osterberg128.9Jackson FriendlySharp Park26-Sep
9Madison Osterberg126.5Jackson TriangularSharp Park3-Oct
9Madison Osterberg124.3I-8 JamboreeJackson NW HS6-Oct
9Madison Osterberg124.3PR 45Hudson HS24-Oct
9Madison Osterberg128.4D3 Reg 23Sharp Park30-Oct
9Madison Osterberg131.3D3 StateMIS7-Nov

  • Linden’s had an outstanding one-two punch the past few seasons, River Meckstroth and Kyle, now it’s Kyle’s turn to solely lead the Eagles
  • And given his championship seasons in both cross and track, he’s more than capable and ready
  • Take a look at those top times and ratings, all four were post-October 1st, hitting times in good conditions, grabbing a win at Flint Metro League
    • And he finished 2nd in his region as well
  • It’s rough when you create these photoshops and you run out of room to mention all the titles
    • Kyle scored 40 individual points at Flint Metro League, winning the 400m through 3200m
    • And he was All-State in both the 800m and 1600m
  • Even after capturing all these crowns, Kyle wasn’t finished, hitting a new 800m PB, 1:56, at GVSU
  • Winning all the time is sweet, even sweeter is defending your crowns, would you bet on anyone else to hold off all challengers?

11Kyle Eberhard16:48.3197.2A2 Fall PreviewHuron Meadows26-Aug
11Kyle Eberhard16:43.4196.2FML LindenLinden HS8-Sep
11Kyle Eberhard16:34.3190.9BathBath HS11-Sep
11Kyle Eberhard17:17.5192.8Linden ClassicLinden HS25-Sep
11Kyle Eberhard16:26.6190.1FML 2Brandon Township Park29-Sep
11Kyle Eberhard15:58.1199.6BluejayShepherd HS2-Oct
11Kyle Eberhard16:02.8200.4Greater FlintCummings Center9-Oct
11Kyle Eberhard16:15.9195.7FML ChampFlushing Valley GC13-Oct
11Kyle Eberhard17:34.9193.0Kayla O’MaraGoodrich MS16-Oct
11Kyle Eberhard17:57.2194.916 Lake FentonLake Fenton HS30-Oct
11Kyle Eberhard16:04.9195.7D2 StateMIS6-Nov
11Kyle Eberhard16:02.0198.3MMOCShepherd HS13-Nov

10Kyle Eberhard177.2GoodrichGoodrich MS12-Sep
10Kyle Eberhard177.4FML StripesLinden HS19-Sep
10Kyle Eberhard174.7Lapeer/LindenRolland Warner MS21-Sep
10Kyle Eberhard186.6Holly/LindenLinden HS23-Sep
10Kyle Eberhard175.9FML Stripes 2Springfield Oaks3-Oct
10Kyle Eberhard184.2Greater FlintCummings Center10-Oct
10Kyle Eberhard183.5FML ChampionshipCorunna HS17-Oct
10Kyle Eberhard174.1PR 31Bennett Park24-Oct
10Kyle Eberhard184.3D2 Reg 16Linden HS31-Oct
10Kyle Eberhard182.7D2 StateMIS6-Nov

9Kyle Eberhard165.3Pete MossBenzie Central
9Kyle Eberhard172.6BathBath HS
9Kyle Eberhard163.6SpartanForest Akers
9Kyle Eberhard170.3Linden ClassicLinden HS
9Kyle Eberhard166.1Greater FlintCummings Center
9Kyle Eberhard181.3Kayla O’MaraGoodrich MS
9Kyle Eberhard181.3FMLSpringfield Oaks
9Kyle Eberhard174.916Linden HS
9Kyle Eberhard180.0D2 StateMIS

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