50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #10

50 Tickets

Regional Previews

Top Tens

  • They call him D1 Trent for a reason, he’s absolute money with a race on the line
  • We saw that on multiple instances throughout the year, beginning with a 1:55 state lead at Elaine Leigh, extending out to the 3200m in the early session at New Balance
    • Patient early, knowing to wait to take the lead in a decisive fashion, then putting it away
  • Last fall, we were able to grab a peek at his 5k fitness, running the equivalent of sub-16 multiple times, capturing a MAC Red victory in front of the best in Macomb County (a few All-Staters)
  • Sadly, his season was cut short, sidelined by a rare foot injury
  • But perhaps that was a blessing in disguise, paving the path for a careful build towards track?
  • Blessed with the confidence from victory after victory and raised up by the support of his Macomb County brothers and sisters, Trent is finally ready to make his stamp on the fall

11Trent McFarland17:02.7195.4UCS QuadEastwood Beach26-Aug
11Trent McFarland16:23.8198.1A2 Early BirdHuron Meadows2-Sep
11Trent McFarland16:00.0202.7Muskrat ClassicAlgonac HS11-Sep
11Trent McFarland16:16.9201.0HollySpringfield Oaks18-Sep
11Trent McFarland16:15.6202.8MAC Red 1Eastwood Beach21-Sep
11Trent McFarland17:29.8169.1MMOCShepherd HS13-Nov

10Trent McFarland177.5MAC Red 1Barnabo Field18-Sep
10Trent McFarland173.6Cleverley Friday NightAnchor Bay HS25-Sep
10Trent McFarland181.6HansonsFreedom Hill3-Oct
10Trent McFarland177.5Macomb CountyFreedom Hill9-Oct
10Trent McFarland174.3PR 17Bloomer Park21-Oct
10Trent McFarland180.7D1 Reg 9Anchor Bay HS30-Oct
10Trent McFarland177.3D1 StateMIS6-Nov

9Trent McFarland145.0A2 Early BirdHuron Meadows
9Trent McFarland162.3AverillKensington
9Trent McFarland159.2HollySpringfield Oaks
9Trent McFarland165.7HansonsParkway Christian
9Trent McFarland170.7Macomb CountyEastwood Beach
9Trent McFarland171.0MAC DivisionEastwood Beach

  • You know you’re getting deep into a list of accomplishments when you leave out Jessica’s 4th place in the D3 1600m, State title in the 4×800, two Regional wins, two Conference championships
  • Tremendous to me beyond the wins is Jessica’s range
    • One might think that a freshman might specialize in one area of events and throughout time, you’d build towards other areas
  • Nope, Jessica laid down speed – 13.8 to 61.3 in the sprints, endurance – 10:44, multiple sub-18’s in cross
  • All while being a major contributing part to a Hart team that’s taken home the past five titles
  • It’ll be a tougher road this time around but with this girl on board, that’s a steady hand at the front for the next three years

9Jessica Jazwinski19:00.6143.5Pete MossBenzie Central HS28-Aug
9Jessica Jazwinski18:58.5140.2Leanne Wolf GeersMason County Fairgrounds9-Sep
9Jessica Jazwinski19:39.1140.3WMD 1Walkerville14-Sep
9Jessica Jazwinski19:09.0147.0SpartanForest Akers17-Sep
9Jessica Jazwinski18:42.0141.3WMC 2Montague HS21-Sep
9Jessica Jazwinski18:31.5150.8Cougar FalconGainey Fields25-Sep
9Jessica Jazwinski18:47.2143.3BluejayShepherd HS2-Oct
9Jessica Jazwinski18:42.1145.0WMC 3Whitehall HS5-Oct
9Jessica Jazwinski18:38.0151.3PortagePortage West MS9-Oct
9Jessica Jazwinski20:37.6149.1WMC ChampShelby HS12-Oct
9Jessica Jazwinski18:21.5148.2Hart & SoleColonial GC16-Oct
9Jessica Jazwinski18:23.0145.0Mel HallSpring Lake HS23-Oct
9Jessica Jazwinski17:43.2150.920 BenzieBenzie Central HS30-Oct
9Jessica Jazwinski18:00.6151.8D3 StateMIS6-Nov
9Jessica Jazwinski17:57.8158.4MMOCShepherd HS13-Nov

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