50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #8

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  • Prior to the 2020 Meet of Champions, I joked around and called him Mr. October for his drastic drops come October 1st
  • Well lo and behold, Michael done did it again
  • Following his 15:59 at Spartan, his first venture into the 15’s as a junior (he had gone 15:51 as a sophomore), he dropped an album at Otsego Bulldog, capturing 2nd place in 15:34
  • From then on, it was a victorious fall, Mike claiming titles at Wayne County, CHSL A/B, and Region 18
    • Then grabbing the 3rd spot at MIS, his best finish yet
  • Come spring, he worked on his speed endurance, setting the tone for significant PB’s all season
    • Michael dropped his rarely run 800m best from 2:04 to 1:57 and everything else followed, 4:27 to 4:18, 9:48 to 9:19
  • It’s only fitting that Mike and Connell are listed next to each other
    • These two have been duking it out for the past two years, both pushing each other in the Division 2 Southeast Michigan scene, then taking their talents to the state level and placing high there
    • I look forward another year’s worth of battles between these guys in 2022-23

11Michael Hegarty17:10.1196.6Michigan CatholicSt. Francis Retreat Center28-Aug
11Michael Hegarty16:42.2201.9MustangCass Benton31-Aug
11Michael Hegarty16:17.1200.6Tommy TitanCass Benton11-Sep
11Michael Hegarty15:59.1208.3SpartanForest Akers17-Sep
11Michael Hegarty17:03.3185.9JeffersonSterling State Park25-Sep
11Michael Hegarty15:34.2207.3Otsego BulldogOtsego HS2-Oct
11Michael Hegarty16:00.4204.5Wayne CountyWillow9-Oct
11Michael Hegarty17:08.5171.5Soter CraneBelle Isle12-Oct
11Michael Hegarty16:22.6201.5CHSL ABPossum Hollow23-Oct
11Michael Hegarty16:45.2203.618 Lake ErieLake Erie30-Oct
11Michael Hegarty15:38.9204.4D2 StateMIS6-Nov

10Michael Hegarty185.3Michigan CatholicSt. Francis Retreat Center29-Aug
10Michael Hegarty182.4Soter CraneNankin Mills22-Sep
10Michael Hegarty201.1Bulldog EliteOtsego HS3-Oct
10Michael Hegarty204.1CHSL BishopKensington17-Oct
10Michael Hegarty185.7PR 35Heritage Park (Adrian)24-Oct
10Michael Hegarty195.2D2 Reg 18Lake Erie31-Oct
10Michael Hegarty201.5D2 StateMIS6-Nov

9Michael Hegarty187.5Michigan CatholicSt. Francis Retreat Center
9Michael Hegarty181.7MustangCass Benton
9Michael Hegarty181.0Downriver WatermelonElizabeth Park
9Michael Hegarty189.2Tommy TitanCass Benton
9Michael Hegarty178.8SpartanForest Akers
9Michael Hegarty169.5Soter CraneBelle Isle
9Michael Hegarty189.2JeffersonSterling State Park
9Michael Hegarty183.0Gibraltar MarauderLake Erie
9Michael Hegarty188.9Wayne CountyWillow
9Michael Hegarty190.6CHSLKensington
9Michael Hegarty192.618Lake Erie
9Michael Hegarty195.1D2 StateMIS

  • Wow, Emily has come a long way since her freshman year
  • We’re coming up soon on the three-year anniversary of her first HS race, a 24:08 at Pete Moss
    • That freshman season ended with multiple runs in the 20’s
  • For her sophomore season, she showed a similar trajectory, starting the year where she left off as a freshman, then closing with a few performances below 20:00 and contributing as the fifth girl for Pioneer’s surprise State title
  • That theme of steady descent continued into this past fall, where Emily spent a majority of her year in the 18’s, save for the mudbaths at Freeland and Lake Erie.
  • The 2021 season itself was borne out of a track campaign where Emily established herself as a student of the 2 and 4-lappers, times such as 5:13 for the 1600m suggesting a cross country breakthrough that came to fruition
  • Once again, similarities abound with this past track season, where she reached below 5:00, 11:00, and was present on all those national and state championship relays
  • With all the experience gained from the various surroundings, there won’t be many better equipped to handle this upcoming fall

11Emily Cooper18:46.5148.2Pete MossBenzie Central HS28-Aug
11Emily Cooper18:29.3153.2John Bruder ClassicShepherd HS8-Sep
11Emily Cooper18:45.7151.4SEC 1Hudson Mills (South)14-Sep
11Emily Cooper18:47.9154.0SpartanForest Akers17-Sep
11Emily Cooper18:29.5153.2JacksonSharp Park25-Sep
11Emily Cooper18:55.5145.8SEC Red 2Munson Park28-Sep
11Emily Cooper18:23.9156.0PortagePortage West MS9-Oct
11Emily Cooper19:16.2150.9Freeland FalconFreeland16-Oct
11Emily Cooper18:36.5146.8SEC ChampionshipHudson Mills (North)21-Oct
11Emily Cooper19:52.2148.35 Lake ErieLake Erie30-Oct
11Emily Cooper18:44.4142.2D1 StateMIS6-Nov

10Emily Cooper110.1Pioneer/ChelseaPioneer HS2-Sep
10Emily Cooper116.5Pioneer/TecumsehHudson Mills (North)12-Sep
10Emily Cooper114.7Brighton/PioneerPioneer HS16-Sep
10Emily Cooper118.9Northville/PioneerPioneer HS23-Sep
10Emily Cooper112.0Pioneer/SalinePioneer HS3-Oct
10Emily Cooper120.8SEC RedIndian Creek Park17-Oct
10Emily Cooper112.7PR 9Indian Creek Park24-Oct
10Emily Cooper118.7D1 Reg 5Lake Erie31-Oct
10Emily Cooper120.5D1 StateMIS6-Nov

9Emily Cooper31.8Pete MossBenzie Central
9Emily Cooper95.3SpartanForest Akers
9Emily Cooper97.6JacksonSharp Park
9Emily Cooper106.1Coaching LegendsHuron Meadows
9Emily Cooper106.4PortagePortage West MS
9Emily Cooper104.7River RatWillow
9Emily Cooper85.4SECHudson Mills (North)
9Emily Cooper105.5Lake Erie PROMLake Erie

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