50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #6

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  • Following in the footsteps of his brothers Patrick and Ethan comes Sean
    • Both are running at the collegiate level and that opportunity is 100% there for Sean if he so chooses
  • During his sophomore year, he did a great job of establishing himself as someone to watch, this past year, he did an even better job capitalizing on that shown potential
  • In 2019, Plymouth was fresh off a state title, the Michigan running world was wondering if they’d find a 4th or 5th man to capture another one
    • Some of us pegged Sean as a potential contributor, but that unfortunately didn’t come to fruition as his season ended early after a string of 18:00+ performances
  • These past two years, he’s really taken a whole new intensity
    • He spent the entirety of the 2020 championship season in the 16’s, the 2021 season in the low-16’s/high-15’s
  • This past October, those quick times led to honors – his first All-State, a Region 6 title
  • Come spring, he used those accomplishments to vault himself into 3200m success
    • First at New Balance, a shiny new personal best and placed 10th among D1 athletes
    • Then at State Finals, he both moved up 2 spots and hit another PB, kicking hard off a slower early pace
  • Plymouth had one of the better distance-oriented track seasons of anyone at the State, the Wildcats will look to continue that momentum into the fall with Sean at the helm of their accelerating ship

11Sean Byrnes16:49.1189.6A2 Early BirdHuron Meadows2-Sep
11Sean Byrnes16:40.7192.8Tommy TitanCass Benton11-Sep
11Sean Byrnes16:16.4201.2HollySpringfield Oaks18-Sep
11Sean Byrnes16:04.4200.5Coaching LegendsHuron Meadows2-Oct
11Sean Byrnes16:12.3200.6Wayne CountyWillow9-Oct
11Sean Byrnes15:58.7193.4Gabriel RichardHudson Mills (South)16-Oct
11Sean Byrnes16:02.9197.0KLAA ChampionshipHuron Meadows21-Oct
11Sean Byrnes16:18.2198.96 Hudson MillsHudson Mills (North)30-Oct
11Sean Byrnes16:00.5197.8D1 StateMIS6-Nov

10Sean Byrnes165.3Northville/PlymouthCass Benton1-Sep
10Sean Byrnes185.7Hartland/PlymouthHartland HS19-Sep
10Sean Byrnes179.3Franklin/PlymouthCass Benton29-Sep
10Sean Byrnes183.1Brighton/PlymouthCass Benton3-Oct
10Sean Byrnes181.8Hartland/Plymouth/SalemWillow10-Oct
10Sean Byrnes182.3Plymouth/SkylineHuron Meadows13-Oct
10Sean Byrnes185.2KLAAHuron Meadows17-Oct
10Sean Byrnes183.6PR 11Hudson Mills (North)24-Oct
10Sean Byrnes186.8D1 Reg 6Willow31-Oct
10Sean Byrnes191.7D1 StateMIS6-Nov

9Sean Byrnes149.7South LyonIsland Lake
9Sean Byrnes150.6A2 Early BirdHuron Meadows
9Sean Byrnes163.4Tommy TitanCass Benton
9Sean Byrnes160.3HollySpringfield Oaks

  • Drew follows in the footsteps as well, but of EGR greats
    • Anna Petr, Hannah Bodine, Ainsley Workman in recent memory, I’m sure there are many more from the past
  • Drew came into high school pegged for success, breaking 12:00 in cross, running well under that mark on the track
  • But being pegged for success doesn’t mean you’ll gravitate towards success
  • Through hard work and a little bit of patience, her track season was her best yet
  • She gained personal bests in the 800m (2:31 to 2:19) and 1600m (4:55 to 4:51)
    • The 3200m stayed the same, but she never ran a championship race for those eight laps
  • I say championship race for a reason, as she brought a whole new level of focus for those, winning the D2 State 1600m and 4×800, winning the OK White 1600m
  • Tons of talk about track, she’s well-accomplished on the grass as well
    • Sub-18 as a freshman, this past year wasn’t quite as quick, but the accolades ring the same
    • Twice 5th place in Division 2, Twice Regional Champ, and a valuable figure on EGR’s return to the top spot
  • New coach, same goals, having a reliable girl at the front will make Coach Collette’s transition easier and usher in a new era of Pioneer greatness

10Drew Muller19:09.2146.9Portage EBPortage West MS20-Aug
10Drew Muller18:54.9145.4Pete MossBenzie Central HS28-Aug
10Drew Muller19:17.1137.3OK White 1Gainey Fields8-Sep
10Drew Muller19:05.4142.2BathBath HS11-Sep
10Drew Muller18:21.6146.8OK White 2Riverside Park22-Sep
10Drew Muller18:23.6151.8Otsego BulldogOtsego HS2-Oct
10Drew Muller18:20.7145.8OK White 3Brookside GC6-Oct
10Drew Muller18:21.8156.7PortagePortage West MS9-Oct
10Drew Muller18:20.8153.1OK White 4South Christian HS20-Oct
10Drew Muller19:37.9144.714 SFRCSt. Francis Retreat Center29-Oct
10Drew Muller18:23.3148.9D2 StateMIS6-Nov

9Drew Muller142.0Pete MossBenzie Central HS29-Aug
9Drew Muller150.3OK White (GF)Gainey Fields16-Sep
9Drew Muller149.4Cedar Springs MiniCedar Springs Elementary Grounds19-Sep
9Drew Muller152.4OK White 2Lowell HS23-Sep
9Drew Muller158.7Bulldog EliteOtsego HS3-Oct
9Drew Muller154.7OK White ChampionshipByron Center West MS14-Oct
9Drew Muller145.2D2 Reg 11Allendale HS31-Oct
9Drew Muller149.0D2 StateMIS6-Nov

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