50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #4

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  • Out of the multitudes of Northville pack poised for greatness, Brendan was not someone I had on my radar
  • I called this out over in the Region 6 preview, but Coach Dalton’s squad really began to turn heads in 2020 with a quick youth movement
    • Brendan’s first year of cross was 2021
  • He did run track in that 2020-2021 school year, his freshman year, and if you’ve been around the sport long enough, you know any boy breaking 2:15 and 5:00 at a young age is impressive, if developed right, can be a varsity runner or more
  • Yep, he’s been more than just a varsity runner
  • His debut XC season contained a solid, consistent mid-season, running with previously mentioned standouts Ethan Powell, Brady Heron, and whomever else Northville can throw at you
    • In late October, we started to see him kick it up a notch
    • First a 16:01, good for 4th at KLAA
    • Then at State, his first jaunt into the 15’s, a 15:51, good for 18th
  • Like a few guys mentioned earlier, Brendan pushed boundaries during indoor, then broke though all those boundaries during outdoor
    • A 4:18 at the MITS 1600m gained him a 6th place finish
  • After running in the 4:20s and grinding through some 3200ms for the early part of the year, Brendan threw down a 1:57 against Howell, then threw down a 4:14 for an important dual against Brighton
  • Those efforts set the stage for a tremendous state meet, where he was a part of the Mustangs’ dominant 4×8 quartet, came back with a 4:10 for the 1600m (if not for Seth Norder, this is a Michigan sophomore record – yep, better than Ritz, Fisher, Brazier), then even after all that, a 1:55 in the 800m
  • And the scary part is he doesn’t have to do it all alone, that mean pack of Northville boys are right on his tail, a great support system for which will be a blazing next two years

10Brendan Herger16:59.2191.3LamplighterFord Field20-Aug
10Brendan Herger16:28.4192.9BathBath HS11-Sep
10Brendan Herger16:34.0196.7SpartanForest Akers17-Sep
10Brendan Herger16:45.1196.6Cleverley Friday NightAnchor Bay HS24-Sep
10Brendan Herger16:19.6198.1Wayne CountyWillow9-Oct
10Brendan Herger16:01.8197.4KLAA ChampionshipHuron Meadows21-Oct
10Brendan Herger16:23.7197.16 Hudson MillsHudson Mills (North)30-Oct
10Brendan Herger15:51.3200.9D1 StateMIS6-Nov

  • From afar, Rochester does things the right way, and a girl such as Lucy is much better off for it
  • We didn’t see her in any elite miles, 3200s, tripling/quadrupling at any meet this spring, in the fall, she ran ten races total
  • As a result, she might be underrated by these ratings and rankings, her cross season taking awhile to get cranking
    • But when it did, damn did she ever move
  • On a slow day at Possum Hollow, she put away the field in the last half of the race, claiming her first championship crown by almost 20 seconds
  • At State in the first few miles, she left people confused, questioning “who’s that Rochester girl?”, but those of us in the awards room knew what she was up to
    • Her splits on that giant stage – 5:42, 5:50, 5:49, a patient race with a speedy close
  • That patience paid off this past track season, both in her racing and the planning of her season
  • Like I mentioned earlier, the Falcons kept it close to the vest for much of the spring, but when it was time to roll, she repeated her cross country breakout
  • Come late May, she captured titles in the 800 and 1600m at Oakland County, a 3200m at the Lapeer Regional, the 3200m at OAA Red/White
  • Although blessed with some of the best closing speed in the state, she saved herself for the 3200m, where she patiently hung in a pack of three until the last lap, where she comfortably kicked into 2nd place
  • We might not see much come October, but that’s fine, when titles are on the line, we know Lucy will be there

9Lucy Cook14:40.2 (4k)145.3Golden GrizzlyOakland University3-Sep
9Lucy Cook19:19.4143.5OAA White 1Bloomer Park14-Sep
9Lucy Cook18:57.2150.9SpartanForest Akers17-Sep
9Lucy Cook19:04.8141.7HansonsFreedom Hill2-Oct
9Lucy Cook18:57.8153.7Oakland CountyPossum Hollow9-Oct
9Lucy Cook19:51.0133.7OxfordFriendship Park15-Oct
9Lucy Cook18:32.8149.7OAA White 3Hess Hathaway22-Oct
9Lucy Cook17:50.8160.1D1 StateMIS6-Nov
9Lucy Cook17:49.0161.3MMOCShepherd HS13-Nov

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