50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #1

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  • Let Arianne be a shining example that if you continually put time into the sport, press on daily, you will reap the benefits
  • At the beginning of her high school career, Arianne hit the course hard, nabbing her first sub-18 at Spartan, reducing time week by week until she cracked a 17:26 at Regionals, claiming victory
    • The following week, placing 2nd at State, helping her Panther squad get 7th
  • But her sophomore year was a bump in road, at least time-wise
    • Ask any Olympian, All-American, heck our Natosha Rogers was out of the sport for a few years before making her first World team
    • The scary part is Arianne’s “down” season ended in another sub-18, an OK Red title, and another top-10 MIS finish
  • All these experiences, the many giant races were necessary in creating her junior season, track and cross combined, her best to date
    • New lows were set on the grass, a 16:45 at Otsego Bulldog(!)
    • Another set of titles at OK Red and Regionals
    • Another top-10 finish in Brooklyn (3rd)
    • And a 13th place at Eastbay Nationals
  • Her track season began to ramp up at Barnyard, where she used a furious kick to narrowly snatch a victory
    • This effort was followed by her 10:06 in the 3200m, ranking #9 amongst all nationwide
  • D1 Track Finals are where she reaped the benefits, in the 3200m, ripping a quick early pace and daring anyone to follow
    • Not a soul did and we were finally left with a State Champion
  • West Ottawa has high aspirations this fall and I can’t think of anyone better to lead the Panthers on their prowl

11Arianne Olson17:43.7175.4Portage EBPortage West MS20-Aug
11Arianne Olson17:21.4182.5Under the Lights (GRSC)South Christian HS27-Aug
11Arianne Olson17:40.8171.4BredewegMacatawa Bay MS11-Sep
11Arianne Olson17:28.5180.5SpartanForest Akers17-Sep
11Arianne Olson17:11.4167.9OK Red 1Grand Haven HS21-Sep
11Arianne Olson16:45.0184.7Otsego BulldogOtsego HS2-Oct
11Arianne Olson17:40.0169.7OK Red 2Macatawa Bay MS5-Oct
11Arianne Olson17:12.8179.7PortagePortage West MS9-Oct
11Arianne Olson17:04.0170.0OK Red ConferenceRiverside Park21-Oct
11Arianne Olson17:12.3169.93 PortagePortage West MS29-Oct
11Arianne Olson17:36.8164.7D1 StateMIS6-Nov

10Arianne Olson147.6Holland West Ottawa/Portage CentralPortage West MS28-Aug
10Arianne Olson143.3HWO/RockfordMacatawa Bay MS22-Sep
10Arianne Olson155.4Cougar FalconGainey Fields26-Sep
10Arianne Olson145.2Grandville/HWOSouth Christian Sports Park29-Sep
10Arianne Olson140.2Caledonia/HWOCaledonia HS2-Oct
10Arianne Olson154.8West OttawaRiverside Park10-Oct
10Arianne Olson130.7GH/HWOGrand Haven HS13-Oct
10Arianne Olson140.8PR 5Macatawa Bay MS24-Oct
10Arianne Olson145.4D1 Reg 3Portage West MS30-Oct
10Arianne Olson156.5D1 StateMIS6-Nov

9Arianne Olson164.5BredewegMacatawa Bay MS
9Arianne Olson174.3SpartanForest Akers
9Arianne Olson166.7Otsego BulldogOtsego HS
9Arianne Olson165.3PortagePortage West MS
9Arianne Olson164.8OK RedRiverside Park
9Arianne Olson168.03Portage West MS
9Arianne Olson166.7D1 StateMIS

  • You just can’t ignore the titles and times, the confidence and the grind
  • If there’s a D3 race where Hunter hasn’t run a race prior, it’s a lock – Hunter will blaze from the gun and the field will be left in disarray
    • This has happened on the cross course, undefeated in any MHSAA competition
    • And too on the track, where he’s a 3x State champion
  • Hunter and Coach Kelly have together found a great recipe, Asa guiding him towards the many titles but not overworking him into a high school prodigy that burns out
  • Last year, I referred to him as a Woody Kincaid clone and I still stand by that, he’s not out of any race, great evidence from this year being his battle back into contention at New Balance Outdoors
  • He’ll be off to Wake Forest next year, a program on the rise with a ton of results in the 5k/10k
    • Prediction: he’ll be a 10k monster
  • To some it may be monotonous, boring, but please take note of the history, it’s very rare that we see a talent such as Hunter’s, a winner as well – let’s appreciate it the best we can

11Hunter Jones15:00.4222.2Pete MossBenzie Central HS28-Aug
11Hunter Jones15:48.3199.2NWC 1Buckley HS14-Sep
11Hunter Jones15:29.1218.3SpartanForest Akers17-Sep
11Hunter Jones15:14.4208.9CadillacVeterans Serving Veterans Park25-Sep
11Hunter Jones15:45.9210.0NWC 2Kingsley HS28-Sep
11Hunter Jones14:56.1220.3BluejayShepherd HS2-Oct
11Hunter Jones14:52.3225.2PortagePortage West MS9-Oct
11Hunter Jones16:07.7211.8Freeland FalconFreeland16-Oct
11Hunter Jones14:44.3211.620 BenzieBenzie Central HS30-Oct
11Hunter Jones15:08.4211.9D3 StateMIS6-Nov

10Hunter Jones216.1Pete MossBenzie Central HS29-Aug
10Hunter Jones210.9Benzie TriBenzie Central HS12-Sep
10Hunter Jones210.3Ottawa HillsRiverside Park18-Sep
10Hunter Jones214.6PetoskeyPetoskey MS26-Sep
10Hunter Jones178.1NWC Jamboree 2Benzie Central29-Sep
10Hunter Jones211.3Shepherd BluejayShepherd HS3-Oct
10Hunter Jones216.2BengalsRiverside Park9-Oct
10Hunter Jones209.5PR 39Benzie Central HS19-Oct
10Hunter Jones206.8D3 Reg 20Buckley HS31-Oct
10Hunter Jones210.0D3 StateMIS7-Nov

9Hunter Jones203.9Pete MossBenzie Central
9Hunter Jones206.6Mud RunCharlevoix HS
9Hunter Jones205.1SpartanForest Akers
9Hunter Jones207.0Hot DogCentennial GC
9Hunter Jones208.8BlueJayShepherd HS
9Hunter Jones209.2FreelandStratford Woods
9Hunter Jones206.2Scottie ClassicShepherd HS
9Hunter Jones204.120Benzie Central
9Hunter Jones208.3D3 StateMIS

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