2022 Mid-Season Regional Projections – Sharp Park Regional



  • Gosh, Hillsdale Academy and Adrian Lenawee Christian are pretty much the same as projected
    • Hillsdale Academy did lose Cole Bates, but many of their top performers from last year are performing at an admirable level
    • Alex Richards has done a superb job of filling Cole’s role, two great races back to back at Holly and Jackson
    • Lenawee Christian scarily equals the projections, and these rankings cover the meets before the Cougars experienced The Workout, which always brings forth a new level of grit for championship season
  • Michael Allen, Javin Mericle, and Zach Martinez have all been crucial in the uptick of East Jackson and Morenci
  • I did take a little peek at what the D4 Girls Rankings would’ve been this week, and if I recall correctly, Hillsdale Academy would’ve moved up in a good way
    • The Colt girls just finished 3rd at Jackson, ahead of many D3 teams, ahead of many RANKED D3 teams
    • All of their top 5 achieved a season or personal best, girls such as Ruth Brownlee knocking almost a minute off their previous best.
      • That jump from 21:00 to 20:15 will encompass a ton of the pack at a State Meet
  • Addison has moved into the 3rd spot, only fitting with an extra little presence on their shoulder during races
    • Stephanie Hernandez has done her thing up front, already racing faster than her State Finals effort from last year

PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
1Hillsdale Academy4125812141920
2Adrian Lenawee Christian44461011132736
4East Jackson103372832333444

PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl
1Hillsdale Academy27
4Adrian Lenawee Christian9911726272835

112Tyler BaysReading186.2
211Thomas HolmHillsdale Academy177.8
312Evan SuydamPetersburg-Summerfield171.6
411Michael AllenEast Jackson170.5
59Pierson CousinoAdrian Lenawee Christian159.1
612Kade SpahrPittsford158.7
79Grayson RorickHillsdale Academy157.5
812Lucas LangeAdrian Lenawee Christian157.5
911Javin MericleEast Jackson157.1
1012Caleb DienerHillsdale Academy154.6
1110Diego BoColeJackson Preparatory154.2
1212Grant LongAdrian Lenawee Christian153.4
1311Nathan DanielsAdrian Lenawee Christian148.8
1410Reece PooleHillsdale Academy148.5
1510Joel LangeAdrian Lenawee Christian142.6
1610Alex RichardsHillsdale Academy142.5
1712Bryson BachelderMorenci142.0
1810Nick GardnerVandercook Lake132.9
199Peyton FowlerReading130.8
2010Zachary MartinezMorenci130.4

110Izzy BrooksAdrian Lenawee Christian114.3
212Megan RobertsHillsdale Academy112.8
310Ava MallarPittsford108.9
49Ruth BrownleeHillsdale Academy106.9
511Brooke SmithPittsford96.4
610Ella WaltonHillsdale Academy95.8
79Emersyn BachelderMorenci85.7
812Whitney WilkinsonHillsdale Academy82.4
99Abby BrownleeHillsdale Academy74.9
1010Madison SallowsHillsdale Academy71.7
1110Riley McCumberPittsford71.6
1210Stephanie HernandezAddison71.2
1312Olivia OrtellJackson Preparatory62.8
1410Priya MericleEast Jackson57.9
1510Taylor LautermilchCamden-Frontier54.6
1611Kariana CarpenterJackson Preparatory50.9
1711Iris MilliesHillsdale Academy49.6
1811Leah RorickMorenci49.1
1910Sophia FalaterReading43.2
2010Aubrey ApplemanBritton Deerfield34.8



  • Hanover-Horton and Jackson Lumen Christi just do it year after year
    • It’s not just having the lead runners such as Madison Osterberg and Rogan Melling, it’s about bringing Macy Fazekas and Zach Hassenzahl into the sport, it’s about developing Austin Brown and Gabrielle Osterberg
      • Last fall, Gabrielle ran 25:16 at Michigan Catholic, this fall a 21:19
      • Jackson, she progressed from 21:22 to 20:42
      • Austin was above 19:00 for much of his first three years, he’s now developed into much more – running in the 17’s or faster each and every time out
  • Leslie owes much of their 2nd place projection to junior Erik Dexter, who just finished the race of his life, a 19:04 at this very course. For perspective, his freshman year ended after two races, the best of those two was a 25:02
  • The Girls Top 3 is undoubtedly one of the stronger regional trios in the State, even within that, Onsted is running much faster than expected
    • Of course, Emmry Ross plays a role, looking like a potential State Champion with each succeeding race
    • Standing out to me over the weekend were her unrelenting even splits, by my watch, sticking close to 5:40 all throughout, running alone the entire way
    • Their greater influencers in the scoring are Allyson Robarge and Allie England, this weekend each running significant PB’s on Jackson’s South Side

PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy

112Rogan MellingHanover-Horton189.2
212Austin BrownHanover-Horton182.5
312Cameron PierceLeslie182.4
411Alex CzeiszpergerHudson182.0
511Gannon ShoreJackson Lumen Christi174.5
612Ashton WellsBronson171.2
710Mitchell HiattOnsted168.6
812Rhett ReifQuincy168.3
910Landon BoulisHanover-Horton166.5
1011Nolan GrantHillsdale165.3
1112Brody AmthorOnsted165.2
1212Aden HathawayBronson162.4
1311Evan ShepherdHanover-Horton161.7
1411Kyler PequetNapoleon161.6
1512Ethan LubahnLeslie160.9
169Ben GautscheUnion City159.7
1710Isaiah DinvernoJackson Lumen Christi159.2
189Zach HassenzahlHanover-Horton158.9
1911Gavin VanKampenJonesville157.9
2010Miles BrownHillsdale156.9

110Emmry RossOnsted156.6
211Madison OsterbergJackson Lumen Christi148.4
312Kara TerakedisOnsted142.3
49Hailey CreisherLeslie122.2
59Macy FazekasJackson Lumen Christi117.3
610Erin LubahnLeslie115.8
710Chloe StalhoodHillsdale111.7
810Layla LopezJackson Lumen Christi109.4
912Hope WilkesBrooklyn Columbia Central107.4
1010Jaidyn SmithLeslie105.0
1110Ava HathawayBronson104.2
1212Gabrielle OsterbergJackson Lumen Christi99.5
1311Sydney FazekasJackson Lumen Christi93.4
1410Skyler FraleyUnion City87.5
1510Thia TelloJackson Lumen Christi85.5
169Savannah ArnettLeslie84.0
1712Sarah AnastasiadisJackson Lumen Christi81.9
189Ashlynn HarrisBronson81.5
1912Allyson RobargeOnsted77.6
2012Megan SterlyHomer75.0

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