2022 Ratings – Shrine Regional

Boys Adjustment: +40
Girls Adjustment: +32


How Right/Wrong Was I? Perfect on this sucker. 73/84.


Dean Moshier, Oakland Christian: Starting as a freshman and sophomore running in the 21’s and 22’s, Dean has steadily worked his way down to this, an 18:06 on Friday. This effort was good enough for 14th place and his first trip to MIS.

Michaela Kurth, Lutheran Westland: A nearly 20 second season best makes it Michaela’s FOURTH consecutive All-Region finish.

12Christopher Russelburg16:37.9Allen Park Cabrini174.0
12Alex Meszaros17:12.1Riverview Gabriel Richard162.6
10Tom Shafer17:21.9Lutheran HS Westland159.4
12Merrick Michaelson17:24.1West Bloomfield Frankel Jewish Academy158.6
11TJ Donnan17:27.5Southfield Christian157.5
9Abenezer Cerone17:27.6Royal Oak Shrine157.5
11Tyler Lenn17:36.2Marine City Cardinal Mooney154.6
12Matthew Zammit Jr.17:41.1Marine City Cardinal Mooney153.0
11Luke Douglas17:45.5Auburn Hills Oakland Christian151.5
12Johnny Benko17:46.3Riverview Gabriel Richard151.2
9Michael Bowker17:49.0Royal Oak Shrine150.3
10Seth Slater17:57.5Southfield Christian147.5
9Max Brannan18:03.9Lutheran HS Westland145.4
12Dean Moshier18:06.4Auburn Hills Oakland Christian144.5
11Isaac Zammit18:06.8Marine City Cardinal Mooney144.4
11AJ Owen18:22.4Birmingham Roeper139.2
12Arline Lile18:30.5Royal Oak Shrine136.5
12Dominic Catallo18:31.5Lutheran HS Westland136.2
12Brayden McKay18:32.0Allen Park Cabrini136.0
11Jeffrey McGuire18:34.2Lutheran HS Westland135.3
12Logan Eiden18:37.2Allen Park Cabrini134.3
9Ryder Dayton18:38.6Rochester Hills Lutheran NW133.8
12Andrew Bowers18:52.2Detroit Frederick Douglass129.3
10Carson Dybowski18:56.7Rochester Hills Lutheran NW127.8
9Goni Wong18:56.8Birmingham Roeper127.7
12Luke Witte18:57.4Lutheran HS Westland127.5
10Noam Goel18:58.1West Bloomfield Frankel Jewish Academy127.3
11Max Procissi19:07.1Marine City Cardinal Mooney124.3
12Mitchell Graveline19:08.9Royal Oak Shrine123.7
9Joseph Stevens19:15.1Southfield Christian121.6
10Ralph Kaleniecki19:15.6Allen Park Cabrini121.5
10Jack Luzynski19:17.5Marine City Cardinal Mooney120.8
9Andrew Abramowicz19:18.0Lutheran HS Westland120.7
11Nathan Betke19:19.7Lutheran HS Westland120.1
11Ashford Garley19:23.2Detroit Frederick Douglass118.9
12Donald Blakeley19:23.9Marine City Cardinal Mooney118.7
12Kieran Fix19:31.1Allen Park Cabrini116.3
10Joseph Kemp19:31.5Royal Oak Shrine116.2
9Dominic Barretto19:31.9Riverview Gabriel Richard116.0
11Austin Ahler19:38.1Rochester Hills Lutheran NW114.0
10Evan Jacobs19:42.9Marine City Cardinal Mooney112.4
9Maxwell Gearhart19:51.4Auburn Hills Oakland Christian109.5
9Josiah Zarrilli19:52.1Auburn Hills Oakland Christian109.3
11Larry Hollowell20:04.5Detroit Frederick Douglass105.2
12Nickell Mornat20:09.2Warren Michigan Math and Science103.6
11Anthony Buford20:09.9Detroit Frederick Douglass103.4
10Andrew Gerrits20:12.2Birmingham Roeper102.6
11Robert O’Dell20:16.6Royal Oak Shrine101.1
12Drew Colton20:19.5Royal Oak Shrine100.2
10Tavion Flemming20:19.7Detroit Frederick Douglass100.1
9Ethan Cunningham20:21.6Riverview Gabriel Richard99.5
12Sundiata Simpson20:29.2Detroit Davis Aerospace96.9
11Michael Pugh20:30.7New Haven Merritt Academy96.4
12Lemuel Appling20:34.9Detroit Davis Aerospace95.0
12Samuel Wenzel20:35.9Austin Catholic94.7
10Jack Fitzgerald20:36.8Allen Park Cabrini94.4
12Ethan Bryant20:40.5Auburn Hills Oakland Christian93.2
9Andrew Rosso20:40.8Austin Catholic93.1
9Carter Russelburg20:41.2Allen Park Cabrini92.9
10Nico DiPonio20:41.9Austin Catholic92.7
11Charles Howell20:42.8Austin Catholic92.4
11Keith Anthony20:54.3Detroit Frederick Douglass88.6
12Jakob Oetzel21:01.5Huron Valley Lutheran86.2
9Titus Gorsegner21:12.4Huron Valley Lutheran82.5
11Adam Weingartz21:13.0Austin Catholic82.3
10Charlie Radziszewski21:17.9Auburn Hills Oakland Christian80.7
11Charles Patterson21:22.7Detroit Davis Aerospace79.1
12Deontae Stalling21:27.7Warren Michigan Math and Science77.4
9Ren Yamamoto21:42.8Birmingham Roeper72.4
12Lucas Gaertner22:00.7Rochester Hills Lutheran NW66.4
10Isaiah Harrison-Lizbinski22:16.3Sterling Heights Parkway61.2
10Sharone Russ22:17.3Taylor Trillium Academy60.9
11Stephon Twitty22:18.1Taylor Trillium Academy60.6
11Joshua Muma22:26.5Auburn Hills Oakland Christian57.8
10Michael LaPrise22:28.7Austin Catholic57.1
10Nathan Korogiannos22:41.0Riverview Gabriel Richard53.0
11Benjamin Drummelsmith22:57.6Rochester Hills Lutheran NW47.5
10Quan Sun23:13.3Huron Valley Lutheran42.2
10Oskar Zakonjsek23:37.8Birmingham Roeper34.1
10Ian Knox23:42.3Taylor Trillium Academy32.6
10Nathaniel Harrison-Lizbinski24:00.0Sterling Heights Parkway26.7
11Luke Stibor24:17.9Birmingham Roeper20.7
11Jordyn Ratliff24:51.8Taylor Trillium Academy9.4
9Anthony Robinson25:18.2Detroit Davis Aerospace0.6

11Ava Teed19:07.9Allen Park Cabrini125.4
10Eliza Keith19:24.6Auburn Hills Oakland Christian119.8
12Erika Van Loton19:43.9Huron Valley Lutheran113.4
11Leah Zarrilli20:22.8Auburn Hills Oakland Christian100.4
12Mackenzie Lemke20:26.4Rochester Hills Lutheran NW99.2
12Helana Napiorkowski20:35.1Austin Catholic96.3
10Natalie Gibbs21:03.8Birmingham Roeper86.7
12Madeleine Barge21:05.0Rochester Hills Lutheran NW86.3
11Abby Rice21:05.2Rochester Hills Lutheran NW86.3
12Julia Troxel21:07.6Rochester Hills Lutheran NW85.5
12Natalie Malczyk21:10.6Huron Valley Lutheran84.5
9Madisyn Smith21:12.3Allen Park Cabrini83.9
12Michaela Kurth21:18.4Lutheran HS Westland81.9
10Isobel Malcolm21:26.1Royal Oak Shrine79.3
11Morgan McNally21:27.5Acad Of The Sacred Heart78.8
11Karis Keith21:28.8Auburn Hills Oakland Christian78.4
11Kendall Zaliwski21:34.9Rochester Hills Lutheran NW76.4
10Tess Tillman21:42.8Royal Oak Shrine73.7
10Rose Losey21:46.0Royal Oak Shrine72.7
12Emma Burrell21:48.3Rochester Hills Lutheran NW71.9
9Eleanor Cole21:52.9Lutheran HS Westland70.4
11Grace Ligon21:57.8Southfield Christian68.7
12Maura Gum22:00.8Royal Oak Shrine67.7
10Rita Luhring22:05.6Rochester Hills Lutheran NW66.1
10Chloe Surhigh22:12.4Royal Oak Shrine63.9
9Raley Keith22:16.6Auburn Hills Oakland Christian62.5
9Maya Ferguson22:17.7Marine City Cardinal Mooney62.1
12Meg Gleeson22:19.9Royal Oak Shrine61.4
11Nicole Teed22:25.2Allen Park Cabrini59.6
10Annaliese Losey22:26.3Royal Oak Shrine59.2
12Elaine Teed22:28.6Allen Park Cabrini58.5
11Leah Kroge23:21.7Auburn Hills Oakland Christian40.8
12Lillian Paschke23:32.5Riverview Gabriel Richard37.2
10Grace Kendziuk23:58.0Allen Park Cabrini28.7
12Mattie Hanselman24:24.8Huron Valley Lutheran19.7
9Sarah Abazi24:38.4Southfield Christian15.2
12Jenna Oberly24:42.9Lutheran HS Westland13.7
9AvaLee Pomper24:53.5New Haven Merritt Academy10.2
11Emma Smith24:55.6Auburn Hills Oakland Christian9.5
11Ashley Pelc25:00.1Allen Park Cabrini8.0
11Amy Tran25:05.0Allen Park Cabrini6.3
9Jeannelyn Newsome25:20.1Birmingham Roeper1.3

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