2022 Ratings: Division 2 Girls State Finals

State FinishTeamSummerWeek 2Week 3Week 4Champ. SeasonCounty WeekLeague WeekState Projection
2East Grand Rapids11111111
3Grand Rapids Christian32223332
4St. Joseph119567656
5Forest Hills Eastern45645774
6Spring Lake7151476445
8Zeeland East153454567
9St. Johns1214121510101010

Otsego: A prime example of every runner having importance and playing a role. A common downfall of any team with a tremendously strong top four and a “weaker” fifth (quotations are necessary, Rebekah Stachura  would be varsity on 98% of teams in the state) is that the pressure is too much for the first four to perform and one falls apart. The Bulldogs embraced the stakes, didn’t fold, and a few of their girls were able to reach their best efforts of the season. Emma Hoffman was the major surprise, the freshman moving all the way into 2nd place. Logan Brazee, Taylor Mitchell, and Stachura all ran close to their season best. And I should mention that they return their entire top 5…

Drew Muller, East Grand Rapids: Drew faced the battle of being the leader of a team in contention and the favorite to win it all, and with this victory, girl came through in all the necessary ways. Her season began with a slow start – her first victory coming at Cougar Falcon, but after that, it was first after first. Six straight victories to close out the year, three sub-18’s, and a decisive 10 second margin in her championship win here. The benefit of taking my time getting to these is that I get to display a characteristic that aids Drew’s greatness:


I don’t think it’s any coincidence that she finds success on the course and track, then is a kind person on top of it all.

Emily Tomes, Grand Rapids Catholic Central: Emily has always had a penchant for bringing her best when it counts. That was apparent as a freshman, shocking the world on the way to a 8th place finish. Heading down the finishing stretch, she was in 8th place, but apparently not satisfied with just another top-10 placing. From the 3 mile mark to the finish, she had the second fastest split of anyone in D2 (31.4 seconds, 4:53 pace), catapulting into the top-5.

Summer Brower, Ludington: Only beat her projections by, idk, 40 spots? The State Meet capped a three week stretch where Summer hit sub-20 on three consecutive efforts. Two of those were at Chippewa Hills, always a tough track, and those Remus mountains prepared her for a 20+ second personal best at MIS.

Alisa Mason, Holland: Senior season contained one of the more precipitous drops you’ll see. Alisa’s personal best as a junior was above 22:00. As a sophomore, almost at 26:00. With these dramatic drops, Alisa’s senior year was a fall of firsts. First top-10 placing in the OK Green, first state qualifier, first time under 20 and 19:00, and first All-State effort. And even with all those firsts, she still was able to conjure up enough motivation to subtract an additional 30 seconds off her best the following week at Shepherd.

Adrian: Unranked for much of the year, the Maples used their championship season to show they belonged on the D2 map. The Adrian girls nabbed three straight wins at Lenawee County, SEC White, and Region 18, that Milan Regional being a PR fest (seven of the nine girls that competed attained a lifetime best). The confidence from that late October stretch led to a masterful performance, the Maples moving up six spots in the final 1.1 miles to grab the final spot in the top-10.

Adjustment: +5

11Drew Muller18:18.5East Grand Rapids152.2
9Emma Hoffman18:27.8Otsego149.1
11Mary Richmond18:32.1Frankenmuth147.6
11Natalie VanOtteren18:38.0GR_Christian145.7
11Emily Tomes18:39.8GR_Catholic Central145.1
11Allison Kuzma18:41.6Zeeland East144.5
11Logan Brazee18:43.0Otsego144.0
11Megan Germain18:47.6Otsego142.5
12Camryn Bodine18:53.8East Grand Rapids140.4
12Alisa Mason18:54.1Holland140.3
11Jenna Pilachowski18:54.8Monroe Jefferson140.1
11Gail Vaikutis18:56.3St. Joseph139.6
11Clara Fletcher18:56.7St. Johns139.4
10Taylor Mitchell18:57.1Otsego139.3
10Sadey Seyferth19:02.0East Grand Rapids137.7
10Elena Figueroa19:05.3St. Joseph136.6
11Addison Washler19:08.6FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern135.5
10Summer Brower19:09.5Ludington135.2
12Lily Parker19:10.1Spring Lake135.0
11Meghan Ford19:10.2Mason134.9
12Sarah Dixon19:10.4FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern134.9
11CamBrie Corey19:10.5Petoskey134.8
12Emma Janesak19:10.6Sparta134.8
11Abby Young19:11.4St. Johns134.5
9Lilah Poel19:11.5GR_Christian134.5
12Sophie Endrud19:12.1Detroit Country Day134.3
11Payton Holtz19:12.1GR_Christian134.3
12Kaylee Pesta19:12.3Tecumseh134.2
12Olivia Ippel19:13.3St. Joseph133.9
10Kamryn Lauinger19:14.2Goodrich133.6
10Jaiden Griffith19:17.5Williamston132.5
10Nicole Schafer19:19.2Williamston131.9
11Ashlyn Smith19:20.3FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern131.6
11Remington Arney19:26.8Newaygo129.4
9Alexis Kotkowicz19:28.5Spring Lake128.8
11Anastee Davis19:30.0Adrian128.3
11Yoselin Fermin-Campos19:30.0Adrian128.3
10Kayla Williams19:33.6DeWitt127.1
11Sophia Lado19:35.8East Grand Rapids126.4
9Natalie Foltz19:36.3Frankenmuth126.2
10Sophy Skeels19:38.6Adrian125.5
10Eva Thompson19:39.3Croswell-Lexington125.2
9Brooklynn Brown19:39.4Cadillac125.2
11Libby Summerland19:40.1Owosso125.0
9Linnea Paige19:40.3Fremont124.9
11Emma Steele19:43.0Vicksburg124.0
9Katie Berkshire19:43.4Gaylord123.9
10Natalia DeMea19:43.5Chelsea123.8
10Joy Evans19:44.7Alma123.4
11Nora O’Leary19:44.8Petoskey123.4
10Lexie Ruffing19:45.4Spring Lake123.2
10Maria Nunning19:47.1Pontiac Notre Dame Prep122.6
10Layla Jordan19:47.9Goodrich122.4
12Olivia Barabas19:49.5Wayland Union121.8
12Abigail Petr19:51.8East Grand Rapids121.1
11Emma DeVries19:52.6GR_West Michigan Aviation120.8
12Ariana Treat19:52.8Whitehall120.7
10Ava Crews19:55.6Middleville Thornapple-Kellogg119.8
10Josie Jenkinson19:55.6Owosso119.8
10Desiree Duque-Rico19:58.8GR_West Michigan Aviation118.7
10Brooklyn Khon19:59.3Armada118.6
12Ellory Clason19:59.5FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern118.5
10Madeline Loe19:59.8Petoskey118.4
10Marisa Chuey20:00.1Trenton118.3
12Sarah Timmer20:00.4GR_Christian118.2
12Abby O’Brien20:01.5Comstock Park117.8
9Meredith Cook20:01.7Zeeland East117.8
11Camille DeCola20:02.7Marshall117.4
9Chloe Rinzema20:02.7GR_South Christian117.4
11Hannah Raglin20:04.6Alma116.8
9Berkley Holtz20:05.2Sturgis116.6
10Elizabeth Ambroggio20:05.7Warren Regina116.4
10Avery Byrne20:05.8Goodrich116.4
11Alexis Waring20:06.9Goodrich116.0
10Emma Drnek20:07.1Zeeland East116.0
11Cecilia Ruchti20:07.4St. Joseph115.9
12Ariel Warner20:08.1Shepherd115.6
12Kayla Barna20:08.4GR_West Michigan Aviation115.5
10Molly Johnston20:08.5New Boston Huron115.5
11Adia Sikkema20:08.7GR_Christian115.4
9Emma Crandell20:08.8Owosso115.4
10Kathryn Kurtinaitis20:09.2Dearborn Divine Child115.3
9Gracie Lynn20:10.1East Grand Rapids115.0
12Alyssa Gerritsma20:10.7Holland Christian114.8
12Lauren Hunter20:10.7Haslett114.8
9Rebekah Stachura20:12.6Otsego114.1
11Bea Reeser20:13.7Spring Lake113.8
10Autumn Thompson20:13.8DeWitt113.7
11Ellia Agar20:14.7GR_South Christian113.4
10Madison Johnson20:19.4Paw Paw111.9
9CC Kuras20:20.4Zeeland East111.5
9Josie Longcore20:20.6Plainwell111.5
10Maddie Bruxvoort20:20.7Hudsonville Unity Christian111.4
11Morgan Newton20:24.9Croswell-Lexington110.0
10Madison Morris20:25.4Tecumseh109.9
12Ava Buhlman20:27.4Allendale109.2
12Catrina Farris20:27.8Hamilton109.1
9Elise Barden20:28.4Frankenmuth108.9
12Gianna-Marie Schubert20:29.3Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard108.6
9Jada Prescott20:31.5Freeland107.8
10Karie Keefer20:31.6Freeland107.8
10Mea D’Agostino20:32.6Orchard Lake St. Mary’s107.5
12Veronica Fitzgerald20:32.8Monroe Jefferson107.4
9Reese Supianoski20:32.9Williamston107.4
12Ava Pergitone20:33.4St. Clair107.2
12Eleanor Cool20:35.2Cadillac106.6
10Jenna Overla20:35.9Alma106.4
10Natalie Steward20:36.3Goodrich106.2
9Meghan Guczwa20:36.5Spring Lake106.2
11Riley Peer20:37.7Monroe Jefferson105.8
9Chloe Khon20:37.7Jackson Northwest105.8
10Skylee Ames20:38.5Gaylord105.5
11Naomi Nelson20:39.1GR_Christian105.3
11Addie Grill20:40.3Zeeland East104.9
10Megan Woelkers20:40.4Flat Rock104.9
12Elleah Berger20:41.2Williamston104.6
9Samantha Brown20:41.2Clio104.6
11Jennifer Hernandez20:41.5Three Rivers104.5
9Miriam Kloha20:41.7St. Johns104.4
11Ava Boggs20:44.7Flint Kearsley103.4
10Autumn Brower20:44.7Ludington103.4
12Sa’Nyah Wilkes20:45.9Redford Westfield Prep103.0
11Sylvia Thomas20:46.0St. Johns103.0
11Katie Riemersma20:46.8Spring Lake102.7
11Brooklyn Springvloed20:46.9GR_South Christian102.7
9Gabby Cleveland20:47.0Frankenmuth102.7
10Abby Robinson20:50.5Gladwin101.5
9Abby Russel20:50.5Haslett101.5
9Isabella Dunn20:50.7Goodrich101.4
12Brooke Matusik20:51.5Chelsea101.2
11Paige Kloha20:51.6Freeland101.1
9Mavee Clark20:52.4Adrian100.9
12Claire Ritchey20:53.1Edwardsburg100.6
11Brianna Albers20:53.3Richmond100.6
12Megan Leneman20:53.3Ionia100.6
12Erica Feldpausch20:54.0St. Johns100.3
9Avery Turk20:54.4New Boston Huron100.2
10Lauren Thompson20:56.1Chelsea99.6
10Lillian Rutallie20:56.6Marysville99.5
10Nadia Grierson20:57.0Ludington99.3
9Mattie Gagne20:57.2Midland Bullock Creek99.3
11Jade Murdoch20:59.8St. Joseph98.4
12Katelyn LaRue21:01.3GR_Christian97.9
10Taylor Klimp21:02.9Otsego97.4
12Claire Agnew21:03.7Owosso97.1
10Lainey Yearling21:03.9Coldwater97.0
11Abagayle Barkley21:04.0Croswell-Lexington97.0
12Hayley Heinrich21:04.1Zeeland East97.0
12Madyson Oudbier21:06.2Sparta96.3
12Regan Hill21:06.8Cadillac96.1
11Seren Angus21:07.2Chelsea95.9
12Kate Laidlaw21:07.2FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern95.9
12Amanda Laughery21:07.8Vicksburg95.7
12Halle Overmire21:07.8GR_South Christian95.7
12Elle Himebaugh21:08.1Shepherd95.6
11Ava Fahrenkopf21:10.0Linden95.0
12Madison Duvall21:13.7Monroe Jefferson93.8
12Anne May21:13.8Macomb Lutheran North93.7
10Nell Stover21:14.1Detroit Country Day93.6
11Reagan Brooks21:17.8Linden92.4
10Kim Miller21:19.6Monroe Jefferson91.8
11Casidhe Flesher21:20.1Marine City91.6
12Brigit Foley21:20.7Wixom St. Catherine91.4
9Sam Bieber21:21.2Chelsea91.3
9Jillian Clason21:21.4FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern91.2
9Madeline Dunn21:21.4Goodrich91.2
12Olivia Ebel21:21.8Macomb Lutheran North91.1
12Katie Fischer21:24.3Adrian90.2
9Megan Kuzma21:25.0Zeeland East90.0
12Samantha Sweeney21:25.5Williamston89.8
10Ezgi Kurt21:25.8Alma89.7
11Lilyana Bratt21:29.1St. Clair88.6
9Hannah Wier21:30.3St. Joseph88.2
12Marie Schafer21:30.3Williamston88.2
10Rachel Berkenpas21:32.1GR_South Christian87.6
12Maeline Dehanne21:35.1Otsego86.6
11Trilian Krug21:37.4Chelsea85.9
10Vivian Wickes21:37.7Alma85.8
11Gabby Fernandez21:38.2Warren Regina85.6
10Skylar Vanhecke21:38.5Pontiac Notre Dame Prep85.5
12Jordan Cleveland21:39.5Alma85.2
12McKenzie Betts21:40.1Alma85.0
12Annie Kline21:40.9Ludington84.7
10Natalie Lentine21:41.5Warren Regina84.5
12Evie DeBlaay21:42.1GR_South Christian84.3
12Jolie Fisher21:43.2Shepherd83.9
10Bethany Zimmerman21:43.4Spring Lake83.9
11Marisa Mazza21:44.4Cadillac83.5
11Olivia Andersen21:45.6Ludington83.1
10Tamara Stoner-Sleight21:46.7Williamston82.8
10Julionna West21:47.0Owosso82.7
10Fiona Scott21:48.6Petoskey82.1
10Kaitlyn Harris21:49.2St. Joseph81.9
10Brynn Hurley21:49.8Croswell-Lexington81.7
10Allie Komarowski21:50.2St. Clair81.6
11Stellah Strauss21:51.1Linden81.3
12Karlie Schlaud21:51.9North Branch81.0
12Molly Young21:52.1Vicksburg81.0
12Aubrey Connelly21:54.7Croswell-Lexington80.1
10Madalynn Karsies21:57.9Pinckney79.0
9Aubrey Sargent21:58.0St. Clair79.0
11Madelyn Strauss21:58.6Linden78.8
12Julia Kause21:59.0Chelsea78.7
9Reese Lynn21:59.6East Grand Rapids78.5
10Clare Conzelmann21:59.8Frankenmuth78.4
9Cessaly Fichtner22:01.6Freeland77.8
10Addison Hartley22:04.9Detroit Country Day76.7
10Claire Heller22:05.7Detroit Country Day76.4
10Evie Culver22:11.1Frankenmuth74.6
12Katelynn Jalosky22:11.5St. Clair74.5
11Avery Mickelson22:23.8Cadillac70.4
11Mackenzie Keillor22:25.7Ludington69.8
12Haven Vasold22:25.7Freeland69.8
9Maya Grossman22:26.0Vicksburg69.7
10Addison Wurfel22:26.0Vicksburg69.7
10Natalie Summerland22:27.5Owosso69.2
10Mia Schroeder22:28.1Monroe Jefferson69.0
11Lilly Dood22:30.8GR_South Christian68.1
11Lauren Cole22:36.2Petoskey66.3
10Isabella Morris22:37.9Adrian65.7
11Lily Sackrider22:40.6St. Johns64.8
11Zane Sandelin22:41.1Vicksburg64.6
9Sydney Bir22:43.5Sturgis63.8
9Christina Theis22:44.9Ludington63.4
11Alyssa Masserant22:51.8Monroe Jefferson61.1
9Madeline Pacola22:57.2Petoskey59.3
10Lily Roossien22:58.9FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern58.7
10Emily Zemitans23:07.0Vicksburg56.0
9Molly McNabb23:08.5St. Clair55.5
10Ella Schueller23:10.8Detroit Country Day54.7
10Jenna Kowalski23:18.1Freeland52.3
11Kaitlyn Miller23:32.8Frankenmuth47.4
10Abby Walton23:35.4Marian (Bloomfield Hills)46.5
9Cate (Catherine) Brown23:36.9Cadillac46.0
11Eliza Nelson23:37.8Croswell-Lexington45.7
9Maria Narduzzi23:39.7Warren Regina45.1
9Sydney Ferguson23:43.9DeWitt43.7
9Rylee Lahring23:45.1Adrian43.3
12Ainsley Miller23:46.7Freeland42.8
11Sydney Hoffman23:47.7Petoskey42.4
12Paris Parraghi24:00.1Croswell-Lexington38.3
12Ruth Adewusi24:05.9Warren Regina36.4
10Clair Bacon24:06.9St. Clair36.0
12Emma Johnson24:07.3Owosso35.9
11Hanah Johnson24:31.0Cadillac28.0
12Han Zhang24:46.1Detroit Country Day23.0
11Maizy Aeschliman24:47.6Linden22.5
10Jorie Mayes24:52.8Linden20.7
10Sofia Switalski24:57.1Warren Regina19.3
10Evangeline Greenwald25:12.5Detroit Country Day14.2

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