2022 Ratings: Division 2 Boys State Finals


PlaceTeamSummerWeek 2Week 3Week 4Champ. SeasonCounty WeekLeague WeekState Proj.
1East Grand Rapids41131113
5Forest Hills Eastern194413444
7Dearborn Divine Child67788888
8Grand Rapids Christian55566666
9St. Johns1610899999


Connell Alford, Chelsea: Entering the season, Connell was a contender for the D2 crown, but early on, unequivocally cemented the favorite position. At Spartan, he was able to break Chelsea’s school record, one of many low-15/high-14 efforts. In our regular season, that race at Forest Akers was his only defeat of the year. During the postseason, he was able to place in the top-10 at both NXR Midwest and the Champs Midwest Regional, the latter of which qualifying him for Nationals, where he placed 14th (5th amongst underclassmen).

Davis Christy, East Grand Rapids: As stated in the State Preview (what, 3 months ago?), Davis was a consistently solid 5th runner for the Pioneers. He was a sub-17 marksman in each major race during championship season. Moving up in the field throughout the race, Davis finished as the fastest fifth, clinching another state trophy to throw in the most massive display case in the state.

Paul Moore, Pinckney: Paul’s late season emergence played a major role in the Pirates rise up in the D2 ranks. In early October, a breakout race occurred at Portage, which then led into three sub-16’s and an 11th place here. All in all, Paul was able to drop over a minute from his sophomore best.

Landen Wise, Frankenmuth: Young in the game, wisdom beyond his years. Landen didn’t come out for XC as a freshman, his freshman track season his first real debut into high school distance running. At season’s end, his 4:32 in the 1600m was top-5 time amongst all freshman. Landen’s first forays at the 5k distance were immediate successes, in the 16:20’s both at Benzie and St. Johns. After a bit of a mid-season lull, he was back to his old self during championship season. His last three races were all personal bests, dropping from a 16:19 at the Shepherd Regional to a 16:06 here and finally a 15:50 at MITCA.

Tyler Dohm, St. Johns: Just as he had his entire career, Tyler improved until his very last race. In 2019, he ran his first race ever, finishing above 21:00. He progressed from a freshman year full of 20+ minute efforts to a sophomore able to break 19, then a junior able to break 17. Projected to finish 57th, he placed 22nd, helping his Redwings secure a top-10 finish.

Moises Salazar, Adrian: Had perhaps the best day of any freshman boy out there. Over the winter, I’ve been doing some historical work, and his effort at MIS is equivalent to many of our former greats. The fashion in which Moises’s season progressed, one can see why I’m excited about his future. Dropping time as the racing wore on, he was able to break 16:00 late and compete with the SEC’s best, never folding or shying away from the moment. In fact, his 16:18 here is equal to what a youthful Connell Alford ran as a freshman.

Adjustment: -3

11Connell Alford15:12.6Chelsea216.8
12Carter McCalister15:37.5Monroe Jefferson208.5
12Aiden Sullivan15:40.7FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern207.4
12Michael Hegarty15:41.8Dearborn Divine Child207.1
10TJ Hansen15:45.9Freeland205.7
12Aiden Smith15:47.0Adrian205.3
12Kyle Eberhard15:48.8Linden204.8
12Joey Bowman15:52.4St. Johns203.5
11Solomon Kwartowitz16:01.8Cranbrook Kingswood (Bloomfield Hills )200.4
11Evan Loughridge16:04.4Pinckney199.5
11Paul Moore16:05.2Pinckney199.3
10Landen Wise16:06.3Frankenmuth198.9
11Nolan Nixon16:09.1Cadillac198.0
10Simon Triezenberg16:09.3GR_Christian197.9
12Camden Khon16:09.7Armada197.8
12Colin Wesseldyk16:09.8Otsego197.7
11Elliott Sirianni16:11.0Clio197.3
10Dominic Lowrie16:12.1BC Harper Creek197.0
11Logan Ruffner16:12.7Riverview196.8
12Camden Johnecheck16:13.7Williamston196.4
11Braylon Petty16:14.7Adrian196.1
12Tyler Dohm16:15.1St. Johns196.0
11Nate Carmody16:16.0Haslett195.7
11Nolan Pinion16:16.4Lake Fenton195.5
10Colin Murray16:16.4Dearborn Divine Child195.5
10Abatu Dykstra16:16.7Hamilton195.4
9Moises Salazar16:18.7Adrian194.8
11Ryan Brinker16:19.0East Grand Rapids194.7
11Sean Pettis16:19.6Fremont194.5
10Jack Bidwell16:20.1Marshall194.3
10Nolan Inglis16:22.3DeWitt193.6
12Carter McIlroy16:24.7Whitehall192.8
11Alex Thole16:28.8East Grand Rapids191.4
10Caleb Wesseldyk16:29.7Otsego191.1
12Bram Hartsuff16:29.8Chelsea191.1
12Elijah Robinson16:30.5East Grand Rapids190.8
12Braydon Honsinger16:31.8Freeland190.4
10Henry Dixon16:32.2FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern190.3
12Zebedee Swager16:32.2Chelsea190.3
12Nick Spruce16:32.5Chelsea190.2
12Owen Westerkamp16:32.7Big Rapids190.1
11Gregory Janesak16:32.7Sparta190.1
12Pierce Bentley16:34.0Otsego189.7
11Caleb Palmreuter16:34.7Gladwin189.4
9Jonah Workman16:38.1East Grand Rapids188.3
11Davis Christy16:40.8East Grand Rapids187.4
10Will Engbers16:41.0Holland Christian187.3
12Caleb Boes16:41.5GR_South Christian187.2
12Ryan Blackwood16:42.8Linden186.7
12Ben Richards16:45.2Pinckney185.9
12Carter Boullard16:46.0St. Clair185.7
12Ryan Morris16:46.4New Boston Huron185.5
11Ethan Sandula16:46.5Pinckney185.5
10Parker Tiethof16:46.6Allendale185.5
11Isaac Staib16:46.9St. Johns185.4
12Nik Shilling16:47.1Ortonville Brandon185.3
11Dylan Clark16:48.8GR_Christian184.7
9Ronnie Silveira16:50.5Allendale184.2
12Andre Richmond16:50.9Whitehall184.0
9Owen Metzger16:51.1Sparta184.0
11Andrew Yax16:51.3Clio183.9
10Isaak Rubley16:51.5Dundee183.8
12Max VanHuis16:51.6Hamilton183.8
11Brendan Hoving16:51.7FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern183.8
9Jacob Stanislawski16:51.9Flat Rock183.7
12Koda Brandt16:52.2Charlotte183.6
10Alex Doneth16:52.4Mason183.5
11Peter Kuperus16:52.6GR_Christian183.5
9Thomas Larson16:52.8Alma183.4
12Zach Debeauclair16:55.1Pinckney182.6
9Aden Ashworth16:55.5Allendale182.5
12Ben Schefka16:57.0Adrian182.0
11Blake Ferguson16:57.5Yale181.8
12Austin Williford16:57.6Paw Paw181.8
12Nathan Ulcak16:57.6Dearborn Divine Child181.8
12Adrian Castillo16:59.7Holland181.1
10Seth Mead17:00.3Gladwin180.9
10Leo Swager17:00.9Chelsea180.7
11Joe Waalkes17:01.0GR_Christian180.7
11Acer Campbell17:02.1Yale180.3
12David Harris17:03.8St. Clair179.7
12Joseph VanderKooi17:03.9GR_South Christian179.7
11Liam Hinman17:04.1FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern179.6
12Will Vanderbor17:04.2Paw Paw179.6
12Will Fiesbeck17:05.5St. Joseph179.2
11William O’Dell17:05.6BC Harper Creek179.1
11John Christensen17:05.8Fremont179.1
12Logan Roka17:06.0Corunna179.0
12Luke Aldrich17:07.0Otsego178.7
11Shane Izzard17:07.4Petoskey178.5
11Lucas Hopkins17:07.7Olivet178.4
11Cooper Singleton17:09.7Parma Western177.8
12Elijah Jorgensen17:09.9Dearborn Divine Child177.7
10Keegan Hoekstra17:10.8GR_Christian177.4
11Cooper Jacobsen17:14.3FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern176.2
12Bryce Husen17:14.9Birch Run176.0
12Reuben Wiering17:15.0GR_Christian176.0
12Dylan McGrath17:15.3Dearborn Divine Child175.9
10Carter Sherman17:16.3Fremont175.6
10Dylan Pallett17:17.6Wayland Union175.1
11Tommy Farley17:17.8Petoskey175.1
12Ramon Hernandez17:17.8Howard City-Tri-County175.1
12Jake Eagling17:17.9Adrian175.0
12Ben Knuth17:18.3Big Rapids174.9
12Noah Momber17:18.6Sparta174.8
12Gavin Wiersma17:18.9Zeeland East174.7
12Braden Klein17:19.3Freeland174.6
12Clayton Akerman17:19.6Linden174.5
11Noah Lambers17:20.1Holland174.3
9Kenny Sheffer17:20.3Otsego174.3
11Sunishthh Singh17:21.1Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard174.0
11Liam Collins17:21.7Brother Rice173.8
10Sam Nemeth17:22.6Freeland173.5
11Jose Flores17:22.6Ludington173.5
10Henry Cox17:23.0Plainwell173.3
11Shay White17:23.2St. Joseph173.3
12Noah Walters17:23.4Redford Union173.2
11Isaac Veen17:23.6Plainwell173.1
12Davis Head17:23.9East Grand Rapids173.0
10Ben Gross17:24.9Allendale172.7
12Luke Morrison17:24.9Berrien Springs172.7
11Tate Miller17:24.9FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern172.7
11Matthew Canales17:25.1Adrian172.6
9Nolan Collins17:25.3Brother Rice172.6
11Jackson Dell17:27.2Chelsea171.9
12Alex Parker17:28.1FHE Ada Forest Hills Eastern171.6
10Elijah Christensen17:28.6Gladwin171.5
10Vincent Pollock17:29.0Fruitport171.4
11Lucas Ruffing17:29.0Spring Lake171.3
11Jacob Montgomery17:30.1Ionia171.0
11Giovanni Pardo-Keegan17:31.2Yale170.6
12Austin Rybolt17:31.7Eaton Rapids170.4
11Matthew Schrauben17:32.4St. Johns170.2
12Brayden Humes17:32.4Milan170.2
10Sulley Zietlow17:32.4Three Rivers170.2
11Josh Langeland17:32.9Hamilton170.0
10Aidan Brinks17:33.4Holland Christian169.9
11Jack Lindwall17:33.5Petoskey169.8
10Bodie Heiss17:33.6Alma169.8
12Henrik Quist17:34.4Fremont169.5
10Noah Jarvis17:36.1Berrien Springs169.0
12Peter Vitale17:37.8St. Clair168.4
11Elliot Whitney17:39.4Imlay City167.9
11Kenny Evans17:41.2Corunna167.3
12Ben Yu17:41.2Detroit Country Day167.3
11Gabe Outman17:41.4Cadillac167.2
10Landyn Soule17:41.6Adrian167.1
10Camden McLeod17:42.7Freeland166.8
12Devin Weaver17:43.0Wayland Union166.7
9Brett Magnus17:43.1Frankenmuth166.6
11Conner Fountain17:43.5Olivet166.5
10Peyton Ruel17:43.5Muskegon Oakridge166.5
11Riley Shults17:43.6Hastings166.5
10Parker Fettig17:43.7Petoskey166.4
10Aidan Goodwin17:43.9Otsego166.4
12Haroon Omar17:44.1Coldwater166.3
12Joe Edgemon17:44.1St. Clair166.3
9Cole Wisniewski17:45.6Orchard Lake St. Mary’s165.8
12Tyler Heath17:46.6Clio165.5
11Aiden Kruger17:47.2Niles165.3
12Alex Redman17:47.9Mason165.0
12Gabe Verlin17:48.3GR_South Christian164.9
10Noah Hernandez17:48.9Hamilton164.7
9Luca Lebron17:49.2Alma164.6
11Dylan Distelrath17:49.9St. Clair164.4
10Holten Mulherin17:50.0Otsego164.3
11Ali Kudmani17:50.3Alma164.2
10Dylan Lydic17:51.4Haslett163.9
11David Murphy17:52.5Flint Powers Catholic163.5
11Eric Shan17:52.9Cranbrook Kingswood (Bloomfield Hills )163.4
11Vinny Schweihofer17:54.8St. Clair162.7
10Eli Johansen17:54.9St. Joseph162.7
12Parker Matheny17:55.5Hamilton162.5
12Thai Nguyen17:55.5Plainwell162.5
12Ryan McMahon17:56.2East Grand Rapids162.3
9Carson Wood17:57.0Sparta162.0
12Adam Ogg17:59.7Sparta161.1
9Simon Licata18:01.0Petoskey160.7
12James Meninga18:01.2Mason160.6
10Conner McCormick18:01.8Mason160.4
9Thad VanderLaan18:03.5GR_South Christian159.8
10Xander Maliska18:06.1St. Johns159.0
12Lance Kowalski18:06.5Marysville158.8
12Tucker Radgens18:06.7Vicksburg158.8
10Zach Newman18:07.4Pinckney158.5
9Xaiver Roman18:10.2Macomb Lutheran North157.6
10Nolan Longuski18:11.9Shepherd157.0
10Calvin Brinks18:12.4GR_Christian156.9
11Brody Crandall18:12.6Hamilton156.8
9Issac Romero18:12.7Fremont156.8
10Kilian Whalen18:13.4Allendale156.5
10Isaac Meyers18:14.0Sparta156.4
12Anthony Condron18:14.1Clio156.3
11Ian Martin18:14.8Linden156.1
11Anthony Goatley18:15.4Madison Heights Lamphere155.9
11Mason Brewer18:15.6Clio155.8
11Evan Yax18:15.9Clio155.7
11Caleb Monaghan18:16.1Linden155.6
11Blake Mathews18:16.6Mason155.5
12Sebastian Erbe18:17.4Mason155.2
10Blaise Gooding18:18.8Linden154.7
11Jamison Snay18:19.2Macomb Lutheran North154.6
11Liam Troutner18:23.6Plainwell153.1
10Caleb Goldstein18:23.7Cranbrook Kingswood (Bloomfield Hills )153.1
11Alex Moyer18:24.3St. Joseph152.9
11Alex Robertson18:24.5Marine City152.8
10Nicholas Nakic18:25.5Dearborn Divine Child152.5
10Cole Lowery18:26.0Fremont152.4
12Gavin Towner18:27.2Petoskey151.9
9Elijah Baltierra18:29.4Alma151.2
12Riley Andrews18:29.7Armada151.1
11Luke Nawrocki18:30.3Armada150.9
12Thomas Lepper18:31.0Pinckney150.7
9Nolan Korolden18:31.0Yale150.7
9Reagan Ward18:31.2St. Johns150.6
10Korbyn Thornton18:32.9St. Clair150.0
11Cullen Black18:33.6St. Johns149.8
10Ted Rutkofske18:35.5Yale149.2
12Chandler Selk18:37.8Allendale148.4
9Beckett Boos18:39.1Chelsea148.0
10Jack McMahon18:41.1Macomb Lutheran North147.3
11Dylan Odenbach18:41.4Petoskey147.2
12Camden Patmos18:42.0Hamilton147.0
10Tamer Zahr18:42.2Dearborn Divine Child146.9
9Chase Lowery18:42.9Fremont146.7
10Jack Nicol18:43.6Yale146.5
12Luke Lehner18:44.7St. Joseph146.1
9Griffin Mis18:47.0Sparta145.3
9Noah Chouinard18:50.0Alma144.3
9Donnovan Ryan18:52.8Plainwell143.4
10Jaxon Strauch18:53.6Corunna143.1
9Gavriel Modderman18:56.3Allendale142.2
9Chase Somers19:06.9Freeland138.7
9Aidan Roka19:08.7Corunna138.1
11Krish Kalmadi19:11.4Cranbrook Kingswood (Bloomfield Hills )137.2
9Payton Chandler19:13.2Corunna136.6
11Davin Meckstroth19:15.2Linden135.9
10Billy Pipkorn19:19.5Plainwell134.5
12Jack Zagaiski19:21.3Armada133.9
11Tyler Buckland19:22.8Armada133.4
12Caleb DeVries19:23.1GR_South Christian133.3
12John Norland19:26.4St. Joseph132.2
10Wyatt Murtos19:28.0Yale131.7
10Evan Brown19:33.8Freeland129.7
12Edwin Castillo19:36.5Plainwell128.9
10Carter Petzke19:37.4St. Joseph128.5
11Alex Creamer19:38.3Clio128.3
10Ethan VandenHaute19:39.5Cranbrook Kingswood (Bloomfield Hills )127.8
9Elijah Boes19:42.5GR_South Christian126.8
9Rick Hunderman19:49.2GR_South Christian124.6
10Jackson Cargill19:59.7Mason121.1
12Sujay Maddireddy20:13.1Cranbrook Kingswood (Bloomfield Hills )116.6
11Paolo Poquiz20:16.2Alma115.6
12Andrew Tucker20:23.9Corunna113.0
12Aidan Lee20:24.2Armada112.9
10Aidan Lavery20:46.9Corunna105.4
9Brennan Hladney21:05.8Cranbrook Kingswood (Bloomfield Hills )99.1
9Anthony Alvarez21:39.9Armada87.7

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