Best Sprint Crews: Girls Week Two

To review, these “best crews” were started last year to try to recognize the best teams in each event area, whether that’s the jumps here, or sprints or throws elsewhere. Last year’s version was more complex and relied on having three participants in each event. I’ve changed things a bit this year, mostly to ease the process on my end and have the ability to include more teams.

Here’s the process:

Over the winter, I created my own version of World Athletics Tables, but for Michigan athletes. These are based on times/marks from the 2022 Outdoor Season throughout the US. Their purpose is to compare across events. Here are the girls tables:


There are two guidelines for being included. Your mark has to be from this outdoor season and it has to be better than the Regional Additional Qualifying Mark. Marks from this season are taken from the athletic.net performance lists. There will likely be some instances where someone has run a time, but it’s not included on that list. I can’t help that! Please contact the necessary folks to get your name on there.

For each event, with a maximum of four athletes, those scores are added together. Then within a category, those events are added together. Relays are scaled to match their importance within a meet. Often, at the state level, teams score more points from a relay than they would with four individuals running that event, so they’re given a bit more importance here.

Here’s an example of one of the better early season crews, the Divine Child girls 200m bunch:

11Meghan Koss26.41358Dearborn Divine Child945
10Kathryn Kurtinaitis27.36301Dearborn Divine Child
11Olivia Velazquez27.60286Dearborn Divine Child

These are from this season only, containing meets up until Saturday. Some invites aren’t listed on the athletic.net lists (GVSU and SVSU meets), but results from there are included here. Since the early season meets omit a few events, what I did was take a team’s best three event scores. Future versions will include all events.

Soleil Moore spent all of her sophomore year and the first part of her junior year running above 60 in the 400m. Then come late April, she was able to slip under a minute, that breakthrough leading to a run that included an OK Red title, Region 3 title, and 7th place at D1 State. That 400m has always been her calling card, which is scary, because it appears she’s added a little speed to her repertoire. Her 25.79 indoors is a full second faster than her previous 200m best. Extrapolate to twice the distance and you’ve got a girl who is a factor come June.

D1 RankTeam100m200m400m4x100m4x200m4x400mTotal
1East Kentwood0700009898122501
2Forest Hills Central61200096001572
3Holland West Ottawa00755007551509
5Ypsilanti Lincoln00342082701169
6Ann Arbor Pioneer0000011011101
7Walled Lake Northern0346613000959
8Wayne Memorial00008860886
10East Lansing07470000747

1:48.2989East Kentwood4×2
4:16.7812East Kentwood4×4
12Soleil Moore25.79395East Kentwood200m
9Arianna Carter27.30304East Kentwood200m

The Detroit girls may get much of the attention (and rightfully so), but Sturgis’s Keyanna O’Tey had herself a freshman year on par with many of them. Region 3 Champ and State Qualifier in the 100m, a top-10 mark amongst all freshman in the 200m. Early returns suggest an improvement in the 100. She didn’t reach 12.3 until mid-May of 2022. Her sophomore form nailed 12.3 in the cold, wind, and rain. With Sturgis’s move to D2, that 100m field looks to be stacked – Elizabeth Anderson, Kylin Griffin, Victoria Miller will all be there to challenge.

D2 RankTeam100m200m400m4x100m4x200m4x400mTotal
1Dearborn Divine Child094573607647282445
4Summit Academy00296076601062
5Monroe Jefferson0031900599919
6Spring Lake0036600543909
7East Grand Rapids00000857857

1:52.4764Dearborn Divine Child4×2
4:20.4728Dearborn Divine Child4×4
10Kathryn Kurtinaitis59.85392Dearborn Divine Child400m
11Meghan Koss26.41358Dearborn Divine Child200m
11Samantha Black61.96343Dearborn Divine Child400m
10Kathryn Kurtinaitis27.36301Dearborn Divine Child200m
11Olivia Velazquez27.60286Dearborn Divine Child200m

Devin Johnston had herself a DAY at the SVSU D3/4 Invite. She grabbed titles in both the 60m and 200m, that 200m time a good two full seconds better than any D3 competitor has run thus far in 2023. Last year, she was able to double and grab medals in both the 100m and 200m at D3 State. Can she repeat the feat?

D3 RankTeam100m200m400m4x100m4x200m4x400mTotal
1Saginaw Valley Lutheran05196620001181
4Lansing Catholic00005540554
5Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard2380226000464

11Claire Neumann61.00366Saginaw Valley Lutheran400m
11Claire Neumann27.41298Saginaw Valley Lutheran200m
12Sarah Mills64.00296Saginaw Valley Lutheran400m
12Emma Britton28.67222Saginaw Valley Lutheran200m

Kenzie Fedewa enters her sophomore year looking to improve upon her 6th place finish at the D4 400m. During her freshman year, she was able to progress from 67+ opener to a 62.2 at the State Finals. In this 2023 season, she’s opened with a 63.4 (on a 200m flat track, mind you). With 3 of the top-5 spots having graduated, there are many opportunities to move up.

D4 RankTeam100m200m400m4x100m4x200m4x400mTotal
1Portland St. Patrick0501319005631383
2Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart0187452000639
4Southfield Christian00273000273
5Rochester Hills Lutheran NW00226000226
6Marine City Cardinal Mooney02040000204
7The Potter’s House01510000151

4:28.2563Portland St. Patrick4×4
10Kenzie Fedewa63.00319Portland St. Patrick400m
11Rylee Scheurer27.84272Portland St. Patrick200m
11Sophia Schrauben28.54230Portland St. Patrick200m

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