Best Throws Crews: Boys Week One

To review, these “best crews” were started last year to try to recognize the best teams in each event area, whether that’s the jumps here, or sprints or throws elsewhere. Last year’s version was more complex and relied on having three participants in each event. I’ve changed things a bit this year, mostly to ease the process on my end and have the ability to include more teams.

Here’s the process:

Over the winter, I created my own version of World Athletics Tables, but for Michigan athletes. These are based on times/marks from the 2022 Outdoor Season throughout the US.



There are two guidelines for being included. Your mark has to be from this outdoor season and it has to be better than the Regional Additional Qualifying Mark. Marks from this season are taken from the athletic.net performance lists. There will likely be some instances where someone has run a time, but it’s not included on that list. I can’t help that! Please contact the necessary folks to get your name on there.

For each event, with a maximum of four athletes, those scores are added together. Then within a category, those events are added together. There is some scaling done for relays and more than four athletes included if you’re especially dominant in an event, but we’ll get to those in time.

Here’s an example of Zeeland East’s already dominant girls:

12Mariah Sackett11191341.0Zeeland East1409
12Kallie Taylor10461254.0Zeeland East1389
11Anna Tilden9851181.0Zeeland East1372
12Faith Bonnema3511431Zeeland East1410
12Mariah Sackett350.75420.75Zeeland East1401
11Anna Tilden347415Zeeland East1396

These are from this season only, containing meets up until Saturday. They do contain shot AND disc, I know many of the indoor meets didn’t contain the discus, but I felt it necessary to reward those that have braved the outdoors.

Of the 22 throwers that qualified for the 2022 State Finals in the Shot Put, 14 were seniors, leaving a void both in advancement and perhaps on the medal stand. Utica’s Daniel Yarrington has made an early bid for jumping on stage. His 49’2 throw won the Macomb County Indoor Championship (which has thankfully returned under Matt Fecht) and is a 3’ foot personal best.

D1 RankTeamShotDiscTeam Score
1Zeeland East154201542
2Holland West Ottawa393421814
3Warren DeLaSalle8130813
4Saginaw Heritage4520452
9East Kentwood3910391

11Parker WilliamsShot48′ 4″Zeeland East409
11Garrett WeedenShot45′ 8″Zeeland East387
12Drestin Ter HaarShot44′ 0.25″Zeeland East374
12Evan BerghorstShot43′ 8″Zeeland East372

This will be a common theme and it makes sense; throwing is a technique and strength driven activity. The top 6 finishers in Division 2’s discus are all gone (and the great throwing crew of Zeeland East has moved up to D1). The top returning finisher sure made his mark to begin the year. Michael Griffey threw 20’ further than his 2022 opener. He wasn’t bad in the Shot Put either, only nailing down the best mark of any D2 competitor thus far.

D2 RankTeamShotDiscTeam Score
10Carleton Airport4240424

12Noah SimpsonShot45′ 0″Portland382
12Evan BowerDisc142′ 6″Portland403
12Noah SimpsonDisc133′ 4″Portland380
12Logan RogersDisc121′ 10.75″Portland351

Kellen Kimes just won’t let up on his destructive path. MITS titles in the Weight Throw and Discus, Indoor Record in the Weight Throw. His weakness may be the Shot Put. And by weakness, I mean he lobbed a 57’er that would’ve been a top-10 throw in Michigan last year. Can he pull of the double this year? Early returns suggest a high possibility!

Also, please check out his interview with Jeff Hollobaugh on the Michtrack newsletter.

D3 RankTeamShotDiscTeam Score
2Saginaw Valley Lutheran6900690
8Berrien Springs3700370
9Grand Rapids West Catholic3630363

11Jake PunchesShot43′ 3″Clare368
12Kyle PotterShot41′ 9″Clare356

Last year, Zane Forist was out doing Zane Forist things, winning titles, etching his name into record books. There will be at least one new champion crowned this spring. There will be a ton of new All-Staters coronated as well. One potential name to look for is Morrice’s Oliver Long. As a freshman, he’s already thrown 44’, a mark that would’ve placed him among the ten best freshmen of 2022.

D4 RankTeamShotDiscTeam Score
2Kalamazoo Hackett326335661

9Oliver LongShot44′ 6.5″Morrice378
12Drew McGowanShot39′ 2.75″Morrice336

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