2020 Season

Championship Season: Macomb County Projections

(Aaron Greb, IG: @aaron.greb, #GraphicsXGreb)

Back in August, the Macomb County Coaches Association was able to come together to find a way to make this work. Friday and Saturday, all-day events at Freedom Hill. Sections were determined by team results from last year. The same awards as always, Top 3 teams receive a trophy and Top 21 individuals are All-County.


Romeo – Winners of the MAC Red and Hansons Invitational.  Ranked #1 in Division 1, looking to be the first Macomb County school to win a state title since the 80’s. 

Utica – Won Utica Schools Quad, 5th in MAC Red. 

Macomb Dakota – Finished 4th in the MAC Red, 8th at Hansons Invitational. 

Warren Cousino – Winner of the first two MAC Blue Jamborees. 

Jack Kelke – 3rd at both Hansons Invitational and the MAC Red Meet.  Lowered PR from 15:48 to 15:42, but his 15:50 last weekend might be the best performance of his career.  Currently ranked #8 in the state.

Zander Cobb – Zander broke 16:00 at the MAC Red Meet, finishing 2nd.  Ranked #18 in the state, a far cry from his freshman year where he largely ran in the mid-20’s. 

Carson Nicoletti – Has won 3 of his 4 races this year.  Finished 4th behind the above two at the MAC Red Meet.  Looking to avenge his regional from last year and early on, seems to be on the right track. 

Joseph Rinke – 16:11 at Hansons was easily the best race of his career. 

Elijah DiCerbo – Two victories, including the first MAC White Jamboree.  Finished 44th in Division 1 last year.

Dominic Suliman – Tremendous improvement from last year.  Ran 4:36 indoor and has turned that into multiple mid-16 performances. Winner of the first two MAC Blue Jamborees.

Tyler Carlson – Continually a top performer at the D3 level.  Finished All-State last year and looks to be on that same path, with a few sub-17 efforts to start the year.


Romeo – Finished 9th as a team in Division 1 last year and is right in the mix again this year.  Winner of the MAC Red Meet and 2nd to a strong Northville team at Hansons. 

Utica – Coach Scott has this program on the rise.  2nd in the MAC Red and 5th at Hansons Invite, quite a rise from their 9th place regional finish last year.

Warren Regina – 15th in Division 2 last year and a favorite to make it back to MIS.

Jayden Harberts – Middle school sensation has acquitted herself quite well to the 5k.  Four straight sub-19 performances, including wins at MAC Red and Cleverley.

Madison Clor – Romeo’s top girl has improved from her freshman year, PRing at the MAC Red Meet.

Grace Zdankiewicz – Undefeated in CHSL action this year.  Winner of Region 17 last year and likely the favorite again this year. 

Ella Fullmer – After battling injuries as a junior, Ella has put herself into contention at many meets.  Her aggressive mindset paid off this past weekend with her best rating of her career. 

Annalee Misch – Has placed in the top-21 all three years of her HS career.  Can she make 4 in a row?

2020 Season

Boys Labor Day Rankings

A few notes on these before anyone bites my head off:

  • These are for FUN.  They are not the end all, be all.
  • Currently, there are about 2500 boys and 2000 girls that have ratings this season.  In a typical season, there are usually around 7500 runners per gender.  Either through not having run a race or having run one that hasn’t been rated, these rankings are not representing the whole state, just the ones I have numbers for. 
  • The individual rankings are based on a weighted average of all races rated.  Hobbs Kessler owns the best individual performance thus far, but his dual against Allen Park is lower, resulting in Hunter Jones taking the top spot.  This is the method I’ve used for the past 2 years. 
    • This will likely change.  With potentially more races, smart runners won’t “go to the well” every race.  I’m considering using the top x% of ratings or top 3-5 races.  We’ll see.
  • The team rankings are based on a hypothetical meet. 
  • Girls will be posted tomorrow.
  • I’m planning on writing a post for Thursday detailing the methods I’ve been using this season.
  • Here is a list of the races that have been rated and here is a calculator to convert ratings into times (for a fair course later in the year).
  • These are for FUN.    

Team Rankings

Division 4

Division 3

Division 2

Division 1


Individual Rankings

Division 4

Division 3

Division 2

Division 1