A Mid-Season Look: Region 5

The Preview


1Ann Arbor Pioneer23
3Temperance Bedford95
4Ypsilanti Lincoln144
5Allen Park159
6Brownstown Woodhaven165
8Wyandotte Roosevelt262
9Lincoln Park274
10Dearborn Heights Crestwood279
11Gibraltar Carlson279
13Wayne Memorial363
14Southgate Anderson404
15Dearborn Edsel Ford412
Individual PlaceTeam PlaceGradeNameTeamRating
1112Zofia DudekAnn Arbor Pioneer182.5
2210Sarah ForsythAnn Arbor Pioneer156.1
3310Madi WoodSaline152.0
4410Cookie BaughAnn Arbor Pioneer142.0
5512Isabella JohnsonTemperance Bedford139.9
6612Anna VogelAnn Arbor Pioneer137.5
779Samantha CostWyandotte Roosevelt137.3
8810Brianna VojinovBrownstown Woodhaven136.5
9912Nicole DillmannSaline135.7
101010Charlotte BatraAnn Arbor Pioneer129.7
111110Lisa LueckeAllen Park127.9
121210Madison FosterTemperance Bedford123.7
131310Madison SternSaline122.9
141411Mallory EmeighAllen Park122.9
151512Rylie ScharlachYpsilanti Lincoln121.9
161610Brooke BerridgeBrownstown Woodhaven119.9
171711Anna DudekAnn Arbor Pioneer119.6
181812Haley GreeneSaline119.1
191910Sienna SchottenYpsilanti Lincoln118.2
202012Ella WoehlkeSaline118.2

Team Surprises: Ann Arbor Pioneer, Ypsilanti Lincoln, Allen Park

Individual Surprises: Mallory Emeigh, Brooke Berridge, Anna Dudek, Haley Greene, Sienna Schotten


(I believe Dearborn’s coach is one of two active coaches in the state to coach a Footlocker champion, so no shocker they’ve worked their way up here)

1Ann Arbor Pioneer41
4Temperance Bedford151
5Ypsilanti Lincoln184
6Wyandotte Roosevelt185
8Southgate Anderson194
9Allen Park198
10Gibraltar Carlson292
11Brownstown Woodhaven303
12Wayne Memorial309
14Dearborn Fordson419
15Lincoln Park421
16Dearborn Edsel Ford459
17Dearborn Heights Crestwood514
Individual PlaceTeam PlaceGradeNameTeamRating
1112Muaad AbdulazizDearborn204.0
2212William MinnetteSaline202.4
3311Charlie FrankDearborn202.2
4410Owen JohnsonAnn Arbor Pioneer200.4
5512Owen RennichAnn Arbor Pioneer193.0
6610Henry Monte SanoAnn Arbor Pioneer190.2
7710Jordan RatliffYpsilanti Lincoln186.1
8812Johnathan SpeersSaline185.6
9911Joseph FedoronkoSaline184.6
101012Peter CaineYpsilanti Lincoln182.3
111111Ben JakabcsinAnn Arbor Pioneer182.1
121212Christopher Van DykeSaline181.3
131312Cole TreseSaline181.0
141411Steven PorterSouthgate Anderson180.4
151511Max KlarmanAnn Arbor Pioneer179.6
16169Luke ButlerMonroe177.5
171710Alex OrtizTemperance Bedford177.0
181811Emmett BerryhillSaline176.9
191912Colin MetzgerWyandotte Roosevelt176.0
202010Collin BallaTemperance Bedford175.6

Team Surprises: Ann Arbor Pioneer, Dearborn

Individual Surprises: Henry Monte Sano, Joseph Fedoronko, Peter Caine, Max Klarman, Luke Butler, Alex Ortiz, Colin Metzger

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