2021 Rankings: Week 3 – Girls

A few notes:

  • These are for FUN. 
  • These are all based on the times people have run during the season, not influenced by the past or the pre-season, not judged via any bias on my part.  If you somehow think I have it out for you, please let me assure you that is NOT the case.
  • I’ve instituted the HOBBS KESSLER RULE
    • Last year, with the many dual meets and the top runners cruising through those, their average rating suffered.  To account for that, I eliminated the bottom half of a runner’s ratings.
    • This year, with less duals, still wanting to score mid-week meets, the rule still applies, but amended a bit.  I’m taking the upper 2/3 of a runner’s ratings (rounding to the nearest whole number).  So, if someone has run 5 races, I’m taking their best 3.  8 races, their best 5.
  • Currently, there are about 5500 girls rated.  In a typical year, this will constitute a good 80% of the girls that are competing.  I’m not sure if team numbers are down, I know coaches seemed to think that was the case in the preseason. 
  • The team rankings are based on a hypothetical meet between all teams in a division or in the state.
  • There will be cases where Team A beats Team B in a meet, but Team B is ranked ahead of Team A.  Not all the time, but this is often because Team B was missing a runner.  Or the meet size matters, Team A has a weaker 5th runner that doesn’t stack up as well against the entire division.
  • The rankings include all the meets listed here, even the ones without links (I’ll post those this week)
  • Boys will be up tomorrow morning.
  • These are for FUN.  If you don’t like these fun rankings, I’ll throw a toddler with pointy elbows at you.





West Ottawa vs. Pioneer at Spartan!




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