Michigan College Distance Rankings – late January Edition

Womens Distance List

Mens Distance List

Okay, I wanted to put one of these out earlier this month, it just didn’t happen. But this was prime time. Michigan hosted three straight meets. On Friday, Saginaw Valley pulled in a great number of in-state teams. Small schools traveled to Defiance, Ohio Northern. Oakland’s girls set some records at IU. At this point in the season, we have a fairly good picture of who’s doing what at the collegiate level.

To recap, here’s the scoring method: “The scoring method follows the MITCA Power Rankings with a bit of my own twist. Four individual indoor distance events (800, Mile, 3k, 5k). The top 3 runners from each team score, with three events maximum for an individual. The scoring will go 90 places deep, with 90 points for the fastest mark, 1 point for the 90th fastest mark. Results come from TFRRS and are the fastest mark by an individual during this season.”

This isn’t the end all be all of distance running in college or the sole determination of which team is performing better. For example, Michigan or MSU haven’t entered anyone in a 5k. When they do, they’ll move up. It’s debatable if the 600m is a mid-distance event or a sprint, if so, they’d move up via Miles Brown, Dubem Amene, and Cole Johnson.

Anyhow, here’s how it scored out through this past weekend:





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