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  • I tell this tale every time, but maybe there’s an 8th grader reading these things: Mylie was a good middle school runner, not outstanding by any stretch, but between her 8th grade fall and 9th grade season, she dedicated herself to the sport, turning a 14:00 2 miler to a 19:00 5k runner
  • As such, she had a freshman year full of accolades and surprises, going sub-19 a few times, finishing 8th in D3, running 11:09 at Bluejay Elite, medaling at both the 1600m and 3200m.
  • There’s been bumps along the way, but Mylie has proven that if you keep sticking with it and rely on your support system, you can come out a stronger girl
    • A 19:30 at Pete Moss could’ve wrecked her confidence, she finishes the season 6th at D3 State and breaks the school record
    • An 18th place in the Indoor State 3200m was well below expectations, at that point she might as well give up on the weekend, she came back the next day to help win the 4×8
    • Mediocre race after mediocre race may have made a mere mortal shut down her track season, she held on for 8th at D3 State
  • So yep, that perseverance inspires confidence that when she gets rolling again, she’ll really be rolling
    • And hey, if you’re up to date on your Fourth of July road races, you’d know Mylie’s on the right path

10Mylie Kelly19:30.1133.6Pete MossBenzie Central HS28-Aug
10Mylie Kelly18:52.9138.7NWC 1Buckley HS14-Sep
10Mylie Kelly19:30.2139.9SpartanForest Akers17-Sep
10Mylie Kelly18:19.4148.5CadillacVeterans Serving Veterans Park25-Sep
10Mylie Kelly19:02.2145.9NWC 2Kingsley HS28-Sep
10Mylie Kelly18:13.9154.4BluejayShepherd HS2-Oct
10Mylie Kelly18:29.6154.1PortagePortage West MS9-Oct
10Mylie Kelly18:14.4140.5NWC BenzieBenzie Central HS12-Oct
10Mylie Kelly19:19.5149.8Freeland FalconFreeland16-Oct
10Mylie Kelly18:09.1142.320 BenzieBenzie Central HS30-Oct
10Mylie Kelly18:38.2139.3D3 StateMIS6-Nov
10Mylie Kelly19:23.1130.0MMOCShepherd HS13-Nov

9Mylie Kelly124.0Pete MossBenzie Central HS29-Aug
9Mylie Kelly131.4Benzie TriBenzie Central HS12-Sep
9Mylie Kelly129.7Ottawa HillsRiverside Park18-Sep
9Mylie Kelly132.7PetoskeyPetoskey MS26-Sep
9Mylie Kelly123.1NWC Jamboree 2Benzie Central HS29-Sep
9Mylie Kelly140.8Shepherd BluejayShepherd HS3-Oct
9Mylie Kelly125.9D3 Reg 20Buckley HS31-Oct
9Mylie Kelly140.5D3 StateMIS7-Nov

  • On the contrary, Tyler came into high school as a stud, WITH expectations, and boy has he lived up to those
  • His times haven’t been eye-popping, but as a Bulldog team member, he’s been just what they need, progressing throughout the year and coming through in championship races when it matters
  • As a freshman, he ran his season best at State, helping Brighton secure a top-15 finish
  • As a sophomore, he went sub-16:20 at KLAA and State, both of which Brighton victories
  • Again, I just love this Brighton website, and Tyler’s bio on here sums up why I think he’ll be ready to handle the season’s challenges
    • “I can’t wait to see how our team can evolve and respond to meet new challenges. Most importantly, after winning a big state title, we must stay humble and hungry for the next season.”
  • Not resting on laurels, not coming into meets thinking they’re better than their competition, being aware of needed growth – with this correct mindset, he’s set up for success in 2022

10Tyler Langley16:56.9197.0MustangCass Benton31-Aug
10Tyler Langley17:13.7191.8AverillPossum Hollow11-Sep
10Tyler Langley16:36.4195.9SpartanForest Akers17-Sep
10Tyler Langley16:43.4194.2Mott Fall ClassicHess Hathaway24-Sep
10Tyler Langley16:23.4194.9PortagePortage West MS9-Oct
10Tyler Langley15:55.7194.4Gabriel RichardHudson Mills (South)16-Oct
10Tyler Langley16:16.5192.5KLAA ChampionshipHuron Meadows21-Oct
10Tyler Langley16:38.4189.24 MeadowsHuron Meadows29-Oct
10Tyler Langley16:16.8192.4D1 StateMIS6-Nov
10Tyler Langley16:29.4189.2MMOCShepherd HS13-Nov

9Tyler Langley165.0Brighton/NoviHuron Meadows29-Aug
9Tyler Langley166.7Brighton/RomeoHuron Meadows2-Sep
9Tyler Langley166.9Brighton/ChurchillNankin Mills8-Sep
9Tyler Langley180.7Brighton/CantonCass Benton12-Sep
9Tyler Langley176.7Brighton/HowellHuron Meadows19-Sep
9Tyler Langley179.5Brighton/PinckneyHudson Mills (North)22-Sep
9Tyler Langley177.7Brighton/MilfordHuron Meadows29-Sep
9Tyler Langley183.2Brighton/PlymouthCass Benton3-Oct
9Tyler Langley183.0Brighton/NorthvilleHuron Meadows10-Oct
9Tyler Langley185.2KLAAHuron Meadows17-Oct
9Tyler Langley183.2PR 8Huron Meadows23-Oct
9Tyler Langley185.1D1 Reg 4DeWitt HS31-Oct
9Tyler Langley185.1D1 StateMIS6-Nov

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