The Top Tens: Division 4, #8

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One may look at St. Michael and wonder how they’ll get it done with five returners. Consider that going into the 2021 season, they had four returners and ended up with seven contributors to the team. I fully expect the Guardians to find someone and have that boy step into a prominent role. In 2020, it was Jacob Walz. In 2021, Maendel, Vandermus, and Benzing. Each of their five returners had notable accomplishments in distance events during track or showed marked improvement from the previous fall.

The Past Three Years


2nd Place – Region 28
6th Place – D4 State


1st Place – Pre-Regional 56
1st Place – Region 28
9th Place – D4 State


2nd Place – Region 28
5th Place – D4 State

Anything in Track?

Macartan Moore


2nd Place – Region 31 800m
4th Place – Region 31 3200m
18th Place – D4 State 800m

Zachary Maendel


2nd Place – Region 31 1600m
3rd Place – Region 31 3200m
15th Place – D4 State 3200m

Russell Vandermus


Levi Benzing


Isaac Paga


Across the bay, Harbor Springs has seen a steady string of success at the D3 level. So much so that they’ve made eight consecutive state meets and recently have been a fixture in the top-15 there. The move down a division comes with the loss of a few standouts, Maye Burns most notably, but they’ve got depth that should be a boon amongst teams with fewer numbers.

The Past Three Years


2nd Place – LMC
7th Place – Northern Michigan
2nd Place – Region 19
12th Place – D3 State


3rd Place – LMC
1st Place – Pre-Regional 38
2nd Place – Region 19
18th Place – D3 State


3rd Place – LMC
6th Place – Northern Michigan
3rd Place – Region 19
12th Place – D3 State

Anything in Track?

Grace Thorpe


2nd Place – Region 21 200m
1st Place – LMC 200m
22nd Place – D3 200m

Tara Shouldice

68.6 (400m)

Kyra Shouldice

55.5 (300h)

5th Place – LMC 300h


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