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  • Micah is a dead ringer for former Hansons athlete and NCAA D3 legend Ian La Mere
  • Somewhat the hair, somewhat being a boss at anything endurance related, somewhat being a tough as nails racer, but all in all, being unabashedly themselves
  • Micah will do anything to get better: paddleboard, bike, walk, run more than anyone else, and it shows on the cross course and even into this summer
  • As a sophomore, during his initial foray into the high school scene, that attitude resulted in a progression towards a mid-16 5k and spot on Traverse City Central’s perennially loaded varsity squad
  • This past fall, multiple run-ins with that 16:00 barrier, finally breaking through with an All-State certificate and 15:59 in early November
  • This past week, at the Cherry Festival 5k, a 15:21, a mark that makes one wonder if more improvement is in store
  • Whatever happens this fall, keep being you, Micah, you inspire many

11Micah Bauer16:07.4199.9Pete MossBenzie Central HS28-Aug
11Micah Bauer16:43.9193.4SpartanForest Akers17-Sep
11Micah Bauer16:22.3195.2JacksonSharp Park25-Sep
11Micah Bauer16:00.3198.9BluejayShepherd HS2-Oct
11Micah Bauer16:34.4196.2Big North ConferencePetoskey MS19-Oct
11Micah Bauer16:05.8191.7Northern MichiganMichaywe Pines GC23-Oct
11Micah Bauer17:23.5189.22 DeltaDelta College30-Oct
11Micah Bauer15:59.5198.2D1 StateMIS6-Nov
11Micah Bauer16:10.8195.4MMOCShepherd HS13-Nov

10Micah Bauer180.0LudingtonWest Shore CC19-Sep
10Micah Bauer187.1PetoskeyPetoskey MS26-Sep
10Micah Bauer187.4Shepherd BluejayShepherd HS3-Oct
10Micah Bauer183.1Big North ConferencePetoskey MS13-Oct
10Micah Bauer186.7PR 1Grand Haven HS23-Oct
10Micah Bauer182.9D1 Reg 1Buckley HS31-Oct
10Micah Bauer190.1D1 StateMIS6-Nov

  • This past spring, Valerie established herself as a mid-distance queen
  • Was that apparent in middle school? Sort of, she had run in the low 60’s, 2:23 in middle school, but to us outsiders, her freshman season was out of bounds and 100% unexpected
  • In total, Valerie sprinted to seven sub-2:20 marks, reaching down as far as 2:12, claiming titles at Von Ins, West Michigan, Region 2, and ultimately placing 6th at State
  • I speak of the 800m speed first because of its greatness, but let’s not let those times supersede Valerie’s fall months
  • Immediate achievement was attained off the bat, a victory at the Eagle Invite, followed by a September in the 19’s and a championship season largely in the 18’s
  • As with track, her best was done in the latter meets, grabbing medals at State, Regionals, OK Red, and a victory at Kent Ottawa
  • Accolades and speed in the spring and fall, Val’s Pals will have plenty to cheer for in the coming years

9Valerie Beeck20:05.8133.4Fruitport EagleFruitport Calvary Christian24-Aug
9Valerie Beeck19:40.5131.5BredewegMacatawa Bay MS11-Sep
9Valerie Beeck19:21.4139.2Ottawa HillsRiverside Park17-Sep
9Valerie Beeck19:06.0129.7OK Red 1Grand Haven HS21-Sep
9Valerie Beeck19:04.6135.5Allendale FalconAllendale HS2-Oct
9Valerie Beeck19:26.7134.1OK Red 2Macatawa Bay MS5-Oct
9Valerie Beeck19:39.6137.5Kent OttawaGainey Fields16-Oct
9Valerie Beeck18:10.9147.7OK Red ConferenceRiverside Park21-Oct
9Valerie Beeck18:44.5139.21 AllendaleAllendale HS30-Oct
9Valerie Beeck18:20.5150.2D1 StateMIS6-Nov

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