50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #27

50 Tickets

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Regional Previews

  • Our first glimpse of Isabell came in August 2019, it was known that Salem would have a top team, but unbeknownst to myself was the sensational young freshman the Rocks brought in
  • Isabell ran 19:28 at Huron Meadows in that opening meet, setting off a career at the front of that pack
  • In her storied career, she’s a 3x qualifier for State, twice top-15 at KLAA, twice top-10 at Wayne County
  • In addition to all these honors, she’s been a quality contributor to the Salem basketball team, earning three letters
  • Her junior year is where she really came into her own, breaking 19:00 multiple times, lowering her personal best by nearly 20 seconds
  • And be wary if you’re anywhere near her in any finishing stretch, Isabell will Kick. You. Down.

11Isabell Kulick19:19.8144.4LamplighterFord Field20-Aug
11Isabell Kulick19:03.4144.2A2 Early BirdHuron Meadows2-Sep
11Isabell Kulick18:56.6139.8Ramblin’ RockWillow11-Sep
11Isabell Kulick18:55.1150.0HollySpringfield Oaks18-Sep
11Isabell Kulick19:16.6137.5JacksonSharp Park25-Sep
11Isabell Kulick18:59.9138.7DeWittDeWitt HS2-Oct
11Isabell Kulick19:10.4140.5Wayne CountyWillow9-Oct
11Isabell Kulick19:49.6116.8Gabriel RichardHudson Mills (South)16-Oct
11Isabell Kulick18:12.9153.4KLAA ChampionshipHuron Meadows21-Oct
11Isabell Kulick19:24.0137.76 Hudson MillsHudson Mills (North)30-Oct
11Isabell Kulick18:41.7143.1D1 StateMIS6-Nov

10Isabell Kulick108.6Farmington/SalemWillow29-Aug
10Isabell Kulick112.1Northville/SalemWillow12-Sep
10Isabell Kulick125.2Novi/SalemNovi HS22-Sep
10Isabell Kulick113.8HansonsFreedom Hill3-Oct
10Isabell Kulick122.9Canton/SalemWillow6-Oct
10Isabell Kulick115.4Hartland/Plymouth/SalemWillow10-Oct
10Isabell Kulick125.1KLAAHuron Meadows17-Oct
10Isabell Kulick110.6PR 11Hudson Mills (North)24-Oct
10Isabell Kulick112.0D1 Reg 6Willow31-Oct
10Isabell Kulick116.1D1 StateMIS6-Nov

9Isabell Kulick145.5A2 Early BirdHuron Meadows
9Isabell Kulick137.3Ramblin RockWillow
9Isabell Kulick129.6HollySpringfield Oaks
9Isabell Kulick138.1JacksonSharp Park
9Isabell Kulick132.1Coaching LegendsHuron Meadows
9Isabell Kulick143.0Wayne CountyWillow
9Isabell Kulick147.4Gabriel RichardHudson Mills (South)
9Isabell Kulick136.46Willow
9Isabell Kulick136.0D1 StateMIS

  • Speaking of kicking down, if you’re running 4:20 as a sophomore, you’re gotta have some wheels yourself
  • That’s exactly what Ty did this past track season, his 1600m time ranking 4th amongst all Michiganders in the 10th grade and below
  • One could see the inklings of that breakthrough, the Freshman Oakland County champ at both the 800m and 1600m, the great training partners and upperclassmen to look up to over on Bogie Lake Road
  • You could also see evidence of that in the fall, his October consisting of a solid races on tough courses, many equivalent to the mid-16’s
  • That callousness forged by adverse courses and conditions and the ability shown this past spring will lead to a final two years where he will be a contender for many more league, regional, and county titles

10Ty Parker13:24.7185.1Golden GrizzlyOakland University3-Sep
10Ty Parker16:37.2181.9NorthwoodFisher Trails11-Sep
10Ty Parker17:03.6186.8SpartanForest Akers17-Sep
10Ty Parker17:06.2186.6Mott Fall ClassicHess Hathaway24-Sep
10Ty Parker16:43.9187.4Coaching LegendsHuron Meadows2-Oct
10Ty Parker17:12.6188.5Oakland CountyPossum Hollow9-Oct
10Ty Parker17:03.9189.0LVC ChampionshipPossum Hollow21-Oct
10Ty Parker20:06.1129.07 Hess HathawayHess Hathaway30-Oct
10Ty Parker16:55.4179.5D1 StateMIS6-Nov

9Ty Parker153.0Lakeland/WLNLakeland HS3-Sep
9Ty Parker166.6Fenton/WLNHess Hathaway26-Sep
9Ty Parker163.2Walled Lake City MeetGilbert Willis Park1-Oct
9Ty Parker158.8PR 13Kensington23-Oct
9Ty Parker170.5D1 Reg 7Clintonwood Park30-Oct

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