50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #26

50 Tickets

The Top Tens

Regional Previews

  • I love the slow cookin’, gradual development of Luke as a runner
  • That development began in middle school, with multiple sub-11’s in cross, back to back Lutheran state titles, and a sub-5 in his 8th grade track year
  • His first two high school XC seasons were fairly similar, getting into the 16’s in the latter part of the season, placing high in the SEC, qualifying for State
  • But the real jump occurred during May of ’21, where he lowered his 1600m PB by more than 10 seconds in one single meet (4:47 to 4:36), then whittled his time down to 4:31
  • Last fall, Luke displayed a great contrast, mucking it up with the best of ‘em on the muddy courses, but still laying down speed on the faster days
    • And that ability to adapt was a major reason that I drafted him in last year’s Meet of Champions
  • In summary, be sure on whichever day, whichever conditions, Luke will be ready

11Luke Butler16:16.1197.0Warrior ClassicLake Erie10-Sep
11Luke Butler16:33.7195.1SEC 1Hudson Mills (South)14-Sep
11Luke Butler15:55.8205.4HuronWillow18-Sep
11Luke Butler16:48.0191.0JeffersonSterling State Park25-Sep
11Luke Butler16:29.4195.5SEC Red 2Munson Park28-Sep
11Luke Butler16:14.2197.3Coaching LegendsHuron Meadows2-Oct
11Luke Butler16:25.5194.2PortagePortage West MS9-Oct
11Luke Butler17:34.8200.4Dave Bork ClassicMunson Park16-Oct
11Luke Butler16:27.3190.6SEC ChampionshipHudson Mills (North)21-Oct
11Luke Butler16:33.7179.8Mark of ExcellenceAirport HS23-Oct
11Luke Butler17:17.2199.65 Lake ErieLake Erie30-Oct
11Luke Butler16:13.3193.6D1 StateMIS6-Nov
11Luke Butler16:18.5192.8MMOCShepherd HS13-Nov

10Luke Butler176.0Bedford/MonroeIndian Creek Park22-Aug
10Luke Butler175.4Monroe/TecumsehMunson Park19-Sep
10Luke Butler182.6Monroe/Ypsi LincolnMunson Park26-Sep
10Luke Butler190.4SEC RedIndian Creek Park17-Oct
10Luke Butler185.4PR 9Indian Creek Park24-Oct
10Luke Butler181.1D1 Reg 5Lake Erie31-Oct
10Luke Butler184.3D1 StateMIS6-Nov

9Luke Butler180.5Warrior ClassicLake Erie
9Luke Butler172.5SpartanForest Akers
9Luke Butler177.3JeffersonSterling State Park
9Luke Butler179.3Coaching LegendsHuron Meadows
9Luke Butler181.6PortagePortage West MS
9Luke Butler182.4Dave BorkMunson Park
9Luke Butler177.4SECHudson Mills (North)
9Luke Butler187.85Lake Erie
9Luke Butler184.3D1 StateMIS

  • We’ve detailed her brother’s rise and potential, now we complete the first brother/sister combo of 2022
  • Madi is the elder stateswoman of the Clor clan (yes, clan, there’s more) and she’s set quite a legacy for others to live up to
  • Macomb County has had faster runners, but don’t let the small number of victories confuse you, Madi brings it when it matters most, and is super reliable in championship races
    • By my view, there hasn’t been one where she hasn’t either placed or performed below her capability
  • Her times may look remarkably similar from year to year (18:26 to 18:28), but she was able to improve by 9 places at D1 State (30th to 21st)
  • The Bulldogs break in a younger team this year, having a steady senior leader will be necessary fending off challengers in the newly revamped Region 9

11Madison Clor20:00.3139.9MustangCass Benton31-Aug
11Madison Clor19:09.1135.6Ramblin’ RockWillow11-Sep
11Madison Clor19:12.0146.0SpartanForest Akers17-Sep
11Madison Clor19:13.9142.0MAC Red 1Eastwood Beach21-Sep
11Madison Clor19:35.5127.2MAC DivisionMetro Beach5-Oct
11Madison Clor18:54.2145.9PortagePortage West MS9-Oct
11Madison Clor19:31.4137.9Macomb CountyFreedom Hill16-Oct
11Madison Clor20:44.3131.29 Anchor BayAnchor Bay HS29-Oct
11Madison Clor18:28.2147.6D1 StateMIS6-Nov
11Madison Clor18:33.7146.4MMOCShepherd HS13-Nov

10Madison Clor142.0Romeo/TroyBarnabo Field27-Aug
10Madison Clor139.0Brighton/RomeoHuron Meadows2-Sep
10Madison Clor139.1MAC Red 1Barnabo Field19-Sep
10Madison Clor141.5HansonsFreedom Hill3-Oct
10Madison Clor142.3Macomb CountyFreedom Hill10-Oct
10Madison Clor138.5PR 18Romeo HS20-Oct
10Madison Clor141.5D1 Reg 9Anchor Bay HS30-Oct
10Madison Clor139.9D1 StateMIS6-Nov

9Madison Clor126.7SpartanForest Akers
9Madison Clor124.0Macomb CountyEastwood Beach
9Madison Clor139.3MAC DivisionEastwood Beach
9Madison Clor134.09Goodells County Park
9Madison Clor136.3D1 StateMIS

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